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Updated Is there any chance Mirena could hurt my milk supply?

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I haven't been able to find any official information on this beyond that it is fine for breastfeeding mothers. I had a lot of difficulties with low supply issues at first. My daughter is almost 11 months old. I still haven't gotten my period but it has been long enough I worry a bit that I am ovulating again. I am wanting to get the Mirena because we just can not have another child right now. However I worry that it will impact my milk supply or cause me to start my period again early ( I have heard some people have supply issues during their period). My girl still doesnt eat a lot of solids so she really needs a good milk supply.
I did take the mini pill for a few months after my 6 week check up and it didn't seem to have a negative impact on my supply at all.
Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.
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i had my iud put in 9 weeks after giving birth, then did start a period till my youngest was about 23 months old, she quite nursing shortly after i started my periods back... but i never had supply issues.
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i've only had mine for 3 weeks, but Ive noticed no adverse effects to my milk supply and I'm nursing a 3mo babe.
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My Mirena IUD may have caused supply issues but there were other factors as well so I'll never really know.

I got my IUD in Aug of 2004, 2 months after having my son. Bfing was going great and I had an awesome supply. 6 weeks after having my IUD inserted I went from being able to spray it across the room to barely having a drop. I'm really not sure if it was the IUD or not. I was already having periods since 4 wks PP (yippee ~sarcasm~) that had not affected my supply. However in that 6 weeks where I suddenly lost my supply my dh also deployed for the first time. I was majorly stressed out which also stressed out my ds. He began refusing the breast...I'm not sure if it's because I was stressed or because I was losing my milk supply. Also, I didn't know as much back then so he'd had the occassional bottle by then as well (maybe 2-3/week) which could have played into what happened. All I know is I never got my supply back up (no support since dh was gone and the LC told me "at least you made it this far" and didn't offer any help, I had no $$ for a pump) and by the time he was 4 months old he was ff Although he did comfort nurse until 7 mos old.

Have you looked into getting the copper IUD instead?

Or trying the minipill? The minipill has the same hormones as the mirena IUD (progesterone). You could start on the minipill and if you notice anything with your supply you can immediately stop taking them unlike the IUD where you would need an appt to get it taken out.
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I did use the mini pill from when she was 2-5 months. it didnt cause any supply issues that I noticed. The only reason I am not going for the copper IUD is because my periods were heavy/painful enough before I got pregnant and I have heard both pregnancy and paraguard can increase pain and flow and I am totally not up for that.: My cycles make me so miserable, I know some people feel wierd about not getting a cycle but I really hope the IUD keeps my cycles away because when I have them I am miserable half the month.
Thanks for the advice ladies, I think I am going to get one inserted tommorow I am so nervous, wish me luck!
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Just wanted to post an update in case anyone else was wondering about this. I got my Mirena inserted on friday. It has not impacted my milk supply in any way. No moodiness, if anything I feel like my moods have stabalized, the crampiness is already gone, I had a teensy bit of spotting for like an hour after insertion but not a sign of a problem since. insertion was mildly painful but no where near as painful as full on labor pains. I guess its a little early but I love it already. Thanks for the advice!
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I had major milk supply problems that I attribute to the Mirena. It got better after I had it removed. There have been quite a few threads on this, you might want to do a search.
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I did a search before I posted this thread, I read every mirena related thread I could find and did not see anything about this topic. I may have been using the wrong search terms. It is too late now anyway so I dont suppose it matters.
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If you don't start experiencing problems with your milk supply, I suppose it doesn't matter. Your babe is almost a year and presumably eating some other foods now as well. But if you want to keep nursing and it starts to seem like you don't have enough milk, I would suspect the Mirena. Here's a link to one of the recent threads:

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I didn't have any supply problems with mirena but I suppose that this is a risk for any hormone BC method.
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I had a Mirena IUD placed at my 6 week postpartum appointment and my milk supply decreased shortly after. My milk supply was great before the IUD. I quickly used up my freezer stash and was supplementing with formula after every feed. I could only pump about a half ounce at a time from both breasts. After about 5 weeks of suffering (eating lots of oatmeal, pumping after every feed, taking fenugreek, more milk plus, domperidone), I got the IUD removed and within a week my supply had improved. Now my baby is 4 months old and my milk supply is almost back to where it was.

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