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Best socks for sweaty feet?

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Both DS and I have sweaty feet. Now that the cool weather is here, it's worse because, at least with me, my feet sweat first and then my whole body is cold all day. No fun. So I'm looking for recommendations, for fiber content and/or for brand suggestions for socks, both for myself and my son. TIA!
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All-cotton socks are your best bet. I usually have hanes her way or whatever those thicker white socks are with the gray toes. They're warm but absorbent.

Try sprinkling your feet with baby cornstarch powder too.
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Wow - I'd say the absolute opposite! Wool, wool, wool! Cotton will absorb the sweat, and you'll stay wet. Wool will wick it away from you ... won't it?
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I don't think I've had wool socks, but I know cotton dries fast, which is why people in hot climates like it. Just stay away from synthetic blends that trap in moisture.
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I 2nd the wool. I used to retail in sports, and we sold the heck out of wool socks because they wick the moisture away. Ugg type boots are even great in the summer for this. I can only wear them on my feet, as the rest of my body does NOT like wool (and I'd love gloves and some lanolin products). I do sometimes wear them w/ cotton socks though, just depends.
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I third the wool. I knit socks that are a 75% wool/25% synthetic blend (that's the make-up of most sock yarns, with the synthetic added for strength), and I can't make them fast enough to keep all my family members happy. Or myself, for that matter. Wool is amazing stuff. Cotton might be good when it's warmer, but if you want breathable warmth, wool is the way to go.
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I love my bamboo socks.
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Well it sounds like wool is the overwhelming winner. A quick internet search yields a lot of possibilities. Look at all these cute ones!

Any other brand suggestions are welcome, esp. dressy socks. Thanks!
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I love wool socks. I have several pairs of Thorlos (sorry can't remember the exact spelling at the moment) and I LOVE them. I wear them in both summer and winter weather. And they are great for hiking and camping because they dry very fast.
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Thorlos! Those are the ones I used to retail, and couldn't remember the name of! (hey, it's been 17 years, what can I say). Go wool (only on the feet for me).
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