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2-month old drooling a lot!

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Is this normal? It just started a week ago when she started gnawing on her fists. I had to change 3 shirts the other day!

She's not teething already is she? :
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Well my ds got his first tooth just before two months, so it is definitely possible. PLus, he can teethe on and off for months before he gets a tooth.
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My ds started drooling at 2 1/2 months and is just getting his bottom two teeth in at 7 months. He was drooling on and off the entire time.
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I'd say teething, although it could be a long time before you actually see anything.
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It could be teething. My ds just cut his first tooth last week. He's three months old and has been chewing/drooling for about a month. I was shocked to see a tooth already!
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my 3 month old has also been drooling for a month but no teeth yet. i wouldn't worry about it, it seems normal. i don't know how long it will take for him to get his teeth but it seems like it can be soon or it can take several months.
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well if it is from teething, is she in pain already? She's generally fussy, so I wouldn't know if it's from teething or something else. I have Hyland's teething tablets.
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You could try the tablets if she's fussy and chewing on fingers or fist a lot. It's sort of trial and error in guessing the causes of fussiness sometimes. My ds#2 is a drool faucet -- started at 2 months and is now 7.5 and counting. No teeth yet, though.

Invest in bibs. Lots and lots of bibs. They'll come in handy down the road for messy eating.

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We've got a drool monster here too.. ds is 2 months. It's so hard to tell if they're teething or not. Like somebody said, try the different teething remedies and see if they help (if the baby is fussy.)
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I have a 2 month old drooler too. I haven't noticed any swollen gums or pain associated with it.

She does have a tiny tip of a back molar visible, and has for a very long time (maybe since birth even). Is that weird?
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