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I didn't
I am 21+ weeks and have yet to take a pregnancy test I just let my temps do the talking and after I had 16 or so high ones I knew I was pregnant.

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Wow! I wish I had your endurance!! My arm is almost permenently bent from collecting pee ! Did you ever get a blood test to confirm?
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At 13 or so weeks I had blood drawn for the prenatal screen because I had fainted and we wanted to check my numbers.

No, this is baby #5 for me.

Honestly, I was hanging out on the TTC board - a very active member. The first month I started testing too soon and was disappointed by three negative tests The second month I waited and AF showed on time. After reading all of the wonderful ladies over there that seemed to be held captive by a pee stick I just took a stand I wasn't going to let a pee stick determine the kind of day I had damnit

Honestly, the first week was tough but also empowering. I really wanted to listen to my body and not rely on anything manmade.

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Wow #2!!

I am going to take a stand too!!

Somehow that was not believable
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Around 10-ish dpo
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I waited till AF was late, so about 15 DPO.
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Originally Posted by OnTheFence View Post
No. 1 19dpo
No. 3 11d[o
no. 4 I was 7 weeks pregnant
no. 5 I was 9 weeks pregnant

I have had multiple miscarriages, testing varied from 10dpo to 20 dpo.
Your BFP didn't show up until you were 7 wks. and 9 wks. pg?!!! You tested the whole time and it never showed up until then? or are you saying that you never tested until then?
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With my last baby that I lost I got BFN at 10dpo, and a faint BFP at 11dpo with a $ Tree, FRER, and a internet cheapy. Then at 12 dpo used a digital and got pregnant!
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9 dpo both times.

I'm not sure what DPO I was with my m/c because I wasn't charting back then.
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Very, very faint, pull-out-your-imaginoscope-faint positive at 9dpo.

Darker positive at 10dpo.

Used Dollar Tree tests - I've had very good luck with this brand for some reason.
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Ds was BFN at 14dpo, 15dpo, stopped poas and then BFP at 19dpo, 2nd pregnancy was bfp at 12dpo. I'm glad you asked Inspired007 b/c I'm in the 2ww and don't know why, but poas today at 8dpo!! BFN, what was I thinking: So I'm still crossing my fingers for a BFP but am going to wait and not poas until next weekend!
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With our first pregnancy, I tested positive at 12 DPO. 2nd pregnancy, tested positive at 14dpo. This pregnancy, didn't test till about 21 dpo. All were with the EPT tests.
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First 2 pgs were surprises. But with my last one I got bfn until 12dpo, then I got a supersupersuper faint bfp on a frer.

Good luck!!
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#1 (m/c)- 18 DPO (I had tested every other day from 9 DPO until then)
#2 (m/c)- 8 DPO (afternoon urine, first HPT of that cycle)
#3- 9 DPO (afternoon urine, first HPT)

I would've relied a lot more on my chart like a PP did except I have an 18 day LP so it's just not fair for me to do it that way. (taking from that- high temps for 18 days, I'd be pregnant every cycle)
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With DS1 I was 10 dpo dark BFP with FRER (maybe my dates were off...I was charting)
DS2 I got a dark BFP at 12 dpo with a Dollar Tree test and a medium one the next morning with EPT
This baby I tested at what I thought was 11 dpo with FRER and got an immediate medium BFP and I comfirmed at 14 dpo with another one and got an even darker line.
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dark positive at 8 dpo.
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hmm. 1st babe, i had no clue i was pg til like 4months!

2nd, i didn't get a BFP til the day after AF was due..

this one, i just KNEW intuitively, like, since conception, which was pretty surreal for me.. i tested at 7DPO and got nothing, NOthing....then tested at, um, 9DPO and got faint but undeniable lines.
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I was charting and my period was absolutely due at 13 dpo, I am quite sure I would have gotten a BFP then, but I waited until 15 dpo just for good measure (and I knew it was going to be + at that point)
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i don't know the DPO etc. lingo you're using, but i know by cycle days, as in day 1 of my cycle is the first day of menstruation. i generally have 27 day cycles.

so on day 13 i felt pregnant and tested, and got a negative test. i felt more and more pregnant and on day 16 i got a super faint line (so faint my husband couldn't see it) on a first response test. same on day 17 and day 18 (but he still couldn't see it) so i bought a clearblue easy digital and it read "pregnant" and when i removed the stick the line was very dark.

i know that's insanely early. but i felt INSANELY pregnant.
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OK I have NO idea exactly what all of ya'lls acronyms mean; but I think I understand the question anyway, and can give a half-decent answer. I had 2 very dark lines on a First Response HPT 14 days after ovulation.
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