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Keep them coming ladies!! I still need your help!!

I am currently on what I think is 13DPO. I don't chart so I am not 100% (or even 50%) sure when I truly ovulated. I keep getting BFN's so I am hoping that I am off by a few days and that my BFP is right around the corner. I have been having some intermittant spotting the last few days as well and it is worrying me that it might be AF. I am due by tomorrow but haven't gotten a pos yet. I am really worried that I am out of the 2ww. I don't usually go over 28 days and today is CD27. I am going completely out of my mind with worry!
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I got the world's faintest BFP at 9 dpo. However it showed up after the time limit (by hours) and it was so faint no one could see it but me. I had some other symptoms though so I was pretty sure I was pregnant plus I had used those same tests before and they never had evap lines even days afterwards. At 10 dpo it was another faint line but one that my dh could actually see Then at 12 dpo I went and got a blood test done which came back positive. For 11 and 12 dpo I had to switch to internet cheapies and they totally SUCK. Obviously the other tests I had were more sensitive because I could barely see the line at all on the cheap ones.

I also used some of my internet cheap OPKs and they actually showed a positive at 11 dpo (did you know an OPK can be used as an HPT? www.peeonastick.com )
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Yes Shelsi; I knew but are they as sensitive than HPTs or are they less? If they are more then that's great, maybe I'll try it but I've got sooo many $tree HPT's (and Answer) that I might as well not even try the OPK right?
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12DPO with this one, but that was how long I waited, so it may have shown earlier.
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For this one I got BFN at 8dpo, waited and super-faint line BFP at 11dpo and then tested today and got a darker faint line, so this is 13dpo and AF would've been due today, maybe tomorrow! WIth first babe no BFP until 19DPO! Hang in there Inspired007 and let us know. Lots of : and a +
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faint bfp at 10dpo! i couldnt believe it so i took 4 hpt and then went to the doctors for a blood test! good luck! i hope this is your month!
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I got a very faint BFP at 10 dpo on an internet cheapie - it showed up after the time limit - so I tested 3 more times with the internet cheapies and all 3 had faint lines within the time limit (light lines, but definite purple lines)- I tested again with another brand of internet cheapie on 11dpo - got 2 more bfp - and used a FRES on 12 dpo which was undeniable !

I tested on 7dpo and 8dpo too - and both were bfn...
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16 DPO.
BFN at 11, 12, 13, 14 DPO. I was a little test-crazy. I was just SO SURE and the tests weren't agreeing with me. I was starting to get really mad when I finally got my BFP.
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My line was pretty dark but not completely dark 9 dpo, but I was trying to test and see when the trigger shot I used to help me ovulate (I used fertility drugs) was out of my system so that I when I got a positive it would be a true positive. But dpo 10 it was really dark and I took a test everyday until dpo16 when I went in for a blood test, of course they were all positive and I had an HCG of 8,800 at DPO 16 when I finally got the results of my blood test the afternoon DPO 16. I was told not to test until DPO 17 and then call in for blood test, but who can wait!!?
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I got a positive on 10 dpo with a first response brand
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I got my BFP today at 12 DPO. It was with an IC. I seriously had blown through about *cough* 80 or so tests in the last week *cough* (only because I thought I might have O'd earlier than FF thought).

The IC's I used were from saveontests.com and I have to say I am really impressed with them! In hindsight though I would say I started getting very faint BFP in yesterday morning ( 11 DPO ) but I just chalked them up to evaps. Finally last night ( again 11 DPO) there was an evapish slightly coloured looking line that made me giddy. And then this morning and all day today the lines have just been getting darker and darker!

FWIW too, when I used FMU this morning, my IC was very positive, no doubt about it. But I also dipped a FRER in the same FMU and not a line at all - nothing. This afternoon when I tested again, the IC was darker and showing up almost immediately, and I also used a Target brand type test (with the purple cap from Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada) and that also showed positive immediately, faint, but definitely visable and positive with a thick blue + line showing. The FRER which is *supposed* to be so sensitive took almost 30 minutes if not a little longer to give me a barely distinctable faint pink line. :

I always loved FRER, but I am really not at all impressed with them right now. I would have been crushed to see those 2 BFN on the FRER if I hadn't had in my cupboard a slew of dark BFP's from my other tests!

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There's gotta be more

anybody else??

I am again in the 2ww. Dh and I have been ttc actively since October. I am 28 and DH is 30. Today is 6DPO and I am hoping to test this friday at 10DPO. I am trying to keep the faith and hang on to hope but after 5 cycles the hope is barely hanging on.....

So come on ladies, inspire me!
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ds#1: 10 weeks
ds#2: 14 days
this pregnancy: 7 days (I thought it was more like 16, but the u/s said I wasn't as far along as I thought I was).
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The earliest I have tested positive was 15 DPO with #1, but my best friend tested positive at 9DPO with a Family Dollar test!
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8 dpo for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. (I was a week late with my first - I had no clue LOL)
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Just wanted to encourage you about the length of time you've been TTC -- it took me 17 cycles (and yes, we hit O each time) before we conceived DS1. If I recall correctly, I got a BFP at 10 or 11 days - faint, but definitely there.

Then, with DS2, I got pregnant the very first time we tried. DS1 was only 10 months old, and I thought it would take at least a few months... That time, I didn't test until I had 17 high temps -- my lp is usually only 12-14 days, so I knew 100% already that I was pregnant, but just wanted to test for the fun of seeing the line!

Now..........................here I am again 'cause DH and I dtd during my fertile time. Not that I'm charting or even ttc (well, in theory!), it's just that I know I had fertile mucus. Too bad DS2 is only 5 months old. I am thinking of taking a test tomorrow, which would put me about 9dpo. I'll let you know how it turns out!!!
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i was a good girl. i tested on 14 dpo and got the pos.
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9 dpo, faint pos, 2 pgs in a row. I'm using tests from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com, they are supposed to be very sensitive.
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10 dpo - BFN
11 dpo am - BFN
11 dpo pm - BFP!
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This is all so very encouraging. I am at 6DPO today and I am hoping that I can hold out on testing for Friday which would be 10DPO for me. This is the first cycle that I have ever charted so I am ecstatic to know that I am surely ovulating. The strange thing for me is that my LP phase is about 19 days long! I have an extremely regular cycle of 27-28 days every month and this month I O'd on CD9 so that means my LP is really long. I guess that's good b/c that means technically I should be safe to test about 5 days before my AF is due. But it's a 2ww nonetheless. Sigh. I wish I could be like Hiro from the show Heroes and teleport myself to CD28 so I can just know already!

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