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Help with Eczema

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Ds ( 14 months) has very bad eczema on his ankles only (had it from birth- it used to be on his face as well). I don't think my dcotor takes it sriously enough. DS scratchs and it is bloody and getting oozy and spreading but it isn't infected.

I was dairy and soy- free for 21 days while nursing in the early months with no effect. Th doctor says dairy is the culprit. I have him off dairy and on fish oil (I take it as well and am taking the dairy out of my diet again (I am nursing him)- I know it taks 14 days to gt out of the system).

I put aquaphor on his ankles-- nothing is working! What do I do? I am at my wits end and no on has answers. Any natural cremes? Any diet suggestions?

Thank you!
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Monica, our babe has had mild eczema on his limbs and trunk, though not on his face. We found that a bath with olive oil and a rub down with some Weleda oil really helps. We sometimes moisturise him with Cetaphil at his diaper changes. Also, we double rinse all his clothes as he can be sensitive to soaps etc. this all seems to make a big difference as we only get it now and then these days and use these tactics to jump on it straight away.

Sorry your little guy is in such discomfort. I know the scratching, bleeding phase . . Hope he gets better soon.
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Thank you, Oceanone. That helps. I will try the olive oil bath tonight. What is Cetaphil? I havn't tried that.
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It's just a brand of moisturiser. You can get it at the drug store or supermarket. It's probably like Aquaphor (haven't tried that).
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Out daughter has exzema too, and I tried all sorts of lotions. The one that I had the best results with was a hemp lotion. Hope that helps.
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Carrots, what is the name of the hemp lotion? I'd be interested in trying it! Thanks,
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Amazing excema cure!!!

I was just going to start a thread about this until I scrolled down.

Anyway, this cure has been nothing short of miraculous! Really!

Are you ready?

1-2 tsps flax seed oil (in diluted juice or oatmeal)
1-2 capsules acidophilous (been using Cell Tech)
1 tablet of SBGAnytime (chewable blue-green algae from Cell Tech)

We have also been limiting wheat, dairy and soy- but not given it up completely.

I think if you just used flax seed oil and acidophilous, that would work too. It doesn't have to be Cell Tech (I am supporting my friend's business). Dd has had really bad excema since 5 months- in fact, one of her first words was "itchy" We got serious about it around 3 months ago when it just got so unbearably red and inflammed. She still has a couple dry patches, but NOTHING like before. Incredible. Before this, we tried many kinds of lotion, but it seems to be an internal imbalance.

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Hemp seed oil straight I find helps sooth it alot. There is an ayervedic oil called Chaulmoogra (may be hard to find) that can be diluted 50/50 with another oil (like sesame or hemp) that has been known to give excellent results for excema and psoriasis. We sell these oils (in France sorry ) and this is our client feed-back as we have loads of customers with excema themselves or their children.
Maman to EVA 11mo
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Iinternally, I use dandelion, sarsaparilla and burdock roots in an infusion (tea) when a eczema or psoriasis outbreak hits.
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Can Citrus aggravate eczema? I am nursing DS and have cleaned almost everything else out of my diet at one time or another. I just realizd that since I ran out of orange juice he sems to be scratching less. Could be coincidence?
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"Can Citrus aggravate eczema? "

I think so. I've heard of people having allergic reactions to it.
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stupid question, probably, but for those of you who posted about the oils and such, do you mean to put them on the skin, or to ingest them?
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For the hemp, I meant on the skin, but then again ingesting essential fatty acids also helps alot!
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Eczema has been a hot topic at my home. I have talked it up and done a lot of research. My dd has an angry patch on her cheek that refuses to go away. I took her to the pd and to a dermatologist. Both MDs offered little to aid because of our homopathic philosophy. They basically suggested creams and "waiting it out it may just go away".
What I learned: Eczema is an allergic reaction. It could be dairy, soy, citrus or something like dust mites or enviromental pollution.
The battle plan needs to be something like a clean sweep internally so babe can battle these potential allergens.
--acidophilus (to introduce *good* bacteria that perhaps got killed from antibiotics)--you can purchase babydophilus
--DHA, evening primrose oils or flax oil (to help skin and tissue-these oils are nearly absent from the american diet--thus we must supplement)
--if breastfeeding, mom-- continue prenatals or seasilver, blue green algae,
Keep moisterized
--The Golden Salve---****THE MOST INCREDIBLE Herbal Salve (I have tried soooo many)******This stuff promotes skin regeneration and immediatly soaked into Kayas outbreak and took the redness and itchy away!!!!!
--weleda baby soap

--These suggestions won't make the eczema *dissappear*. But it promotes the bodys natural ability to combat an allergy.
try to elliminate dairy, meats, eggs--basically go vegan for a while if that will work for you (BF or child if on solids). I tried it and found my baby less rashy. It is tough to change the diet, and it is not for everyone. Just do what you can and stay POSITIVE. Put socks on the babys hands and keep the nails short so babe stays in healing process. I have heard healing could take 6 months. PM for any ?
One mom sugested NAET which seems interesting and valuable for an allergic babe. Good luck!!!!!!!!
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Excema can also be stress related. I get flare ups whenever I'm stressed. In fact, my 1st outbreak as a kid was the year my parents divorced. That outbreak was HORRIBLE. The only other time I've had it as bad was my final semester of college. I use a salve made from calendula, olive oil, and beeswax when ever I get a patch, and that takes care of it.
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My ds's eczema is always on one place- his right ankle. The skin gets very thick there and flares up red- then he scratchs it and the layers peel off... he has an area on his left ankle crease as well that is not so itchy but has the red coloring and thick skin...it seems to be internal and allergy-related because external creams even mild olive oil and calendula creams irritate it and turn it puffy red.

I have identified tomato as his the thing that flares it (tomato in my diet- am bfing). This after dairy elimation diets didn't ease his suffering.
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Me and dd suffer from eczema , she's not as bad as I am . I don't bathe her more than once a week and I moisturize her regularly. I have found that exfoliating with one of thse net-type bath puffs and a soap-free moisturizing body wash does wonders! I have one from Sun Dog called Super Clean with Hemp Oil, leaves the skin oiled up and smooth. Exfoliating really helps because it takes away the built up cruddy skin. Then moisturize right after, within 3 min of bathing. We both tale EFA supplements, helps immensely.

MamaMonica, I would try to avoid eggs - a biggie with eczema sufferers. I'm allergic to egg whites myself. It can be so hard to track down allergens, it's definately a long road.
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I have hears lots about EFA'S helping. The gals on my vax list say tons great about UDO'S OIL. It is a blend of flax, safflower or something like that plus some other great oils.
As far as topically you might try some calendula cream.

If it continues to be a problem I would see a classical homeopath and they can determine what is causing the problem. If there aren't any in your area there are a few online that have good prices and service.
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Chicklet- thanks for the eggs recommendation. That is so true for us as well... found out he hard way

I'll look for the Sun Dog- I had never thought of exfoliating. I was scared to "mess with it." I will give it a try. Now, what do you moisturize with after the exfoliating and bath?

I really appreciate the practical suggstions.

I give him fish and flax oil as the Udos has some oil in it that makes me itch (the wheat germ maybe?) and I haven't been able to use Udos for several years.

I will also look into homeopathy. I do want this child to have relief.

On the diet thing- with no soy, eggs, dairy-- what do I feed him? I am leary of peanuts- he breaks out if I eat peanut butter (nursing). We are vegetarian, but I sure won't starve this little guy. I offered him salmon- but he refused it.
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MamaMonica, I exfoliate and then apply aquaphor. I also use Gardeners Hand Repair fom Earth Therapudics, it has shea butter, oatmeal, and alpha-hydroxy complex, (another exfoliator). I have hand eczema and this is the only way have relief. I also use ice packs if it's really itchy.

I also don't know what to feed dd and myself, our diet is getting slim. it's so hard because she is kind of a picky eater already, then factor in what she can't eat. And I'm nursing and need more from the food I can eat, thus SUPPLEMENTS are a big part of our diet.

I'm going to look into homeopathy myself. If anyone has had good (or bad ) results with it i'd love to learn more.
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