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Cracked ear lobe

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My grandson has a cracked ear lobe. It's where the ear lobe connects to the face on the bottom. Around the area it looks like a popped blister. The skin is red and moist.
And from the crack there is fluid seeping and once in a while a drop of fluid will just drip out. Like a tear drop.
The crack burns.

What can it be?

We've been using tea tree oil for four days now three or four times a day. But it actually looks like it's getting worse.

His mom said he had it last fall and winter but it never got this bad.

Any suggestions? Please.
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I would try lanolin on it. It works on cracked nipples great, so I figure it would on his ear as well. I'm guessing since he had it last year, that it is some kind of dry skin issue. Does he pick at it at all - maybe
subconsciously when he's thinking/sleeping/etc.?

The fluid leaking out is probably just the body trying to heal itself.

I would try the lanolin and make sure he washes well behind/around his ears (after it clears up) and uses a moisturizer. Sorry I don't have better info.
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I have had that before, and I left it alone and it cleared up, if I had it today, I would treat it like any other infection-type thing and just take some extra Sodium Ascorbate. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I can say it cleared up on it's own, no TTO, nothing.
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I just wanted to add that when it does heal, it will get all crusty. Make sure he doesn't pick at it or it will take longer to heal. I also think it will heal faster if he doesn't get it wet. Maybe he could bathe and wash his hair as little as possible until it heals.
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I have had something similar on my ear - it seems to come every winter in exact same spot - on my left ear,exactly where you describe, and on my leg. I use a steriod cream and it goes within 24 hours . My doctor says it's impetigo but it is not, I am sure. it comes in the same spot every time. The steriod cream does work but I really don't know the cause.
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He does NOT pick at it, not even unconsciously. It burns and he does not want to touch it at all. He is very good about washing and keeping clean. Of course he does have dirty hands all day long in school... (9 years old)

I though it might be impetigo, and that's what it looks like to me, too. But why would it come only in winter? And heal in summer?

He is outside all the time. Even when it's cold and raining. He is not an inside kid at all. So, plenty of sunshine. He eats very well, mostly organic, no milk, no hormones, no meat. Lots and lots of fruit and veggies. I would say he has about the best diet of any kid I can think of.

I just can't figure out what it is?

If it is impetigo, why only in winter, and why does it heal in summer?

Steroid cream and the like is NOT an option.
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I've been searching and I do think it is impetigo. Would colloidal silver locally be any good for that? I happen to have some at home.
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If you could cover it with a band aid, I'd suggest trying honey one night and see if that improves it or not.
Sorry I'm not much help though.
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Well we put the colloidal silver on it and he is already in bed now. But I might try the honey in the morning. Thanks.
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Cracks where the earlobe meets the face are pretty classic for atopic dermatitis (i.e., eczema), which is often worse in winter when the air is dry. Seborrheic dermatitis could also show up there as well, and it too would be exacerbated by the dry air of winter.

If it's all red and weepy, it sounds as if it may have gotten superinfected with staph aureus. Tea tree oil should take care of that, but it can also be really irritating, too -- might be making the redness and irritation worse. Maybe use it fewer times a day, or diluted? And the honey is worth a try, too.
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Breastmilk? Would he tolerate it being wiped with breastmilk four to six times a day? This works wonders for me. Treat it like a cracked nipple with bm, leave it to dry and then lanolin or vaseline to keep it moist?
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Have you tried a Vitamin E cream with Calendula in it? It works wonders for all our wounds and sores. If the wound is open use a diluted Calendula tincture.
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We used tea tree oil for 4 days 3x q.d. and it made it look worse. Definitely did not help. So I am thinking it is not fungal.

I do not think it's eczema either because there is absolutely no eczema anywhere else on his body. He is 9 yr. old and has never had eczema anywhere.

We are now using colloidal silver for a few days to see what happens.

DD #2 will be here in a week and she's got lots of bm, so if by that time it's not better we will try it.

Thanks for all the suggestions. We will try them all if we have to, one at a time so I can see what really helps.
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DS had this and the ped dxed it as exczema. We used Burt's Bees lotion and kept it hydrated that way. He never had it any other place on his body either.
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Neem oil helps but it also burns like tea tree oil.
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