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Oh my goodness!

Does anyone have past 1935 citations?

If this were just presented to most folks, particularly the medical community, there would not need to be even videos. This speaks volumes!

Kia, you AWESOME!

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Originally Posted by PJJ View Post
Oh my goodness!

Does anyone have past 1935 citations?
This info can be found in many places but here it is;

A Short History of Circumcision in the U.S.
In Physicians' Own Words

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Originally Posted by Bm31 View Post
You really shouldn't let this scare you. As many others have pointed out, the chances are equal that a circ will cause a second circ later on. I know, mine was re-done at age 6.

Sure it wasn't fun, but it wasn't the exquisite torture many men make it out to be. I swear, men are really the biggest drama queens, lol. The memory of the temporary pain didn't stay with me, but the effects of the circ. did. Twice cut = twice the complications. Furthermore, I later learned that the re-circ was the cause of yet another "procedure" I had to go through for meatol stenosis.

Being immersed in the backward thinking of the pro-circ culture of the midwest, I believed for the longest time it was all necessary because I had a defective penis. It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I put the pieces of my medical history together and realized what a bunch of bunk it all was. There was nothng wrong with my penis at all until they started messing with it.
thank you for your prospective of it. it's good to hear from a circ'ed man.
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Anybody have that Howard Stern video with the guys with buried penis complications? I'd play that for people concerned about 'locker room teasing'.

And the horrible infections, well, someone must have that pic of the baby with the (quite common now!) staph infection.

Play those for your mom, Jujubees. (Someone, link us please!)
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Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post

And the horrible infections, well, someone must have that pic of the baby with the (quite common now!) staph infection.

Play those for your mom, Jujubees. (Someone, link us please!)
Here is the link to the MRSA infection after circumcision article with pictures
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Thank you, Fyrestorm! You rock!

And here is Howard Stern's buried penis 'Small Penis' video.

Howard: "Did you get operated on?"
Bob: "No, not at all."

: Yes, you did.

This is what happens when they cut too much skin off. The penis becomes, in effect, an internal organ. All those women with chubby circ'd babies, who write to other forums worriedly, asking if this will get better, if they will have to stop popping it out to be able to clean it, & pro-circers say, "NO, it's FINE, he'll grow out of it!"- This is what is going to be their lives from now on.

You honestly think it's the guy whose parents didn't cut part of his penis off who is going to have problems in the gym?

I want to cry when I see this video, worse than all the infant mutilation videos combined. The laughter & comments, & even Howard not acknowleding (not KNOWING) that this is 100% a common circumcision complication.

I wonder if we should add these to the video page we keep bumping? I think they are eloquent in their horror & sadness.
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That is really something...

Thanks Kia.

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There is no way that I have the attention span to read this whole thread.

but my husband was cut at age 11 years, and to him, it was excruciatingly painful. but moreso when he peed.

To bm31, if you said you were recut at age 6, i wonder if your glans was already exposed before that, because if it was, then it would have already had 6 years worth of keratinazation (sp?) on the parts that were exposed the most, you know?

My husband's glans was not exposed before that, so, not only did he have to go through the pain of the incisions, on what is the one of the most densely nerved packed area on his body healing up, but he also had to go through all the extra sensitive glans becoming calloused from the rubbing of his penis on his underwear and such.

To this very day, if he gets an erection, sometimes his scars tear a little bit, and that is excruciating to him also, he has to abstain for a few days, and (try) not to get any erections.

He restored just a tiny teeny bit, recently and has not had any more tears in his scars, but still.
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why do people restore? and wouldnt it be differnt?
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
thank you for your prospective of it. it's good to hear from a circ'ed man.

You're quite welcome.

I know most circ'd men will say they are "fine," but those of us who aren't have usually been shamed into keeping our mouths shut. It took me many years to understand what they did to me, and a few more to speak up about it, but if it saves even one child from living the life I have that really means the world to me.
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
why do people restore? and wouldnt it be differnt?
Well, restoration helps men to gain some of the feeling back. If the head of the penis is kept covered, the extra layers of calloused skin peel off, and it becomes more sensitive. The head of the penis is meant to be an internal organ, covered by the foreskin. (except during erection and sex) The area under the head (frenelum) is the most sensitive part of the penis, (akin to the clitoris on a woman) and is usually removed during circumcision, and that part can never be recovered, even with restoration.

The extra skin glides during sex the way it was meant to after restoration, and sex is more comfortable for both the man and the woman. (Read, that sore "rubbed raw" feeling "down there" on the woman after sex is no more, etc.) The build of an intact penis was meant to join and mesh perfectly with the woman's body during sex. Restoration helps to restore most of that fuction.

There have been many reports of woman who are married to intact men never, or rarely need lubrication. That's because the natural function of the intact male and intact female harmonize the way it was meant to. Restoration helps brings the man's body back to the way it was originally meant to fuction in harmony with the woman's body.
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
why do people restore? and wouldnt it be differnt?
Anything you ever wanted to know about restoring;


Both women and men have something called glans. Glans is meant to be internal organ and only 'come out' when person is sexually aroused. It should look pink, be moist and very tender. Women call it clitoris, on men it is the head of penis.

Now imagine if your clitoral hood had been removed when you were born. Your clitoris would have been exposed all these years, rubbing against clothes, drying etc. How much do you think it would feel anymore? The same thing happens to men when they are circumcised. It is called keratinization. When you look at penis of circumcised man, the end of penis, the glans, is dry and certainly not pink. The body - trying to protect the glans from unnatural exposure grows extra skinlayers over the glans.

More here; http://www.noharmm.org/IDcirc.htm

Also when babies are circumcised the results are seen 20 years later, very often too much has been taken and erection can be painfull.

Look at these pictures - men often think that they have just had bad luck when they have penile problems, not realising that problems they have are due to circumcision;

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Originally Posted by kxsiven View Post
wow. all those pics look like normal (yet, funny looking) penises that i have seen my whole life.
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
why do people restore? and wouldnt it be differnt?

Hi Welcome to CAC. My husband is restoring for many reasons. The first of which is that way too much skin was removed when he was circ'd and it causes him to have tight painful erections that force his testes into his abdomen. His penis also has a severe curvature that limits our love life. For years he was told that his penis was normal. After coming here and learning about circ we discovered the true cause of his pain. Restoring slowly allows for new skin growth. This has already helped with the pain involved in his erections.

The second is kerantization of the penis. Since it is always dru and rubbing on his pants the glans has become quite thickened and calloused for lack of a better word. He essentially had no feeling to light touch in it when he began. Since the glans is now covered with skin during the day, it has began to thin and he has noticed increased sensation.

Third when he is done he will have enough extra skin to provide the gliding motion during intercourse that the natural foreskin provides. This will help in lubrication issues and decreases soreness for the female because it reduces the ramming motion.

No, his restored foreskin will not be the same as a natural one. He cannot regrow his frenulum or the band of tissue that holds the foreskin over the glans like a drawstring. Can't think of the name of that at the moment. But it is as close as he can get to what was taken from him.
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wow, everything i would have said was pretty much covered by pps.

the only thing i could possible add, as vulgar as this might seem, i really just didn't want to limit my son. my dh was the first uncirced man i'd been with, and after careful thought and research, i realized what all those other guys were missing. it effects a man's size, sensation, and ability.

also, the first day i held my son in my arms, i was like, "how could anyone opt for an elective surgery without a good reason?!" it seemed so ridiculous. someone asked me, "eww... aren't you afraid he'll get picked on?" i said, "for what having the biggest most functionable penis in the locker room? no, i'm not."

and how about this? do you know anything about female circumcision? its a middle-eastern practice where little girls around 5-years-old got to the village "doctor" and have their hood, clit, and labia chopped off with sharp rocks or rusty knives, then their holes are sewn shut to only allow the passing of fluid, to ensure virginity until marriage. they are never again able to feel real sexual pleasure. plus they're vaginas are permanently mutilated. i bet the whole time you read that you were thinking, "wow, what backwards third world barbarians would do that???" well, now think about what is really going on in the u.s. with male circumcision, maybe its in a bright shiny "surgically clean" environment, with more expensive tools, but its still as backwards and barbaric and disgusting as female circumcision. and you want to know what? little girls in the middle east that aren't circumcised are considered "abnormal."

in my experience, when it comes to my kid, if its considered the norm, and everyone does it, you might want to ask what kind of sick propaganda has created this? hell, til not too long ago, educated men said women couldn't vote, people of color were sub-human, gays all had aids and anyone noy christian should be burned at the stake.

thank god for us inferior beings and our stupid questions!
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Hi Veezie, & welcome!

Fwiw, many male circumcisions are done to older kids with rusty knives, as many deaths, etc. Many female circumcisions are done (and FGM is not just the rarer drastic infibulation, but clitoral hood removal directly analogous to the foreskin. Prepucectomy is prepucectomy) in sterile 'modern' conditions.

It's just a matter of where you live, your local customs, & how much money you have, whatever your child's sex.
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i have heard of more modern fgm practices, i was just siting that particular prcedure which is still done all over the middle east (and africa, and asia as well, i believe) to show the shock value of circumcision as a whole.

and hi!!
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I know, I have just been researching recently the MANY deaths from rustic circs which happen to boys all the time under the same conditions, & it was fresh in my mind.

They always (in the news reports) called them 'botched' circumcisions (really, google the phrase, & see how many infections kill African boys every year from 'botched' circumcisions, whereas the girls that die from the exact same horror are called what they are, genital mutilation.)

I think I am going to refer as FGM deaths as occurring from 'botched circumcisions' from now on, to make a point.
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I haven't read this whole entire thread.

To the OP: Please watch the video. Watch it again. Listen to the baby's screams. Think about how you would feel if someone were cutting on you. Think about the fact that nature would not make a terrible mistake when it comes to the genitals. The genitals are necessary for reproduction. They are made perfectly to ensure survival of the species.

Just read the articles, watch the videos. You will then see for yourself.

We don't need to show the other side. The other side shows itself once you do those things.
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Originally Posted by Dillpicklechip View Post

Regarding pain, no physician worth his salt would ever do a circumcision without freezing the area first. My son had an analgesic cream, and the doctor was very careful to make sure the cream had had enough time to work before she did anything. And she said that during the procedure he didn't even cry.

As I said, just make sure you get a lot of info before you make a decision.
Sorry, I know I am late (very) to jump on this, but I have to. First off, something like 95% of doctors DONT use any anasthesia. At all. A lot of doctors even lie to the parents and say that they were given something. Just watch the circ video on here-the father keeps asking about the pain meds and the doc keeps saying oh yeah, we gave him something, when they obviously didnt.
Secondly, if you were not in the room, you cannot believe a thing they said. Do you really think a doc or nurse would come out and say "oh yeah, he screamed his head off?" Yeah, doubt it. Of course they are going to say oh he hardly cried or he slept right through it. I got news for you. NO anesthesia relieves all of the pain of a circumcision, unless its general or they have a penile nerve block-and are able to confirm that it is completely numb. I have seen a lot of circs now-I am becomming a RN. Though I refuse to assist with circ's, I have still seen a LOT of them done. I have seen one baby out of around a hundred who didnt cry. He was very much the exception. Every other baby cried. Every one of them.
Sorry, I am just sick and tired of all of these people who say "well, he hardly cried" or "he slept right through it-the doctor/nurse/whatever said so". If you werent there, dont tell me how it went. And it ticks me off that so many parents insist on having their sons circd and then are too chicken to even stay with them. GRRRRRR!!!!!
Stepping down from soapbox
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