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Originally Posted by Fyrestorm View Post
This all makes me very sad
Circumcision IS very sad s but I don't see this thrend as sad. I see it as "woohoo someone is asking question BEFORE they cut up their baby. Another chance to save a baby boy from being cut!" If only every mom pregnant with a boy would start asking.
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Originally Posted by candipooh View Post
Circumcision IS very sad s but I don't see this thrend as sad. I see it as "woohoo someone is asking question BEFORE they cut up their baby. Another chance to save a baby boy from being cut!" If only every mom pregnant with a boy would start asking.

You're right...let me clarify..

What I find sad is that so many mama's just think it's just done. Luckily, this mama (OP) had someone inform her that it is a choice. It still makes me sad that it's still a choice though.
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I just wanted to say that I have been where you are...With my oldest son I actually had NO idea that you didn't have to circumcize baby boys. I had never known ANYONE who was not circ'd and no one had ever even mentioned to me that circ. wasn't just part of life. My oldest son WAS circumcised I regret that SO deeply...it is the biggest regret I have with my parenting. Good for you for thinking about this. I know some people here may come off strong, but once you see circumcision for what it is it is very difficult not to speak out forcefully in opposition.

I hope that you leave your son intact...I'm sure you would leave your daughter intact, right? Congrats on your pg and your new son Oh, and go hug your friend who told you about MDC.
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I seldom post on this board, it make me sad when I do. I was you 11 yrs ago, 7 yrs ago and 5 yrs ago.. had I known that this procedure was unneccessary my little boys would be intact. My 11 yr old would not have had meatal stenosis a complication from circumcision. He wouldn't have had to have surgery on his penis. He wouldn't have been traumatized by not only being circ'd but then having to go through that much more pain by having his urethra cut open to cut away scar tissue that had built up from his circumcision. It was not known to me that the reason he had meatal stenosis was because he was circumcised. Had I known that my 5 yr old would have been left intact. Circumcision is far more difficult to care for than being left intact. You must make sure you clean it properly or it can get infected (of course this is just in the beginning but nevertheless) you must make sure to avoid adhesions because they are very common and painful. Bacterial infections can occur even in circumcised boys.. my stepson had one that wouldn't go away and as a result was recirc'd. Had I known all of this seriously I would never have gone through with it. It is completely unneccessary and I must say good for you for researching this procedure before having your baby. This board has plenty of links to inform you what circumcision is about and why it is so unneccessary. I thought people were crazy when they didn't circ before I came here.. now I know I was the crazy one. All it took for me was the video and I cried for days because I made it my choice not theirs. It's his penis let him decide what he wishes to do with it please.. if only I had the resources of MDC 11 yrs ago my babies would still be intact today. It is wrong, it does hurt them, there are complications and really think about being strapped down and cut with no voice and no way of relaying how much it hurts.
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Man, I had never looked all the way thru that "what happens in a circ" group of photos. Like the OP said the poor boys penis looks terrible. Really they all look like this just after they finish? And people think it is right? I truly cant imagine how terrible I would have felt to have my child returned to me like this. Thank God my boy was the third child and I found this board. That really makes me sick.
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No national medication organization reccommends routine infant circumcision. Male circumcision is not only unnecessary, but harmful. The stats for the US now are closer to 50-50, in my area its about 38% who are circ'd. The highest rates are in the midwest/northeast.

When I was pregnant for the first time, I came into researching about this with an open mind (and a medical and scientific standpoint as that is what my degrees are in). I researched intensely and it became very obvious that not only was it not necessary, but harmful. From an ethical and human rights perspective, it is also not right to remove healthy functioning tissue without medical necessity. And, there are only three medical conditions which require circumcision...frostbite, gangrene and cancer. All of which are incredibly rare.

The best suggestion I have is to read through the links that many other provided and look up at the "sticky" threads at the top of this forum. Keep in mind too that the US is the only country where a majority of males are circumcised for cosmetic/cultural reasons. The UK, Europe, Australia, Canada even now, as well as nearly all of the world do not circumcise, and those who are circumcised there are done for religious reasons as well. 85% of the world's men are intact. When you talk to a man in Europe, who has his foreskin, they can't imagine living without it (and it does contain half of the nerve endings in the penis, and the fine touch receptors as well).

It's also interesting to note that the argument that people use here in the US to circumcise their baby boys is the same arguments that people who advocate for circumcision of girls use in other countries. Female circumcision advocates claim that trimming the labia, removing the clitoral hood on girls is cleaner, more attractive, cures cancer, reduces infection and STDs...oh, and the other thing the mothers also say that "I'm circumcised and I'm fine and I enjoy sex and orgasm so they'll be fine too." I honestly didn't know any of that until I started reading. And, once you start reading, it becomes obvious, and even moreso very disheartening and saddening.
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Welcome to MDC
Thank you so much for looking into this first. I left my twins intact and I don't regret it one bit, they are happy, healthy little guys.
There is an quote that goes something like this
before you were concieved I wanted you
Before you born I loved you
before you were a minute old I would die for you
this is a great way to express just how much moms love their children you want them to be healthy when they are born please don't subject your little boy to a cosmetic surgry.
Because it is surgry and surgry comes with great risks, even death
read the links people have posted watch the videos
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Hi JuJuBees,

My husband is circ'd but I made the decision to leave my son intact. I figured, why subject him to that? Didn't I believe he was perfect already? The AAP does not recommend routinue circumcision anymore. Medicaid does not cover it and many insurance companies will also force you to pay for it out of pocket.

Please watch one of the videos. I didn't understand what it entailed until I SAW it. If you like Penn & Teller they have a Bullshit! show on circumcision. It is on youtube.com somewhere.
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Welcome JuJuBees!

My hubby is also circ'd, but our son is intact!

The article that we read that sealed the deal... http://www.mothersagainstcirc.org/fleiss.html Speficially the How Does Circumcision Harm? section.

I hope that you find this board an excellent resource (as I did) before the birth of your lovely son and choose to leave him intact.

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For anyone deciding to get their 'facts' from circumcisioninfo.com, look into what a 'circumfetishist' is.

One thing they get off on is going to less 'enlightened' forums & talking mommies into getting this done, then asking a lot of details to masturbate to.

Kind of like when adult diaper guys go to the diapering forum, or guys with lactation fetishes pretend to be a mom whose 10 yr old wants to nurse. Except those just give some people the willies when they figure it out, while THESE people get pieces of babies cut off.

Listen to those screams on the video, & recall that there are men who climax to that sound. Then decide if 'circumcisioninfo' is really where you want to get the information to make an informed decision.
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I can never eat hot-dogs again.... cursed women!

Just kidding. As a guy, I'll just say this: teach him some basic hyegine, and don't cut chunks of his anatomy off of him. If he can't keep two square centimeters of his body clean on a daily basis, he probably won't be able to handle school, or making toast.
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Welcome to MDC! So glad you came here and found this forum before the birth of your son, it's wonderful that you took the initiative to come and ask questions.

I don't usually post in this forum but saw your post and decided to read. I wish I had done what you are doing now, read about circs before having my boys circ'ed. It is something that I greatly regret and always will.
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thanks everyone!
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
okay.. my friend told me to come to this board. i have a 2yo girl and am pregnant with a boy. i never knew you couldn't not circumsize your kid. i figured it was something you had to do. but, anyway, we are pretty sure we want it done so he can look like every other person we know. what's the big deal anyway. from what i understand they don't feel much, they sleep a lot of times, and it helps to prevent a bunch of stuff down the road. i would think it hurts as much as a paper cut, right? i mean.. if it was so horrible would they still do it? i am open to listening to everyone cause really i dont know much about it.


Hi Jodie! Welcome to MDC. You've gotten some great information already, so I won't reiterate all of that. But what I do want to answer is the question "if it was so horrible why would they still do it?"


There are countries in Europe that have made routine infant circumcision illegal. The rest of Europe pretty much regards it as : and outdated.
The US is the ONLY industrialized country that still does it at all, and luckily, we are doing it less and less. Doctors make around $350 for each circumcision they perform. On top of that, there is a HUGE industry in foreskins - several cosmetic companies use them in face creams and whatnot, and biogenics companies are leading the pack with using foreskins in their research and products for engineered tissues. Do a google search for "Apligraf" and "Organogenesis" if you want to investigate this.
This is a $1.5 billion a year industry - and I'm quite sure that has a bit to do with why the practice continues. Hospitals and dr's probably make a good bit of kickback money, whether that be in straight up sale of infant foreskin, or "donations".

Good for you for coming here and asking questions. I had a friend who's brother "had" to be circed at age 9 because he kept getting infections. After talking to her, it was clear that the boy was being forcibly retracted and cleaned. This would be the equivalent of cleaning out the inside of a baby girl's vagina. Can you imagine the infections that would cause? :

Now, parents (although sadly most doctors are behind the times in this) know better to not retract the foreskin EVER to clean under it. My son is 17 months old and has never had any problems at all with his penis. All the "special care" an intact penis requires is to wipe the outside like you would a finger - and leave it alone after that. The opening of the foreskin has a sphincter muscle around it, preventing anything (poo, etc) from getting in there, and it's fused to the glans, also preventing anything from getting in there. It's a self-cleaning organ, just like our vaginas.

I know you'll come to the right decision - once you actually learn the facts, it's really a no brainer. So glad you found us!!
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Not my body. Not my choice.
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
see.. i have a neighbore who left her son intact, and when he was 14 he needed to be circumsized. he resented his mother for not doing it when he was a baby. he hated that he had to get it done when he was at an age when no kid wants to be different for any reason. the fact that he had to take time off school to get his penis cut got around the school and people made fun of him. thats sad. i wouldnt want my kid to go through that.
Chances are, he was the victim of bad advice from a doctor. A doctor probably advised his mother to retract the foreskin. That is the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do. Premature retraction will cause infections, adhesions, and a lot of pain. Most men never "need" to be circumcised, but are circumcised anyway due to American medical ignorance and greed.

On the topic of teasing, you have to remember that kids will tease for any reason. Wear glasses? Teased. Chubby? Teased. Too smart? Teased. Too dumb? Teased. Not good at sports? Teased. Boys tease for no reason at all. Its just the way they are.

If your daughter is a late bloomer, would you get her breast implants so she wouldn't look different? Or, would you reassure her that she is perfectly normal?

If your son feels good about himself and not self concious, it won't be a problem. He'll be able to stand up for himself. Besides, if someone were checking out your boy in the locker room, all he needs to say is, "Stop looking at my penis!" Guess would would get teased? Not your boy.

Also, I graduated high school in 1997. The amount of time spend I spent naked in the locker room was exactly zero minutes.

And honestly, you have no ethical right to perform sexual cosmetic surgery on your little boy. This topic has created a rift between my parents and I as they circumcised me without my consent. Your boy will learn what he has lost and he might not be so happy. His Internet connection goes to NoCirc.org as well as mine.
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Info on circ is fine as long as it the truth. The site that was posted is a circ fetish site and has many false things in it.
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I was circed as an infant. I've had multiple complications throughout my life.

Regardless of your status now, I wish I was given the opportunity to choose to be circumcized instead of someone doing it to me without my consent.

Because of my complications I am in the long process of restoring. 3-5 years for what they took from me without my consent.

What you do as an adult is your own business, that is your choice.

What you do to an infant is barbaric and disgusting.
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Another thing, don't listen to those HIV fearmongering studies again. If those studies were anything other than a circumcision sales pitch, the United States with its 90% adult male circumcision rate would have the lowest HIV rates in the world. Instead, we're #71 of 168 with most noncircumcising countries below us on the list.


If you want your kid to stay HIV and STD free, don't cut him. Instead, make sure he knows how STDs and HIV are spread and knows how to use and obtain condoms. Push monogamy. You can't get HIV from your HIV-free faithful partner. That goes for your daughters as well.
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You can also look at the stickies at the top of the forum. They have a ton of useful information in them.
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