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Belated birth story

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Jack made his appearance on Oct 27 at 1237pm weighing in at 9lbs and 21 in

I woke up at 115 that morning feeling a gush. I got up, thinking it was my water breaking and it was blood. I went to the bathroom and passed a huge clot, and called the midwife. She said to get checked so I went and they did a nst, and he was fine, and I was contracting every 3-5 and 4-5cm. They told me to walk for an hour and get another nst. So, the contractions piddled out as they always did, and they offered to induce me. I agreed b/c after all that blood, I would be a wreck going home, and he was already a week late.

So they started pit at 6 am and I didn't get an epi although the last hour I wished I had. The last hour was excruciating! But after 20 min of pushing out he came!

He hardly ever sleeps but bfing really well!
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nak congrats mama!
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Congratulations and welcome to little Jack!!
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