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Small house thread

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I need help finding the small house thread. Please guide me...

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- but I'd like to come along for the ride...
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I guess we're it...wanna start a thread for the three of us?

what are the blessings and curses of a small house?

Less to clean...NO storage!
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Takes me about 7mins to vaccum the whole thing and I only have to unplug it once.
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Gives you good reason to simplify, simplify.....I am a reformed packrat and our house is very cluttered. But...I love my house so much it motivates me to press on. Also, When buying new furniture the Ikea catalogue comes in handy as it caters to small spaces. I love our small house!
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What do you consider small? Our house is 1400 square feet. With four of us, it sometimes feels quite small. But we do have an upstairs.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on a great idea I got from Flylady (okay I'm out of the closet!) She says you should only hold on to 2 sets of sheets for each bed in the house and store the clean sets between the matresses. Brilliant! She suggests this in order to clear out the "linen closet" and I wish I had one! But for us it clears out much needed drawer space in the bureau...

Otoh, I've discovered it's not that easy to lift up the mattress and put the sheets in there...I need help w/that.
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There are a couple of small house threads floating around here for specific small homes (Delight and cdmaze come to mind.) But an all around thread for those who live in small houses would be nice!

We have a 960 sq.ft. house for the three of us. It's plenty for our small family.
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I don't currently have a small house but I did for 10 years and hope to again someday. So, I'll participate as much as I can.
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We live in a housethat is about 750 sq ft. It's ok for now but DS1's room is definitely not big enough for 2 and yeah about the storage thing. When we move into our house that we own it will be about 900 sq ft until we get the add on built then we will be looking at 1200 sq ft.
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Our house is 513 sq ft. Honestly, it's not a bad size for the 3 of us (me and two kids). Our house has no closets so that is our biggest challenge. We have to declutter all the time in order to keep things manageable. My kids have the two bedrooms and I have a futon in the living room. I want to get a full-sized loft bed though to save space in here as soon as I can, which means sometime next summer probably when we have more money.
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we live in a 900 sqft home currently and it will be fine for us and hopefully a baby. I love love purging things but, DH is a pack rat! He has more clothes than me and I'm a shopper... just can't manage to get him to part with anything.

We were so frusterated when shopping for new furnature because it seems like the only type of new furnature being manufactured is for all of the McMansions that seem to be sprouting up in the suburbs... I like Ikea but, it is a little modern for my taste most of the time.
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We are selling our 2,000 SF house with full basement and going down to 900 SF.
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May I join you?

We (myself and 4 children) live in a two-bedroom flat. I haven't actually measured, but I estimate that it's between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet.

I used to think it was too small (although it is bigger than the 750 square foot townhouse we lived in before I graduated!!) Now I realize that it's just too full, and I have been de-cluttering with a vengeance lately to correct that problem.

So far I have completed the study area, and made some serious progress in the sitting area and the bathroom. (The best part is, as I make headway in the areas of the house that are my responsibility, my children are starting to de-clutter their areas, as well! )
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Originally Posted by lisa72 View Post
Takes me about 7mins to vaccum the whole thing and I only have to unplug it once.
We have 4 of us, plus pets in a 1200 sf some and this is one of my favorite parts!
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DH, DS and I live with a dog, cat and two ferrets in 800 sf.

We're always near each other, it's easy to clean and there's no storage to collect crap.

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Well, I no longer feel right posting after reading the sqfootage of other posters, but I'm going to anyway.

My dh, dd1, dd2, and I live in a 1,100 sqf house and a full basement. I've lived in it one year but my husband has for 2+ years. I'm doing the decluttering challenge to clear it out.

There's enough room for us but not enough for having people over. This is probably what I don't like about it.
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Originally Posted by corhorvath View Post
There's enough room for us but not enough for having people over. This is probably what I don't like about it.
I agree - I love our 1600s.f home. Its just perfect for dh, both boys and myself (maybe 1-2 more babes ) but I really struggle with house guests. We have a large family, and it seems there is always someone staying over (one brother for weeks at a time) and there is no extra bedroom, and the living area is all connected, so there is no space for privacy. But mostly its just due to the layout of our home and my personal time issues!

Not enough of a bother to make us move/add on, but an issue non-the-less!
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I LOVE the sheet idea!
That is AWESOME!
We have 1200 sq feet upstairs. We have a full unfinished basement. So I am cheating. But I still consider living in a small house because I do my everyday living upstairs. It also has some wasted space that I can not figure out what to do with.
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We live in 1700sqft. Me, dh and 4 kiddos. When we purchased we had one and thought we'd only live here for a little while. Now who knows if we'll ever move. I like it now, although I've had periods where I didn't. I like that we're not a slave to our mortgage, and I can hear the kids from most any place in the house and it's cozy. I'm learning to appreciate what I have and being thankful for it.
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