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i don't think it would work as a sleeping place. there are built in shelves on a wall (yay) and it's the only closet in the whole place. I'll be cramming it FULL from floor to ceiling I think. here's some pictures to give you an idea...
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Hmmm. Yeah, that wouldn't really work. How is the weather? Would it make sense to use the "bedroom" as the living room since it has a stove? And maybe the bunk beds in the closet-free bedroom... I know you said you don'tr have the bunk beds right now, and it may be too much hassle to move them, but maybe?

I actually used a futon when pregnant with dd1 and found it pretty comfy. But then, I like firm sleep surfaces and we had the futon on the floor (no frame)... my main problem was getting up and down!
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this house is UBER cute but uber old. the ceiling is only 5'10" or so and the bunk beds won't actually FIT in the room! haha! i think i'll double check though just in case. it would free up floor space tremendously. i am unsure which will actually BE the bedroom and which will be the living room anyways. i gotta get stuff IN there to see exactly how it's gonna work out but i am totally thinking of wacky ideas. i even thought of making the kitchen also the media room but i think it would be to whacko to be functional. however if i had an old square tv (hows that for irony i just bought a new one cause exbf thought it was a good idea...idiot, me mostly) then it would fit in the "pass through" window course still need a place to put the dvd player and media computer.

about half of my "stock pile" stuff is in the plastic storage bins and we don't have much rain, snow, sleet or precipitation of any kind out here so i'm going to put the one plastic shelving unit i have outside on the back wall however i have more tubs than that and i suppose i do some ugly stacking but the xmas tree is in a cardboard box! ahhh! i have plenty of kitchen space so i won't have to get rid of my lovely new stainless steel sets, huge pans, and assortment of odd/rarely used cooking pieces. when moving here we pared the kids toys down to barely 1/5 of what they had so no tears there. i think my desk will fit in the kitchen so part of my office space will stay the same. however i have an old filing cabinet that probably half of the (brand new) stuff will have to get sold/thrown out (waahhh). i'm just trying to work this out on paper so excuse the ramblings!

so you know how odd things get stuck in your head....well i stockpiled TAMPONS (the good ones free from cvs) and i have about a years worth in a box....i stockpiled it while pg with dd...3 years ago! (i had 1.5 yrs then lol) so here i am pg again....not going to do any bleeding besides postpartum for almost 2 years so do i keep it or see if a garage sale will sell it?

the house actually has electric or gas heat in it as well as a swamp cooler so warmth/cool factors do not matter. in fact the stove probably hasn't been used in many years! it's more the charm of the place although i am DARN sure i'm gonna use it at least a few times cause it's just so cool!
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winter outerwear-
Here's what I came up with.

Hooks for the girls and space for their bags under the shelves behind the door. Over the door hooks for DH and I. I moved the shoe shelves from behind the door to the counter side of the door with a drip tray beneath it and set up an entryway station on the top shelf (basket for mail, hand sanitizer, basket with scissors/tape/glue/stamps). And four hooks over the counter for smaller stuff (like hats/scarves for dh and I).

I'd like a place to sit, but this will at least be better than last year!
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not sure if any of you read ReadyMade magazine, but there's an article in the oct/nov issue...Small Spaces, Big Ideas! 8 Ways to Turn Your Tiny Place into a Palace.

i noticed some of the article features were available on the website.
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I have 3 kids, can I rent a two bedroom?

Hi mamas,

I am a single mama, and I have three kids, 1 boy, 2 girls.
Can I rent a 2 bedroom apartment or townhouse?

Can I sleep in the living room, son in 1 bedroom and daughters in 1 bedroom?

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Originally Posted by Jyotsna View Post
Hi mamas,

I am a single mama, and I have three kids, 1 boy, 2 girls.
Can I rent a 2 bedroom apartment or townhouse?

Can I sleep in the living room, son in 1 bedroom and daughters in 1 bedroom?

I would think it would be ok. As for if it's allowed, I have no idea what the laws are in your state.
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Wow. So I'm trying to fix up the kitchen. To save money, we're keeping the original hardwood cabinets but painting them and adding hardware. I'm (finally!) nearing the end of this. I don't think I quite realized how much work it was going to be, especially considering I had to paint the inside of the cabinets too. It's not even, but there's about 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint on every surface. Every time I paint inside the cabinets, I always end up with paint in my hair then have to hear comments about how I'm turning gray!

When I'm finished, I'll post before and after pics.
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I'm here! I was talking to my sister today about her coming up and helping me decorate so I decided to figure out my sq. ft. (I know I'm in a small space but wanted a number ). I come in at a whopping 572 sq ft. That's for my 2 bdrm. apartment. Good thing I love it.

What paint colors look good in small spaces? I'm wanting to work on my living room first but don't want something that's going to make it look more cramped. I have 2 windows that get natural light but not a ton.

I was just talking to a friend and her current house (1900 sq ft) is her bare minimum. They are looking to buy one that has 2500 sq ft! That seems so massive to me. She tried saying it's because they have big furniture but so do I. My personal style sort of lands in the "big, bulky, and heavy (in a traditional sense because everything is solid)" category. Other's limits are certainly interesting.
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marlet- colors can be tricky! Some people swear by light colors in small spaces (reflect the light, make the space feel bigger) but others swear by darker or more saturated colors (to play off the intimacy and coziness factor). In general a ceiling color that is a few shades lighter than the walls but not pure white helps make a space feel larger (the ceiling "disappears" instead of being in sharp contrast to the walls). Personally I like to keep the colors fairly light with one or two darker/richer accents.

So our "hearth wall" is a pale grey-green (wind in the willows I think was the color name) but the hearth itself is made from a dark slate and we tiled the slate from floor to ceiling. The side wall (which has both a large window and the underside of the loft stairs) is also painted in the "wind in the willows" green but the underside of the stairs is a smoky blue-grey color. In the past I've painted entire walls in small rooms with really deep colors and then washed a lighter shade across them to lighten it up while adding visual depth.

Do you have a bookstore or library nearby? The Not So big books have lots of good pictures, and design magazines can provide ideas as well. There are even a few books of "pre-made" palettes that might inspire paint choices. We have one where the author put together 20-30 different palettes and how to lead from room to room using those combinations... of course, we only have one room right now, but that book was a fun jumping off spot when we had a bigger house. As the author pointed out, many times people paint a room without thinking about how that color will "look" against the other colors in the house or how the color will "feel" as you enter the room from other color spaces. In a small space I think it's important to try out a number of combinations to find the one that feels the best to you!

(Our cabin is currently a blend of the "wind in the willows" grey/green, "smokescreen" blue/grey, a very pale "glass slipper" blue in the bathroom, and "cosmic cream" yellow/cream for the kitchen alcove. Since we really just have the one room we used the colors to define areas/spaces.)
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What are you doing on the fourth page! BUMP!

So, I'll post about my awesome pantry. Still getting to know our house and settling in. The pantry is carved out of the basement stairs/under the stairs going up to the second floor. You can see it in this picture. (It's a before picture!!! ) Here are the after pictures. I love the way so much can be stored in such a little space that's usually left unused.
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ok, so our house doesn't seem so small after all...

check out the "domestic transformer".
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That place is crazy! I can't imagine living in a home like that...

Seeing this is bumped, I have better kitchen pics. Before, after. Not that my kitchen/dining room still looks like the photos. I keep changing/improving. We're getting ready for another big push in renovations. I can't wait until we're done! Hoping to add some built in shelving and other space saving ideas.
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Wow that domestic transformer is a very creative space!!! I think it's amazing.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post

I declutter too and yet there always seems to be more.

I sooooo envy mudrooms. We're building an addition slowly but surely and once it's done (or even roughed in) there will be plenty of room for winter gear but till then I'm stuck! I'm planning on hanging hooks for the girls below the shelves, putting a shallow mudtray under that for the really messy boots. Then an over the door hook (fingers crossed the draft wont be too bad) with several hangers for DH and I. Maybe bags to hold hats/gloves/scarves? The girls can't reach the bottom shelf easily so bags hanging with their coats may be easier and visually less cluttered.
How is it I go to Goodwill every month with a trunkfull of crap. Where is it all coming from!!!
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I think there must be some sort of temporal/spacial anomaly... a sort of wormhole dumping clutter into dark corners and closed cabinets.

We're still working on the addition... we taped insulation over the weekend. Need to get that inspected, then put up drywall, then finished electric inspection, then....drumroll... DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can. not. wait! We need this additional space because there really is no place to put stuff. I know some of my "clutter" is really just stuff without a home (like winter quilts/coats).
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
I know some of my "clutter" is really just stuff without a home (like winter quilts/coats).
Big family, small house,

The shoes were so cute by the door when I had one child that wore a toddler 6. Now that very same boy wears a man's 11, plays sports each requiring special shoes, has three younger sisters, and a little brother that wears a toddler 8 it isn't so cute (and smells way worse than it looks). I have hooks and cubbies and a garage where all the cleats and athletic shoes are supposed to stay but it is still a mess.
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Glad to see this thread bumped back up!

We are in the process of renovating our basement. We did a complete gut and started over. When it's all said and done, we will have added 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to our house, giving us 4 bedrooms, 2 baths total in our house. DS1 will be moving into one of the new bedrooms right away and in a year or so, DD will be moving into the other new bedroom downstairs. It's been a bit of a challenge only being able to use the main level of the house. Many of the kids' toys have gone into storage and I've had to get quite creative with storage solutions. It's been a slow and trying process (we are DIYing this project... yay for an uber-handy husband and FIL!) but it will all be worth it in the end, when the space is finished and much more functional for us! I will try to get some before and work in progress pics uploaded to my flickr and post a link.
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Awesome! What a great renovation (and yay for DIY).

Our addition will turn our two room cabin into a 4 room cabin... and allow a sort of "sliding puzzle" reorganization of the current space. It's going to make things much more "usable" and I can't wait. Not up to date, but http://www.flickr.com/photos/briarhouse/ is our Briar House photo site.
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That domestic transformer was pretty cool... I didn't see any guest seating, though.. I think he needed a chair somewhere.
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