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Hi, my name is Dana and I've been reading the boards for a few months now.

My 9 month old son Jackson co-sleeps is cd'd, bf'd, and worn frequently. Before my son was born I knew I would bf and had bought a carrier. However, my son decided we would co-sleep (he would only sleep next to me) and cd (he got a bad rash from disposables).

It's great to read about parents with similar situations and all the helpful info!
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Hi Dana, and welcome!
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hello, and welcome from another N. Cal mamma! tabitha
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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome! I'm a mama to a Jackson too!
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Thanks for all the welcomes!!

Tabitha - I'm in the Sacramento area. Are you getting lots of rain? It rained ALL day here today. I'm ready for the nice California weather to kick in!

ekblad7 - I love the name Jackson but it was hard to talk my husband into it. My grandpa was called Jack so Jackson is partly named after him.
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Welcome to the boards!!

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~Hi Dana~

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Welcome Dana!
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Hi and Welcome to the boards.

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