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More Milk??

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Okay, I feel like my boobs are completely drained by the end of the day. The night time and the mornings are fine but by bedtime I feel like he nurses and nurses but I don't feel like he is getting very much. I am drinking lots of water and eating healthy. I am wondering if anyone knows of anything that will make more milk...or of anything that I might be doing that is making me not make enough during that time of day??

I know that alot of women feel like they are not making enough but I don't remember feeling this way with my girls. Maybe I changed something in my diet? or maybe this babe just likes to nurse more in the afternoons/evenings? Anyone have any ideas for me?
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Check out this link from Kellymom on low milk supply: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/low-supply.html There's a tea called Mothers Milk that's supposed to help maintain good milk supply which you can buy at a health food store or online. Good luck!
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I feel the same way with my nurslings. I recommend the MM tea as well. YOu can also try eating more oatmeal
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I have the opposite problem, overactive letdown. But my SIL has told me before that marshmallow root can boost your supply. Worth a shot.
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I am in the same boat - and I don't remember feeling like this with DS (I was constantly engorged). I'm trying to drink more water and eat things like oatmeal. I've heard of all kinds of foods being good (my favorite is halva - middle eastern dessert) for milk. I am trying to drink teas to help too. I am anxious to read what other posters have to say.
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Just so you know, this is VERY common. There is actually a period of time in the evenings that many moms notice their babe is very fussy--'sun down syndrome' some call it. It is usually a combo of a few things--overstimulation, less milk from mom, and colic...
Anyways--the things the other posters said are great...but realize that you may have to sit longer with baby at the breast in the evenings/bedtimes...and the baby may fuss more--not only because milk isn't coming fast enough, but also the overstimulation, colic etc.
The good news is...this is temporary!

Oh--ps--remember supply and demand...he may be nursing and nursing and you may feel like your body isn't replenishing...but your body will get to a point and then start to make more milk if your nipples are still being stimulated! May not be a LARGE amt where you feel the rush of letdown, but he IS getting some!
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That's how it is here but I'm sure my supply is just fine. He seems to be able to get more milk in a shorter period of time in the morning/early afternoon. Around 4 he'll want to just stay at the breast and nurse until we go to be around midnight. My breasts do feel less full and I don't hear as many gulps and swallows. He's gaining about 9 oz. a week so I think he's getting plenty.
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Thanks for the suggestions...that link was great. I guess I will just have to sit w/ him for longer in the evenings. Not that it bothers me...I love holding him and nursing and snuggling but evenings are when everyone wants dinner/baths/help w with homework etc. I just get a little overwhelmed sometimes when he basically incapacitates me for hours on end...I know it will all be over soon and I am enjoying every minute-who knows this could be my last one so I am really trying to enjoy!!
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