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I'm moving in!

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OK, I just POAS... it's positive. Holy s**t... I'm pregnant. I can't believe it... I'm in shock. I never thought an "oops" would ever happen to me. I always wanted it to, but I didn't think it'd happen (other 2 were very planned). Of course I'm happy, dh is in shock. We agreed that we would maybe try for another next year (after he told me adamently that he didn't want another, he finally agreed to maybe considering it next year). Timing isn't the best right now, but I really believe it's "meant to be". (We dtd after ovulation time and it still happened.) Anyway, I believe in God's timing, and that God's timing is always "right" whether we agree or not... it truly is for the best. I feel so blessed.
Hi everyone! (cross-post in tww)
ETA: Holy crap... I just realized I'm probably going to be triandem nursing!!!
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Hi Keri! Sounds like exactly what I did this morning and then twice again this afternoon just to be sure. Congrats on your little surprise and welcome to the club.
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