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Winter Body Moisturizer

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I just started using sweet almond oil or jojoba oil (whatever I grab) on my face to moisturize and LOVE it, but am now wondering what to use on my other parts. I'd like to get rid of my Cetaphil, but it was the only thing that worked on my very dry skin last winter...actually the Aveeno with menthol worked beautifully too. What can I whip up to replace these things?

I read through all the threads and thought I remembered reading you could mix an oil with aloe vera gel. Am I making that up? I'd like to be able to mix up a little tube to keep in the car for my hands, which crack and bleed. TIA!
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Get a tube of cocoa butter lotion or just cocoa butter (you can find travel sized sticks of the cocoa butter too - try Bed Bath and Beyond). If you still like the menthol feeling, add a few drops of eucalyptus and/or peppermint essential oil. It's great for all over moisturizing and blocking the cold. Heals chapping too. You can also mix your jojoba oil (or even olive oil) with the cocoa butter for a really great moisturizer. Warm up in your hands before applying it on your body.
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I loooove just straight coconut oil...I use it all over after my showers I don't suffer from extensively dry skin, but it really is a wonderful oil to have for just about anything!

Brightest Blessings!
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I use a brown sugar or sea salt scrub mixed into oils in the shower for all my parts except pits and privates. When I'm done showering, I pat dry and the oils do their thing!
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Cool, thanks for your replies. I was just going to search coconut oil! I've been seeing it mentioned everywhere lately.
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On some people coconut oil is extremely drying, so just note that.
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Yeah, it has always previously dried me out. But, I haven't tried it for deodorant, and haven't used it for moisturizer in years, so maybe I've changed, or need to try a different brand. I found an organic one I'm saving to make soap, but will be dipping into it first, for experiments on my hair and skin!
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I slapped some coconut oil today on my armpits, let's see what happens!
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