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Name: Amber
Partner: Jim
EC'd babe(s): Elizabeth
EC'ing since: 2 weeks, took a two month break, and are back (she's three months)
Other kids (+ages):
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): fitteds with covers when out, and sometimes we go diaperless at home
Favorite 'potty': the sink
Other info: i pretty much consider myself a failed ECin' mom b/c i rely on diapers so much. i want to get better at it, though, and do take her to the sink inbetween diaper changes. she loves to go there... but then she surprises me sometimes ten minutes later.
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Partner: DH of 13 years
EC'd babe(s):4.5 month old B/G twins
EC'ing since:3-4 weeks
Other kids (+ages):2 boys ages 6 and 8
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?):fitted cloth with covers for outings, no covers at home, nakey butt in am and evenings, disposables at night.
Favorite 'potty': the dog bowl ( seriously ), just got BBLP this week and DS especially seems to like it. DD still prefers the dog bowl. (We don't have a dog anymore). The bowl is metal and I ting it it with my fingernail and she really has learned to associate this sound with the process. I try her in other places so she doesn't get too set in her ways but this is definitely her favorite!
Other info: never thought I would be doing this with twins but it is addictive! Is there a 12 step program for Ecers? LOL.
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I love it!

Hmm, how about changing "Experts" to "Gurus" and making "Experts" the next category down?

Fabuloso, sapphire_chan. I'm all over these new categories!

Frank- TWINS? Wow! That's a lot of pee.
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Name: Wendy
Partner: Jon
EC'd babe(s): not yet...Due 12/30
EC'ing since: We're open to starting right away. We'll see.
Other kids (+ages):Quinn 3/02
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): We have prefolds from ds so we'll probably use those without a cover at home with prefold belt (I want to make a couple) and with cover on the go.
Favorite 'potty': ? We'll experiment
Other info: Didn't know about EC when we had ds. We are looking forward to include this as another way for us to connect with our new little one.
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subbing to remind me to post! LOL, I forgot this forum was here darn it!
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Name: Me
Partner: Him
EC'd babe(s): Frida 2 months and a bit
EC'ing since: 1 day old
Other kids (+ages): 3 others aged 3, 8 and 13
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): nothing on her bum at all - just a cloth under her at home and ordinary clothes when we are out in the sling.
Favorite 'potty': EC store Little Potty

Other info: We started late with our other dd when she started taking of her nappy to tell us she was wet ata about 14 months or so. Tehn she started waking up dry from naps and even overnight so we started putting her on the toilet after naps and first thing in the morning. Then we went to no nappy and had puddles for a few weeks along with mad dashes upstairs to the toilet because she wouldn't use the potty (as no-one else in the house did!)

I finally went totally nappy free after a 'talking to' from a friend whose children had been out of nappies at 18 months. I had been putting a nappy on to go out but she asked me what I thought I was teaching dd; That it was ok to wee in your clothes sometimes but not others? So we put the potty in a bag and took it wherever we went. At that time dd wasn't very verbal and I remember thinking that it would be so much easier if she could talk but here we are ecing a newborn - how our expectations and range of 'normal' have changed!!!!
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Hi all, nice to know a bit about you all!

Partner: Dh
EC'd babe(s): Indeo, 8 weeks
EC'ing since:day three
Other kids (+ages): Dd (7), Ds #1 (2 1/2)
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?):Babe is usually in flats with a snappy and no cover when home, fitteds with a cover when out.
Favorite 'potty': THe insert bowl from my Dd's Fisher Price potty chair and the bathroom sink.
Other info: I haven't been getting to bed before 2 am for over two months now and am suffering from major sleep dep., so I can't think of anything else to say at the moment!

I'm hoping to join in here regularly though, I like the idea of being part of a smaller group!
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Name: Lisa, 31
Partner: Leo, 31
EC'd babe(s): Clara, 9 months old
EC'ing since: one month
Other kids (+ages): 0
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): cotton (gerber-typr) training pants while at home. prefolds and wool while out. naked baby at night, potty is offered when i go to sleep and at 1 or 2 wakings during the night.
Favorite 'potty': we love our BBLP. she's only peed in a sink one time so far....and then there'e the floor.....
Other info:
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Name: Kristi
Partner: Ken
EC'd babe(s): Will, 7 months
EC'ing since: 3 weeks
Other kids (+ages): n/a
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): Fuzzi bunz when we're out and about
Favorite 'potty': loves to pee in the great outdoors but accepts the sink as a the inferior choice. Pees in a bottle at night while nursing.
Other info: Love ECing! We made the most progress when we decided to go nakey-bum at home at 3 months. I can't imagine it any other way now. I'm really enjoying the reduced frequency of peeing now!
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Name: Sheila
Partner: Daniel
EC'd babe: Cora, 18 months
EC'ing since: I'm not sure - I tried around 3 months but we really didn't get going until 5 or so months I think
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): We use prefolds or motherease one size, or other fitteds about 80% of the time. The rest of the time is nakey butt or undies.
Favorite 'potty': Favourite potty is the baby bjorn, but we use the sink or the great outdoors more often
Other info: I wish I had started from birth! My favourite thing is being able to go out without a diaper bag We aren't good at night times because I just don't rouse as easily as I did a few months ago
upate, March 07 - not much has changed
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Wow! Am I ever glad to find this forum of like minded EC'ers. I just registered today and am not sure about the lingo, rules, or even how to communicate properly So here goes!

EC'd babe(s):Estelle Eva, born 08/06

EC'ing since:6 weeks old, would have started earlier but was too shy as a first time momma with tons of family and friends around all the time

Other kids (+ages)uppy living up to the name Breezey

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?):Cloth diapers or various brands bought second since I knew I wanted to Ec. I intentionally bought very few to force me to jump right in. Usually a fitted at home with no cover, covers while out, wanting to switch to more nakey bum time by next spring/summer

Favorite 'potty':she loves her baby bjorn little red potty

Other info:Estelle took to it right away and she has impressed so many people already and many friends are inspired and plan on EC'ing with their babes.
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Name: A
Partner: A
EC'd babe(s): Stella, 15 weeks EC'ing since: 11 weeks
Other kids (+ages): I consider my pupstar my "first born" and Stella's older brother!! Who says AP is just for bipeds??
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): Swaddlebees when we're out, a variety of cloth with no covers at home (UTN, Sandies, kissaluvs, and good old prefolds with a snappi)
Favorite 'potty': the bathroom sink! We just got a BBLP and she has peed in it a couple of times, but to be honest, the sink is easiest for me and DH to use right now...
Other info: I love EC! It has helped us cut way back on diaper use and I feel I have learned more about dd since starting EC b/c of the close attention I pay to her when waiting for a cue, things that have nothing to do with elimination.
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Name: the wannabe poetess
Partner: head-over-heels-in-love-with-baby Baba

EC'd babe(s): Booboo also known affectionately as Baby Rosco

Other kids (+ages): Nope

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): Cloth during day-a mix of prefolds, fitteds, FBs

Favorite 'potty': Well, the bathroom sink only so far

Other info: I officially suck at EC. Maybe you can make me a new category called "wannabe ECers who actually have babies and so have no excuse to suck at this!" I could do more nakey-bum time and such but it seems like a little too much for me at this point. I have only officially "caught" two poos and a pee or so (but only 'cause I left him open at the changing mat and waited for something to come). Hoping to get some encouragement and inspiration here
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Hi, I'm new here too! I really loved reading everyone's else's responses - nice to know that we aren't the only ones who "miss" a fair amount but still love EC.

Name: NewMoonMom

Partner: NewMoonDad

EC'd babe(s): the mighty Bean, 1/30/06

EC'ing since: birth

Other kids (+ages): nope, just cats so far

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): naked bottom at home, fitted cloth w/o cover when out. OTN, Kissaluv, Sckoon, TinyBirdOrganics colorgrown (my favorite!).

Favorite 'potty': Her favorite is the great outdoors, mine (for her!) is the sink now that it's cold.

Other info: 2 friends IRL who EC have both had easy experiences with their babes, so I thought there was something really wrong with me . It's soooo nice to find a forum where happy ECing has many different definitions!
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Originally Posted by Aletheia View Post
C'mon NEWBIES! There must be more of you out there! Or other WannaBe's like sapphire_chan. You can see we are all friendly enough!
Well, okay another WannaBe lurker!

Name: Em

Partner: Shas

ED'd Babies: None yet.

Other Babies: None.

Diapers: Always assumed we'd be using cloth dipes since we were both cloth diped babes, so we'll probably go in that direction as back up!

Other Info: Just lurking and sometimes posting around MDC because DH and I are planning on ttc in the next couple years. It helps both of us to see what ideas/parenting styles are out there aside from the mainstream - which appeals to neither of us. As Dh put it one night: The more cool info I come home with the closer he gets to feeling confident that he wants to be a daddy. (Which means the closer I get to being a Mommy since I can't do it without him! )

Anyways, ECing was one of those things that just struck me as making SO MUCH SENSE from the very first time I heard about it.
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Name: Alison
Partner: Nicholas
EC'd babe(s): Oliver, 4.5 months old
EC'ing since: 3 weeks
Other kids (+ages): 0
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): prefolds and covers mostly (some nakey butt which has not been a success); bumgenius at night. Offer potty before nursing during night and if he starts to squirm.
Favorite 'potty': BBLP; limited success with toilets and sinks.
Other info: Consistently catching poops for past 7 weeks , still miss lots of pees, especially in morning, but usually successful in catching most pees for rest of day.
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Lots of new EC'ers! Welcome, everyone!

And don't worry, Poetess, I think it must take a while to get into a rhythm. What's important is that you are trying.

I hope everyone is having a good thanksgiving!

Ovi and I went to our local Nurse-In and got our picture (and my boob, too) on the front page of the paper. I was tempted to potty him over his potty bowl there at the airport, but I just don't know that the public is ready for that. Although, maybe that really is illegal!
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Great idea! I love to get to know my like-minded ECers better.

Age: 31
Partner: 33
EC'd babe(s): 1 ds, now 11 months
EC'ing since: 3 months old
Other kids (+ages): dd 4, conventionally trained at 24 months
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): yes, when we go out, at night, and while he's at the sitter two days a week. Otherwise he's nudies.
Favorite 'potty': BB, we still hold him; or sink
Other info: EC is so instinctive and natural, and comes so easily for us. I hate that I did not realize it with dd. I love the fact that ds never has to sit in his own waste. He has had full bowel control from around day 1 with EC. He is fully aware of all his eliminations and chooses when and where to pee. I love giving him that independence. Like breastfeeding, I love the closeness and communication we have. Dh has been a wonderful supporter and helper. He is the one who takeds ds to potty when we're out. My family were initially naysayers but are totally amazed at how this works. I wish I could scream to the world that this is soooo much easier than diapering. I've changed two poopy diapers in the last 8 months - and these were only because he was not given pottitunities when he should have had them. I love EC and this board!
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Remember, if you've had problems, you've probably tried a lot of solutions for them. Solutions that might not have worked for you, but could work for others. Bad experience is still experience.
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Name: Erin
Partner: Phil
EC'd babe(s): Nate (2 1/2)
EC'ing since: 4 months (grad since 18 months)
Other kids (+ages): #2 due in March 07
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): fitted cover free, aio and pockets when out.
Favorite 'potty': BBLP I have like 6 i think, lol
Other info:
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