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Snap Press

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Is it worth it to buy a snap press and use snaps instead of using Aplix?? I'm thinking about my Xmas list this year and am thinking about putting a snap press on it. Anyone know where you can get a snap press? Do you have to get it on line? Shouldn't they have one at Joann fabrics or Michaels??
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I am considering getting one for Christmas. There is someone named serena that sells them very affordably. Unfortunately most of the stuff you want for CD isn't at jolenes or hancocks darnit!!! If you sew come over to diapersewingdivas
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I SOOOOOO want a snap press. I despise working with aplix, I always get it crooked. Plus snaps look much more professional imo. But wow, it's quite a bit of $. Maybe for a Christmas present...That and a didy...:
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I've decided against it I like the touchtape so much now that I have perfected my pattern!
I only use it for fitteds I typically dont use AIO
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diaperdivas.com looks like a porn site.

http://diaperdivas.proboards57.com/index.cgi is the right one.
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as a BUYER and USER of cloth diapers and mampads WAHM-made and otherwise, I almost always choose snaps over velcro or aplix.... I have cloth diapered four kids over almost 9 years and I have done everything from gerber prefolds,pins and rubber pants to the 20 dollar diapers and the ones that last the best seem to be the snap ones.

if you are selling them and can justify the expense and receover it eventually i say go for it
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I can always justify an expense I may want to sell in the future, but for now, I just prefer snaps and want to make my own diapers, and maybe mamapads.
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if any one wants one. I know of a co op that is selling for less the usual (58) but it ends on thursday. i ordered one from them.
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I might have to take you up on that offer... I'll let you know tomorrow.
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I just got mine. very nice, and at least harder for a toddler to take off. Serena has the best price by, $125 gets the press, size 16 and 20 die sets and $50 of snaps. She also throws in extra freebees. And that price includes shipping. Takes about 3 wks depending on where you live.
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Yes it is worth it if you are at all crafty. I got mine on ebay but you can get one at one stop diaper shop
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Snap presses

If anyone is interested, there is a co-op going on through tonight for snap presses from www.thesnapstore.com We are also ordering snaps at a bulk rate too.

The snap press is $57 with a choice of one die set + shipping to you. The snap press itself would be shipped directly to you.

Please email me at kcweldy@yahoo.com for more information if you are interested.

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I love aplix but cannot live without snaps! I find that snaps take less time when you are sewing a diaper and the end result looks much cuter. But aplix gets you a better fit. So this is why it's always so hard to decide... But I'm lazy so if it's for me I go with snaps as far as sewing them goes. But then again maybe it takes me longer to sew them with aplix because I have had so much more practice with snaps... I don't know.

So, yes! Deffinitely get a snap press. And I also recommend the ones from The Snap Store.
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