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I use an herbal oil prep - Calendula or Arnica (yeah, arnica is sometimes necessary for afterwards) the oils are in a base of Seasame seed.
I started using these after the birth of my dd as I needed the added healing benefits -- very long recovery to my perinum, still not 100% nearly 3 years later!
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There's a WAHM who sells a natural lubricant:
also, she has a Hyena Cart at:

She calls it Yoni Balm, and here's her description:

Originally Posted by dreamseeds
Extra virgin olive oil infused with damiana and marshmallow root
Organic Shea Butter and Cocoa butter
Vitamin e
Evening primrose oil
Pure beeswax
sweet orange
bulgarian rose

poured into a .5 oz wand. Think of a large lip balm tube.
The scent is very light as to be arousing but not irritating to our sensitive skin.

It feels so awesome being rubbed in those private creases and places that could use a skin soothing kiss. And he will like it too.

$5 plus shipping first class mail (2-3 dollars max)

Marshmallow root lends its mucilage to help heal and protect mucous membranes and varicose veins. It has a soothing effect and is excellent in all sort of herbal medicine.
Damiana is an ancient herb of fertility and aphrodisiac. The pharmacolgy of this herb shows testosterone like alkaloids which can increase libido. It is also said to increase the male sexual system. And this is with external application. Internal application as a tea or tincture is even stronger effect on the reproductive tract.
Nursing mothers should have no problem with this. I would use a wee bit of caution for pregnant mothers due to the testosterone action of the damiana. It is minut but never the less present.
Bulgarian rose has also been added to enhance the female senses-rose makes us feel so feminine and is aphrodisiac in many males and females. rose is antidepressant as well and can calm the nerves.

I have been working with this product due to my own limitations. After having cancer I am continually trying to make my mama parts feel normal again. Lubrication is very important after the whole cancer thing so this is my natural way to increase the strength of my vaginal area with nourishing oils and herbs instead of commercial lubes. That is how this idea came to be. Hope it helps anyone that could use this.
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She calls it Yoni Balm
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I like silicone lubes
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