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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
I don't know if you've tried this home remedy, but, have you applied yogurt topically to the, er... area?

Thanks, willo. I did try that--no good, unfortunately. I think this has been hanging around for a while before I realized what it was. The nurse at my birth center said Monistat is fine during pregnancy, and as much as I prefer more natural remedies, I think I'll have to go with that. I am waiting until after my prenatal appt. tomorrow, though.

Thanks also to all who have provided encouraging heartbeat anecdotes. I am really hoping to hear it tomorrow! After that, it'll be time to start breaking the news to friends and family. Yay!

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Hi Everyone!

Jillian, Good luck to you! We'll see our midwife thursday too--also hoping to hear a heartbeat. I'll also be at 11w3d. Last spring we tried and failed to hear the heartbeat. We all assumed that maybe we were just too early as it was only 10 weeks. My miscarriage began spontaneously just a few hours later. I'm so anxious for the thursday to come and at the same time wondering if it would be better just to wait longer. Just the other day I read another thread on this website where a number of other women described not hearing the heartbeat until they tried again a few weeks later--some as late as 14 weeks! Yikes...this is gonna be a long week.
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hi mamis!
happy for all who are feeling good and to those who aren't....actually for everyone.

i am feeling good but am very anxiously awaiting our ultrascreen tomorrow so we can know that things are okay (heartbeat, measurements, etc). i know that anything can happen at anytime but there is something about reaching that 12 week mark that will be such a relief!

i'm really excited to tell my son, co-workers, people at school...my dad told his father, who is 91 and very hard of hearing, and says he told him not to tell anyone but who knows what happened because now that whole side of my family (about 65 people) knows and has been sending 'congrats' emails all day long .

to all.

btw have you all seen the video of the hug guy? someone sent it to me and it made me cry... here's the link.
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i went to my midwife appt last tuesday and heard the heartbeat. 170. i think my son was 165 at that time so i am getting all hopeful that maybe it is a girl! heh. it really just surprises me and i realize there *is* something in there. all the nausea just does not equal a baby in my mind

the rest of the appointment was not the greatest and i've decided to go back to my ob. i've read so much about midwives after finding mdc and really wanted to try that out but this clinic was not a good fit for me. it was the cnm clinic associated with the hospital that i want to use. everyone says 'do homebirth' but i am not interested. my dh is very opposed. i think it was because i had SO much blood last time. i think it scared him and he has no desire to have all that mess at our house. i think frankly he was scared something was going to happen to me. so i am comfortable going to the hospital and i did like my ob a lot. i just was hoping to have someone be there for the whole birth. so i am going to find a doula. i am procrastinating calling the midwife clinic and telling them i'm going somewhere else. why do i worry about that so much?

ds is up. time to get going
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Originally Posted by violetisadora View Post

btw have you all seen the video of the hug guy? someone sent it to me and it made me cry... here's the link.
awwwwwwwwwww it made me cry too!!!!!!!!!!

to all
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
awwwwwwwwwww it made me cry too!!!!!!!!!!

to all
Me three!

I'm 8w today and feeling less nauseous which of course has me worried. Silly not to enjoy being nausea-free!! I also had some spotting yesterday but it was following intercourse so I think that's all it was.
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No symptoms

I'm one of the "lucky" ones that seems to have no symptomsm (other than a rapidly growing uterus). I'm a little more tired than usual, but I'm pretty high energy, so that's not saying much. With my son, my boobs were so sore throughout pregnancy that I couldn't even let the shower water hit them. This go-round, I am feeling nada, which is sort of scary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll hear a heart beat at my 11-week appointment Dec. 1.
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Originally Posted by violetisadora View Post

btw have you all seen the video of the hug guy? someone sent it to me and it made me cry... here's the link.

Add me to the cryers....ive been crying alot lately over little things....Extreme Makeover home edition, my soap opera, commercials.....when will it end

Im 11 weeks tomorow....on an IV most of the day at home....nasuas all the time but the IV meds help. Have an appointment tomorow too with the OB, hopefully will hear the heartbeat via doppler. Ive been bleeding for 5 weeks now and its been a little stressful. I have cerclage surgery scheduled for the 27th.....hopefully things will calm down after that.
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lol... I made DP watch the hug video... he said it weas very sweet! lol then we hugged awwww...

Not feeling AS sick today!!! I MIGHT even be starting to feel a bit better? wouldn't that be wonderful!!! We (dp, dd 2yrs and I) went out for Sushi today! (cooked stuff of course lol) It was a nice surprise and very yummy! When ever we are out they always give dd a pair of chopsticks that are rubberbanded together so she can use then and she did VERY well! lol eating her sushi and her little bowl of sticky rice lol
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Has anybody else been so hungry you can't make it through the night? I've had to get up the past 3 nights to get a snack otherwise I couldn't go back to sleep because I've been sooo hungry. DH, once again, thinks it is funny-he is enjoying the quirks of pregnancy!
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Yeah, I've had that. Hunger and nausea go hand-in-hand. Dh got up for work (at 5am) one day last week to find me sitting in the dark dining room, eating a bowl of potato soup. He wanted to turn on the light, but I was afraid it would wake me up too much to go back to sleep!
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it is so nice to have dh home from the rig. We went away for a few days down to a tiny town where we have bought a house and are going to redo it and open a little coffee shop. It was nice to get away and i felt so much better, still tired but not nearly as m/s. Not sure if it was no computer and no tv and fresh air that helped. Anyway back to feeling a bit ill now i am home and in front of the pc.

No plans to go to a midwife or anyone else yet, maybe 20ish weeks, anyone else waiting?
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Count me in with the criers about the hug video... I was bawling!

i'm so sorry, it sounds like you're having a really rough time. I hope your m/s ends soon. What kind of IV meds are you on? I've been pretty sick this preg., too, and have been on Zofran (oral med.) for a few weeks now. Good luck to you.
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Just getting over a massive stomach virus. : DH and DD had it, too, plus we managed to pass it on to my mom and dad who were traveling and passed it onto my grandparents. : I feel awful, but none of us even knew we'd been exposed to anything when my parents came over.

Anyhow, I'm finding recovery more difficult than usual. I think between the bean and DD's nursing my body is having a hard time getting together enough energy to heal itself. And I've lost three more pounds. I'm trying not to worry, but it'll be good to hear the hearbeat at my next MW appt.

Before the virus hit, the nausea seemed to be abating, but now, of course, it's back. : Hopefully that won't last long.

Definitely in maternity clothes full time despite the weight loss (9 lbs total) because my belly is defintely out of proportion to the rest of my body. And I can't stand pressure on any part of my belly - it makes me queasy! I don't think it's visible to most folks yet. In fact, I expect I'll get complimented on my recent weight loss by those who don't know.

Very much looking forward to hitting 12 weeks on Monday.

Hope everyone who's feeling oogy starts to feel better soon!
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Oh stomach flu is the worst. We had such a bad case last year and I am hoping to escape this year. We have had crazy storms on the west coast and the kids and I were socked inside all day : The fatigue has hit full throttle the last couple of days (I'm 8 wks). I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep. Which is hard with a 2 yr old banging on your head and a 4 yr old doing laps around the couch.
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sorry about the stomach bug sara! dealing with that is never fun but esp when you're pregnant .

so, we had our u/s today and yay! saw the and the lil one moving around. he even put a little hand up by her face when the tech kept pushing in there. (no idea what the sex is so i'll just use whatever pronoun comes to mind at the moment). i feel very relieved and happy to know that things are okay.

i couldn't wait to get home to tell my son about the new edition and he was so not interested! (i wish there was a little pouty face). he was like "well, can i have a baby in my belly too?" and i said "no my love, only women can have babies in their bellies" and he says "oh yeah, [sigh] women". i know he'll get into it as time goes on but i have to say, i imagined a little more excitement. oh well.

glad everyone liked the video...:
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And here I was, thinking that the overly emotional side of pregnancy was giving me a break as well. When I got home yesterday I made a big pot of lentil soup. I've been SOooo looking forward to lentil soup now that the weather has turned cool and rather icky. An hour later, my husband and I hit down for dinner and just looking at the bowl makes me feel icky. It would be a bad idea to eat the soup, I can just tell. So what do I do? I burst into tears. I give my husband credit, after he laughed at me (I was laughing at myself too) he gave me a big hug and made me a different dinner. Boy did I feel dumb, crying over good soup.
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Originally Posted by sally Z View Post
It was nice to get away and i felt so much better, still tired but not nearly as m/s. Not sure if it was no computer and no tv and fresh air that helped. Anyway back to feeling a bit ill now i am home and in front of the pc.
I've noticed that I feel much worse if I spend too much time in front of the computer. I also can NOT watch my husband play a video game (on the TV) for any length of time--just like when pg with DS--because I get motion-sickness/morning-sickness. I think TV is a negative, too, but to a much lesser extent.

Usually I limit DH to not playing violent games with DS is home/awake, but now even having me in the room means he can't play. Poor baby! (The man really doesn't get enough time to relax, though. )

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Thread Starter 
Good luck to all the other mamas going in to hear the heartbeat today (I think there were 2 others right?). I leave in 20 minutes. I'm really nervous and I'm trying to prepare myself for the possiblilty of not hearing the heartbeat. My nausea has returned (probably because I posted about it going away : ) and I've been crampy. I think when I said I was feeling my uterus below my belly button I was wrong, because I think the cramps are from my uterus coming up past my pubic bone. I can really feel it low now. So maybe it's not twins after all.

Have a great (nausea free) day everyone!
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Oh the computer is making me sick too, but I keep wanting to check in here. We haven't gone public yet, so you're all the only ones in on our secret! The computer is just like eating--want to do it even though I know it's gonna make me throw up!

Does anyone else kayak or go boating? One of the few times I'm NOT nauseous is when I'm out on the water. I really think the ocean waves counteract my inner ones!
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