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I'm having a weird week. Today we'll see our midwife hoping to hear the heartbeat. We haven't announced our pregnancy--really want to make sure we're out of the woods for another m/c. Meanwhile I'm starting to show. I've always been thin and it's all out in front. Last week I ran out of clean, baggy shirts. This week I got a couple of emails from students congratulating me on the pregnancy! I'm not good at lying and ended up simply asking them to be discreet as WE haven't told anyone yet. I know they just want to wish us well, but it's awfully uncomfortable to have to be dealing with this when we're only at 11 weeks and are so anxious to hear that heartbeat. Just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening.
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We got to hear the heartbeat today I feel a lot better now. It was very comforting. It took the MW a while to find it and that made me really nervous but she got it. DP and DS were at the appointment too so we all got to hear it. It was nice having them there.
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yay for all the heartbeats!!
we saw it around 10 weeks, to which I promptly burst out in (happy) tears. But will have to wait till the next appointment to listen in again. One month between midwife visits seems like FOREVER.
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Yay Jilian!

We heard ours too! I got a little panicky earlier this week and asked dh to take the day off so that I wouldn't have to go alone. It was nice to have him there with me. I am so enormously relieved to have this milestone behind me!

Torio, I've had the same sort of thing--people commenting and congratulating me well before I was ready to share. : I had no idea it would be so different after a loss.

Good luck today! I hope you get to hear yours too!
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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
I've noticed that I feel much worse if I spend too much time in front of the computer.
WOW... I've noticed the SAME thing!!! it's something about staring at the screen for too long! lol... also, I dont know why but it seems like lately I've been waiting the car for one reason or another and I've tried to pick up something to read, even just a flyer from the newspaper and reading in a NON MOVING car is making me sick! lol I dont get it!
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I can't believe the August ddc is about to start. Makes it feel like this is going by so fast!!

I think I am going to have an ultrasound next week to see if this baby is a boy or a girl. We really want to know this time. Anyone secretly hoping for one or the other. I alway imagined having a girl but I have a strong feeling this is a boy. We'll see!!!!
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Congrats to all those heartbeats! It's so exciting.

Zion, I didn't know you'd be able to find out the sex so early! Now you're going to get me thinking...
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lol I was thinking the SAME thing! (about finding out the sex this early)... though my office doesn't do ultra sounds untill 5 months anyway as long as everything is going ok. I am secretly hoping for another girl... ok openly hoping for another girl but trying my best to ok and fine with either!
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hi guys. just started reading this thread. im due june 24. we just had a scare last week. bleeding for six days. midwife said i should still remain positive. sounds like it was just bleeding from the cervix. i have my first appointment with her the monday after thanksgiving. i should about 10 weeks. hopefully we will have a heartbeat. i want to feel optimistic. especially if the midwife thinks bleeding is normal, but i am super worried. lots of conflicted emotions. DH doesn't even like talking about the baby now because he doesn't want to get attached yet. im also worried because i haven't really felt terribly pregnant. no morning sickness. didn't have that much with last pregnancy this early, but still. it will be good to hear in a few weeks what is going on.
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kehiouise, welcome. Sounds like you've had a very tough start Best of luck with the appointment.
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We heard a heartbeat! Strong and tenacious the moment the doppler touched my abdomen! Ray and I were both crying--it was so incredible.

Mamallama, thanks for your response. Last week was tough, but now DH and I both feel comfortable with sharing. He told his father and sister last night. This babe will be a first grandchild in their family!

kehliouise, I feel for you. Hang in there. XO
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YAY for heartbeat Tori!

kehliouise - I hope everything goes wonderfully! My first appt with our Midwives is on the Monday after Thanksgiving and I'm due right around the same time! (i think June 26). With my last pregnancy, I had a LOT of bright red bleeding in the first trimester and everything turned out fine. Hopefully everything is fine with your little bean too!
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i hope everything is fine kehliouise. think positive. i'm sure it is scary

i want to find out the sex. and i REALLLLLLLLLLLLY want a girl. really really. this is part of the reason i'm finding out. i didn't want to find out with my first pregnancy but when we went to the u/s i saw clearly it was a boy. and i was actually depressed for about 3 days. in hindsight i was glad i found out and wasn't depressed after the birth. this time i want the same thing--time to 'get over it' if it is a boy. not that i don't LOVE my son. but i would really love a girl. the first time didn't matter as much to me because i knew i wanted one more. but i really only want one more child and i really want the chance to experience a girl.

interestingly ds says baby sister all the time. he wants a girl too i will not be surprised if it is a boy. and it would be fun for isaac to have a brother to play with i'm sure.
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thanks everyone for the encouraging words. means a lot.

i am also really looking forward to finding out the sex of this baby. we really really really want a girl also. it is killing me not knowing too, because i feel like it should already have a name. i was sort of thinking about avoiding ultrasounds this time, but just don't know if i can live another seven month without knowing the sex. which seems really shallow, but i completely hate suprises of any kind because they aren't suprises if you know you are getting a suprise. i have to have things now. haha.
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Originally Posted by kehliouise View Post
i completely hate suprises of any kind because they aren't suprises if you know you are getting a suprise.
That is the best justification I have ever heard for hating surprises!

We have 2 girls. I would really love to have another little girl...but I guess I'd figure out how to cope if I had a boy!

Does anyone have an intuitive sense of boy or girl?

It's hard for me to say this time. I was sure I was carrying a girl with both of my dd's, but I can't remember when in the pregnancy it came to me.
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Originally Posted by mamallama View Post

Does anyone have an intuitive sense of boy or girl?

It's hard for me to say this time. I was sure I was carrying a girl with both of my dd's, but I can't remember when in the pregnancy it came to me.
my intuition says boy, but the chinese gender prediction chart says girl and according to my midwife it's about 80% correct among her clients!
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Where can you find a chinese gender prediction chart? I'd like to try one.

I think I'm having another boy, and I'm ok with that. Part of me wants a girl, but the other part of me would like to stick with what I'm used to - boys. Plus I already have all the boy clothes I'd ever need.
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Jillian - I have googled Chinese gender charts in the past and have had a slew to choose from. I don't know how they differ but it's still fun.

I'm just 12 weeks and feeling pretty good. Not as tired as before and the soreness in my boobs have decreased. My belly is big for sure and i have had to wear some maternity pants already - but they don't quite fit. Altho they are so much mroe comfortable than any of my others.

Just told the bosses at work too and that went well.

I have an Ultrasound on Monday for the Downs test and I'm anxious to see the bean on the monitor. Tuesday I have my MW appointment so hopefully we can hear the heartbeat. That's my focus now - to make sure things are okay!
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this chart is pretty simple and doesn't seem to have any popups. Their poll puts it at about 66% correct... remember it's your age at conception (I had a birthday right after).

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LOL! Just checked out the chart. It says this will be a girl. But when I checked based on DD's conception, she should have been a boy. Oh, well. The mystery lives on.
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