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Food whine

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I have been so hungry lately but over the past couple days everything I think sounds good tastes terrible and I wind up having to gag everything down. I just want to eat something and not gag the whole time. I spend more time grazing than actually eating because I can't seem to find anything appeasing to me. Anyone else feel this way?
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I'm sorry.
For me, NOTHING seems appealing. I know I need to eat and that I'll feel (relatively) better after I do... but its a challenge for sure.
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I am really doing a 180 in my eating style this time, and it is really working. I find that I can eat whatever as long as I get some good protein in me first thing in the morning (eating a lot of eggs...staying away from carbs as much as possible). My stomach is then happy with long lasting food in it. Then, I can eat whatever for lunch. Hope it gets better soon for you!
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I'm feeling pretty much the same way. Nothing at all sounds good. Anything sweet seems even worse. I'm not throwing up or anything....just one big food aversion.
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I have had a terrible time. Last week I went to the store and just grabbed anything that sounded good. On the way home I had a Larabar (no added anything, it is ground up dates with banna or cashews) I about burst into tears because it tasted so good and was good for me. I also ate almost a whole jar of Clausen pickels that day too. I have found that the high protien diet works the best for me. If I were not forcing some things down I think I would end up puking.
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mmmm cherry larabars!!!!! I've been on those and toast with peanut butter. I also ate a small jar of crunchy peanut butter yesterday hehe Nothing else is appealing... although I am having a huge craving for homemade wonton soup mmm
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I have found my perfect food.. avocadoes don't make me feel icky when I am eating them! So I made myself some homemade guacamole and that went down alright.. although it is evening and my tummy seems far more settled at this time then any other time of the day.
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sorry you're feeling icky. it hasn't really started yet for me(occasional queasiness in the evenings, settles when i eat).

hope everyone's m/s goes away soon!
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I'm so sorry.

I'm in the same boat, though things are more tolerable than they were a week ago. Hang in there.
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Ooo! The avocados are LOADED with folic acid, too. Good choice!
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Originally Posted by Mel L View Post
Ooo! The avocados are LOADED with folic acid, too. Good choice!
I totally didn't know that!
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