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Loving not being prenant

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Is anyone else loving NOT being pregnant anymore? I didn't have a particularly rough pregancy but I am just estatic that baby is on the outside andI have my body back. It sounds a bit selfish but I was overjoyed to be able to shave my crotch without the use of a mirror or having the BF do it and praying that he didn't cut me

wondering if I was the only person in this boat?
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I am so LOVING it. I didn't realize just how bad I felt until I wasn't pregnant anymore. My stomach actually feels normal and I can eat w/o issues (nausea ect...)!! WOOHOOOOO!!
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Me me me me me.
I have been pregnant for what feels like two years straight. 8 months with DS#1, six weeks off recovering from a c/s, then conceived DS#2 and was 3 weeks over. I've been pregnant from March of 2005 to October of 2006! THAT'S TOO MUCH PREGNANT, THANK YOU. :
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Yup. I'm very glad I'm done too. Being so nauseous for 8.5 months was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. I can still remember what it was like, and I'm so glad it is gone! I love being able to bend over, chase my daughter, being able to walk like a normal person, etc. I gained 63 pounds and I am so happy that it is coming off now. Yeah for b-feeding and having a normal appetite again! And did I mention I'm no longer nauseous!!!
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say it is not so!

I love being pregnant!
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As much as I love being more physically comfortable not pregnant, I have to admit I miss it. I really loved being pregnant and giving birth and I'm sort of glum that this was most likely my last pregnancy. sniff...wipe tear away
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After having three 10 pound babies within a decade, I am SO glad to be done being pregnant. I missed it after my last two, but I have to say that, at four weeks postpartum, I don't miss it at all this time. I loved my second trimester and most of my third, but the end was soooo long and the first trimester was a complete nausea write off, as it usually is.

Here's to not being pregnant!
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Originally Posted by MidnightCommando View Post
It sounds a bit selfish but I was overjoyed to be able to shave my crotch without the use of a mirror or having the BF do it and praying that he didn't cut me

wondering if I was the only person in this boat?
i hear ya loud and clear on that one

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I am loving NOT being pregnant but I dont' do pregnancy well. Bewteen the horribly violent vomiting and the heartburn/acid reflux...to the food adversions to EVERYTHING! This second pregnancy was worse than the first one and while pregnant this time, I swore I'd NEVER EVER do this again....

Well, here I am looking at this angel and I want another one. I cannot believe it, I really want another baby. Please remind me how sick I was, remind me how I said I'd never do this again.

I just have this sense that there is one more baby for us. Dh said is ok wth another but he said I'm on the prolactin hormone high and that I'm not allowed to make any decisions in this department for a year. I think he's right. Dh said he'd welcome another but he doesn't know how we're going to afford to send three kids to college. Gotta love a man that thinks ahead.
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I miss having my dd in my belly....i luved feeling her move.
I do not miss the swollen feet/fingers, the many trips to pee & the nausea and indigestion. Hah.
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I am SO loving it, and am SO very happy she is here with me on the outside, though I do miss feeling her move inside me. :
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I'm enjoying being able to roll over in bed, although there are moments where I wish I could stick her back inside. She was easier to deal with in there. I keep thinking about another baby already, crazy hormones. I love being pg, and giving birth, I'm already planning my next birth. I will not get pg before this one is 2 years old, but this time it might be a long two years, with dd1 it was very short.
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I am really enjoying having my body back.

I love being able bend over, sleep on my back or my TUMMY (woohoo!), and having more energy!

I miss my big belly making me look cute though. I loved how my body looked 9 months pregnant. Now I just look slightly fat. Yuck. And miss being able to nap when my toddler did. Now it is RARE if both boys are asleep at the same time.

As for a future number three . . . we are going to let the breastfeeding naturally space our children, so whenever he comes we will be excited for it! We think the fact that I could potentially get pregnant at anytime is a big turn-on.
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I miss the belly to a point. I missed my belly at around 5-6 months, when I looked full term but didn't "feel" full-term and still felt kinda cute.

I DO NOT MISS belly at 10 months along that was so far out that even size L maternity shirts on my 5' frame were riding up.
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I LOVE not having to pee 1000 X a night!!! I also like sleeping on my tummy again - but my BBs leaked last night (even through the nursing pads) and left big wet rings on the sheets hehehe. I am washing them yet again (between me and the baby they will get lots of wear).
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I have this theory now that the placenta is just a giant hormone and when it leaves the body, all is right with the world again. before I had Keagan, I was jealous, vicious, posessive, paranoid and depressed. Since, though, I have been a little sad, but mostly euphoric. BF and I haven't fought since she was born 6 weeks ago. It is so great.

At 6 1/2 mo preg, I got desperate and tried to fit into some pre-preg clothes...a mini skirt and halter top. Something I would normally wear in the summer. I had to get pictures of such a low point . I am glad I can fit into most of my pre-preg clothes again.

Not to mention sleeping, eating, moving again is so nice. I also am overjoyed at the shooting range I now have but leaking everywhere kind of sucks.
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I'm not missing the sleepless nights, the constant need to pee, or the heartburn I had. I love having my body back, I'm already back to my prepregnancy clothes. I really don't do pregnancy very well.
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I can sleep on my stomach noooow I can sleep on my stomach nooow (in singsongy voice)

For real tho, I have been pregnant for 5 years strait. I have 5 kids, my oldest is 4, and no duplicates. Just strait bangin em out year after year after year. So not being pregnant feels SOOOO good to me.

The only problem now is keeping my husband off of me long enough to get my tubes tied, before im right back in the ddc for next year :
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Forty's wife, your kids are all adorable!!! You have a beautiful family.

I haven't had a chance to sleep on my stomach yet. I need to have a good nap w/o Jove so I have a chance to w/o someone attached to my boob.
I'm still really loving not being pregnant!
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You know, even with being massively pregnant with three littles, I still loved it and would do it all over again. I already want to. : I do think we are done with having kids though. I did not totally enjoy the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy (34 weeks and on), but the majority of it I did.
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