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board games for 4-6 year olds

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Anyone know any great ones? We are starting to get into playing games after supper. I love it! I'd love to get some new games for Christmas - classic ones, that we'll enjoy for a long time.

We enjoyed Cranium Cariboo but have pretty much outgrown it.

We like Snakes and Ladders.

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i love playing board games with my little ones too! looking for more ideas.
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Well, my son is almost 7, but we play--and have loved playing--the following:

Chutes and Ladders
Gobblet Jr.
Monopoly Jr.--we have a couple versions
Connect Four
Yahtzee Jr.
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DD received a game for her birthday that she loves. It is a cooperative game called "Walk in the Woods."
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Balloon Lagoon, Monte Rolla, and Egg Dance have all been big hits here. Also, card games -- Go Fish, Old Maid, Crazy Eights.
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Last week I showed my 4 year old how to play checkers and he LOVES it! We also have Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Cranium Cariboo, but I think he's getting bored with them. The Checkers really seems to challenge him and get him thinking and he's already a decent player (or I'm a really crappy player...lol).

He'll be 5 in January, btw.
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Our son is 5 and likes to play:

Monopoly Jr.
Scrabble Jr.
The Secret Door

I'm planning on teaching him cribbage this winter.

We started with these when he was 3-4:
Chutes and Ladders (Snakes & Ladders)
Hungry Hippos are good

I like the last 2 because our 2 year old can play with too.

The cooperative games are great as well, and they've got some nice ones for the 3-7 age group. Family Pastimes makes some nice ones. We've got The Secret Door, and I've played the Princess one.
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When did your children start really playing games? We have candyland, but ds (turned 3 in August) doesn't really get the concept. He gets that you move to a color, but he doesn't understnad the going forward part and he just goes anywhere. I 'm not to excited about introducing the idea of a "winner" to him, so . . .

I was thinking of buying Haba Orchard for Christmas, but if he won't understand it for a while, I might put it off for a while.

when his older brother was about 5 he loved any board game. We made him board games for Christmas one year with dragons and knights. He also loved Jenga, and connect 4.
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I don't know if it's really classified as a "board" game, but my DS absolutely love Janga. I picked it up at a garage sale and we've had many hours of fun. He's way better at it than I thought he'd be and he wins as often as me!
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My DS loves Memory, Scrabble Jr., and Sequence for Kids right now. He got the last two for his birthday, so they're in heavy rotation at the moment !
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If you enjoy co-operative games, for 4 - 6 the Secret Door is a wonderful memory game, if you'd like to learn more, our blog has some articles about co-operative play, board games specifically, http://www.playfulpixie.com/blog/waldorftoysblog.html.
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Thomas' Tracks & Trestles is sort of like Chutes and Ladders http://www.briarpatch.com/
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I'll second Thomas tracks and tressles. We also have a collection of cooperative games;secret door, claws and caves, sailing and a GREAT Save the whales game from the 70's. Oceanopoly is a good one, too. What about puzzles?
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What's Gnu
Dinosaur Monopoly
Rummikub (modified to make it easier)

My kids also love card games:
Highest Number (aka War)
Go Fish
Go Fish with a deck of cards that allows you to build 3-letter words

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Max was high on our list at that age.

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Lots of great suggestions here,

Don't forget SORRY
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This is not a board game, but a must have!!

Rat A Tat Cat and Sleeping Queens. The best card games around!!! All my children started playing at 4 with help and loved the games. Rat a tat cat is great because it is mainly luck to win. My dd wins 95% of the time and this is with me really trying hard.
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Just lurking - I am a board game junkie!
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Ryan is into Harvest Time and Uni lately, and a homemade ant cardgame that my husband's game company is thinking of producing!
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We love Guess Who here!! We have the Disney addition...it's so cute and easy to play.
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