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Happy news

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I've posted a couple times about the stress I've been having with this pregnancy. An ultrasound at 24 wks showed some findings of "concern", and led me to switch from a midwife to an OB (she wanted me to go to a perinatologist, and I really didn't want to. OB was comfy waiting a couple months and repeating). I was dx with gestational diabetes (well managed thru diet and exercise). And I tested pos for Group B strep : .

Well, my followup ultrasound was today. I was *so* anxious all day long--but everything looked perfect! Everything they saw 2 months ago that "could" be a problem....or a sign of downs....has disappeared (which was very likely, and the main reason I did not want to visit a peri--esp since I am self paying!!!!).

Oh, and while we knew it was a boy, it became *very* clear this time, lol! The boy parts were so impressive that the ultrasonographer printed out two pics--one for mom and one for dad .

Anyway, Happy news! I can breathe again
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wonderful, wonderful news!!! So glad to hear the little man is healthy!
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That is great news!!
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Will you be able to go back to using a MW?
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That is wonderful news!!
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That's GREAT news! Congrats on your healthy babe.

I bet you're so relieved. I'm sorry for all the stress you went through to get to this point but am glad it's resolved & you can focus on other things now.

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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
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Originally Posted by TwinMomWendy View Post
Will you be able to go back to using a MW?
I guess technically I could, but I am comfortable with my OB. He is my gyn, and I've known him for years. He welcomed us back with such joy to see me pg again (he was my ob with dd).

I had my heart set on a homebirth, but stuff happens. I had multiple issues with that midwife, and she handled the ultrasound issue particularly badly. There is just one other (unaffiliated) mw if town, but after mw's reaction I felt a *need* to be in a hospital for the birth (mw's suggestion, actually: ). And I am feeling safe in my OB's care, so that is where I will finish this pgncy.

Thanks you all for sharing my happy news
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yeah! what a relief!
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That's GREAT! You must be on cloud 10!
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What a relief! Congratulations!
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I am so happy for you that is great news.

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How wonderful! Congratulations and enjoy these last weeks before you meet your little man.
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Woo HOO!!! I'm so glad for you and your little one!
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