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These instructions are for all humans that want to be happy,

You need to take a good B complex vitamin from a company that makes whole food supplements like New Chapter.

Dr. Abram Hoffer the leading resource on Orthomolecular Medicine has successfully brought 2,500 Schizophrenic types to normality by prescribing;
3gs Niacinimide, 3gs Vitamin C, and 2 B Complex vitamins a day.

When under stress humans Adrenal glands start to produce large amounts of Adrenachrome. This hormone causes LSD like hallucinations which have been labelled in individuals as "Schizophrenia"

These people have certain mineral imbalances and vitamin deficiencies.
They are caused by certain things such as Mercury in the mothers Jaw which goes into the developping fetus and toxifies their system. Also breast milk contains this toxic heavy metal from cavitations.

High amounts of heavy metals cause the liver to be overloaded which brings the whole system down.

more info on this..

Orthomecular medicine is the way to go.

Niacin suppresses the overproduction of Adrenachrome.

There is a full book on Schizophrenia available for download at

Good luck.
*written by my friend ben - who has struggled with mental health issues and Schizophrenia