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LDS Mamas # 36

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Ok, here's the new thread I figured I'd get it started.

My family is terribly sick and I am getting so sick and tired of this. Our colds were done and then they came back with a vengence. I really wish dh would just stay home and take care of us.

By the way, I'm Marly, mommy to 4 yr old ds and 2.5 yr old ds. Wife of almost 6 years (2 weeks) to a forever student. We did the bachelors and he felt after taking a year off he would do his Masters, which is going to take 5 years. UGH, it never seems to end!

We have finally agreed when to have another baby and that's in a year. After such bad ppd, I think I'm getting to be OK with the idea of doing it again. I'm still pretty scared but I'm happy dh has agreed to do the rest at home. The first was born in a hospital, medical free, and the second in a birth center after a not very fun posterior labor.
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Thanks for starting the new thread!

I'm Christina. I'm a SAHM and homeschooling my 8yo, 7yo, 5yo, and 3yo children. I have been married for 10 years to my highschool sweetheart.....and I'm excited to announce that we are expecting #5 I have had 2 recent back-to-back miscarriages, so I am a total basketcase right now. : Things are looking good this time so I have to trust that its going alright. I can't wait to get through this first trimester.
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I am Jenn ,mommy to Isaac , who is 8 1/2 months old. I am a SAHM and love it. Isaac is scooting backward and getting up on his knees . He loves to stand with help. Yesterday we had him sitting in front of the couch and I left to go do something and when I came back he was kneeling trying to pull himself up. OK did that make sense .. :
Glad to have a new thread !
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Subbing for now.
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i'm Maggie. momma to two girls and a 18 week worm in the belly! my husbad converted a year ago Christmas and i returned to the church after falling away for a few years with him.

thanks for starting the new thread, Marly!
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Originally Posted by party_of_six
and I'm excited to announce that we are expecting #5
: To Christina!!!!

I'm Heidi, mom to almost 7. LDS member my whole life. Not as crunchy as most of you, but I have learned a lot from being a member of MDC. DH & I even had a good conversation the other night about not circ'ing the next son, but I lost, again. We have decided not to get my tubes tied though, so I am happy about that. Wasn't to keen on that idea to begin with. Thanks for the articles that was pointed out to me.

I've had 5 yr old DD sick for almost 2 weeks now. Coughing bad. I took her to the doctor last week or so ago, and paid him $20 for him to tell me she has a cough. I don't want to take her in again to tell me the same thing, but I am worried because this has been going on to long. I will call by Friday though if she is keeps it up.

Diabetic DS is doing better. We are going to a new doctor the Tuesday after TG. I am so happy. I feel so much better taking him to Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX then to the one in Dallas (even though it was closer). Last night though during FHE, he got pale all of the sudden, and puked his dinner up. Poor kid. Gave him some regular Coke, and he looked better within 30 minutes.

DH finished our family room upstairs. We are getting the carpet in next Wednesday (yes, the day before TG w/ 62 people coming!). DH has painted and all that, and built me a build-in TV stand, so my TV is out of the living room!! It's really nice. He did a really good job. I am so impressed. My new couch and chair for the FR is waiting downstairs until the carpet is put in.

I am having Lunch Bunch at my house on THursday. I need to start getting the downstairs cleaned up. I also heard that someone is in charge of a baby shower for me that day too, here at my house. Secret, but it was accidently let out. So, we will see!! I didn't need one!!
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For us coughs last a long time. At least a month. I had this cold for a month and it went away but then I got sick again on Sunday. I am getting really tired of being sick. I took my temperature and I do have a fever. I hope this goes away soon. UGH! My friend just called me and told me I need to go get some homeopathic stuff. Maybe I'll do that. I have a concert I need to go to next Wednesday!!!
Hey and no problem starting the new thread. I guess I kept seeing people say that and thought I'd do it
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Congratulations Christina!

I'm Adria, mom to 8 kids ages 16 through 4 months. Going a little : these days. I've been a member all my life, & I live in Utah. We have our house up for sale but haven't had many inquiries lately, which is depressing.

DH recently launched his own business which has been quite stressful. Hopefully it will pay off soon. My teenager is waiting for her first date. Does anyone else here have dating teens?
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I do! My oldest is 16 too. He already has a date plan during Christmas, so we shall see. The girl he wants to take out, they have been emailing each other since like he was 12 or 13, and she is the 3rd of 10 children. They used to be in our ward, then they moved to a branch in our old stake, and now they live by the Texas/Mexico border where her dad is the ROTC instructor at a college down there. Anyway, they are coming up for Christmas, and since we will be there as well to have the baby, they are going to hook up. I told him though that he either has to take his brother, or one of her siblings OR his best friend and his date, but that they were not to be alone together. "Awwwwww, mom!!"

Weird that I have a dating teenager and almost a newborn! :
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Just wanted to also say Congrats to Christina !!

also how do we sub to the thread
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I'm Kathirynne, single mumma to 3 sons and a daughter. My eldest son will advance to Teacher on Sunday, and my middle son is Deacon's quarum president.

I have struggled with church on and off, but lately, I've been pretty consistant with attendance, so...
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Originally Posted by Isaacs_mom View Post
Just wanted to also say Congrats to Christina !!

also how do we sub to the thread
At the top of your screen you should see a "Thread Tools" drop down menu. You can subscribe there, if you aren't already set up to automatically subscribe just by posting.

I'm Alisa, 31-year old first time mama after 5 years of trying. DS turned 1 on Nov 2. He's a running and climbing maniac with lots of bruises to show for it. Yesterday I caught him halfway up the cat tower. Now kitty has NO WHERE to hide!!!

I'm militantly AP and progressively crunchy. DS is uncirced, unvaxed, clothdiapered, breastfed, never spanked, and still co-sleeps with us (he sleeps with his arms around me - I love it!). Still working on the healthy food thing though - I'm one of those moms who gives her kid soda in sippy cup : Also, now that DS is 25 lbs, I like my all terrain jeep stroller (and the hip carry position when we babywear). He was a homebirth-turned-nightmare-c-section that I'm still bitter about. We're leaning toward a Montessori based homeschool.

DH is also crunchy and posts regularly in the books forums (NewCrunchyDaddy).

After 11 years of inactivity thanks to an abusive home environment that turned me off all organized religion, I reactivated with the help of an awesome VT I still keep in contact with. I served a mission in the Marseilles France mission and married DH in the Oakland, CA temple in 1999. We lived in Seattle until moving to Provo to help my Mom. We live on the wrong side of the tracks.

I sew, crochet, do yoga, read lots, love animals and dream of herding sheep.

My blog is http://alisaterry.blogspot.com
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I am Stacie, mom of three boys. DH and I were married in the Oakland Temple in 1995. Now we reside in Chico. I am a doula, lay-breastfeeding counselor, and a childbirth educator. We are not that great at getting to church because it's so dang early! I can't wait for the new year!

I have been thinking more and more about having another baby. Not soon, but that maybe we aren't done at three. I don't, I will have to wait and see.
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congrats Christina!!!! i can't believe i over looked your post.

well DH and i have been suprised at how we *still* feel about the church. we figured we have a 'honeymoon period' after he converted and i came back but we have been so 'good' as in going to church meetings and living the gospel. we have slipped up on our tithing. we have had a few months of really big struggles financially. its hard for me to go to the Bishop because my mom (who is in our ward) is awful with money. she wastes it left and right and would then go to the church for help. the Bishop (same one) turned her down a few years ago because she was giving her food to others who she felt needed it more (long story but trust me this was no charity. she was litteraly taking it out of our mouths to feed drug addicts off the street who in turn stole from us). anyways we've always had a rough time talking to this Bishop because of some drama we've had with him in the past and we just feel like he hasn't forgotten (like we haven't) but isn't willing to move past it either. we have reasons for this that i'd rather not share here but its been such a struggle and i've prayed for help with our feelings about the situation but i constantly feel uncomfortable with him. so its been rough not feeling like we can go to him so we just haven't paid. every paycheck it all seems to drift out of our account into the gas tank or our mouths or the electric bill, etc etc. no excuse, we know, so we've made a promise to ourselves that we will pay from now on no matter what! i keep praying that we will but i know in the end its up to us, not thr Lord. the ball is in our court.
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Just a quick post. Well, hopefully quick.

I'm Becky, SAHM to 2 children, DD, 3 years old, and DS, 15 months. I was introduced to Mothering by a friend from a mainstream board when I was asking about circ. I started out lurking a lot, but love it here now. Learn new stuff almost every day. I still haven't ever sat down and read a book about AP, but I find myself becoming "crunchier" a little more every day. I love natural birth and the empowerment I feel from it. I think it's such a gift from God, for a woman to really find the strength within herself to do something so miraculous. Both my children were born in hospitals. My daughter was born under an OB's care, but it was still all natural, although I had an episiotomy. My son was born under a midwife's care, and was a planned waterbirth but came too quickly for the water part....the tub didn't have time to fill. I don't circ, I breastfeed (weaned DD at 16 months when I was pregnant and couldn't stand it anymore, but DS will go to at least 2 years), I babywear somewhat (I get the most use out of my sling at church!), cloth diaper, and am trying to get more into organics when possible. Vax is a back and forth issue for me. DD was mostly vax'd but slightly delayed, and has everything but chicken pox. DS is so far completely untouched, but I think somewhere around 2 or 3 years I will do a selective schedule for him...along the lines of only what I had as a child.

I missed most of last thread because I subscribed to it too late and forgot about it.

One thing I want to say here is that lately I'm having a really hard time enjoying church. I go in order to be there, but I find myself getting so caught up in negatives that I'm forgetting the positives. In fact, I find myself becoming very negative in general, lately. And you know, letting my thoughts come out as I have them, I think it's really my own fault. I haven't been good about scriptures, personal prayer, and I'm just barely squeaking by with my calling sometimes. I haven't been to the temple in 2 years because I'm too afraid to leave my children for so long ....had a bad experience when my daughter was 1. Anyway, I have been doing the necessary things associated with church, but I haven't been putting my heart into it. And I think that's probably the root of my negativity.

Alisaterry, I clicked on the link to your blog in your sig, and on it you had a thing about nature and joy. It was good to read. The other night I was feeling wide awake and unable to sleep, and my mind just wandered from thing to thing with no purpose, and all of the sudden, I thought, "Men are that they might have joy." And it just hit me that, YES, I am supposed to feel JOYFUL. But right now I'm not. There are things that make me smile and laugh, but overall I keep feeling so negative about so many things in the world and in my own life. I tend to just try to escape them more than anything.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. And subscribing to the thread! You guys always manage to say something uplifting

OH! And one more thing. My son is 15 months old! That means in 3 months he'll be nursery age. But honestly I don't know if he'll be ready for it! The only times I've ever left him, he's been with DH or a family member. And he still nurses very frequently. I don't know what I'll do if he hits 18 months and isn't looking ready to leave in a room full of other kids!
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Subbing early this time so I don't miss half the thread.

I'm Erin, married to Stewart for almost 8 years now. We have 2 boys 6.5 and 4 and one more boy due in 6-10 weeks. I'm getting so excited to meet him and can't wait for the joy I know he will bring to our family.

Dh is currently in the Air Force and we are stationed in Florida, but we are trying to get out and will find out for certain on Friday whether or not it is a go. I am praying so hard it works out. We have decided since my Dad recently left my mother that we will go stay with her and help her out. We have prayed so much about this and feel so peaceful about the choice to help her that I really want this to work out.

I just found out today that I have to speak on Sunday about Eternal families. Of all the people to ask to speak on this subject they chose me, I started sobbing when they sang familes can be together forever 2 weeks ago. But I guess its all fresh in my mind so I will do my best; and hopefully won't be a bumpling crying mess up there, I cry easily under normal circumstances, but add pregnancy and a father leaving his wife after 28 years...
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mommy2boys, about nursery, there's nothing wrong with you staying in there. With my first, I was in there until he was 2. I really feel that it's something I don't want to create issues with. I want him to learn to enjoy it and if the teachers have a problem with it, oh well. It's my kid and I do what's best for him
About going to the temple, if you're close enough to one you can just have your dh watch the kids and you can go do something less time consuming. You don't have to do the long ones and that way you aren't leaving them with someone you don't trust, or don't feel the best about. I think Heavenly father knows our situations and he loves us for who we are.

My current issue I've been working on in therapy is guilt trips. I guilt trip myself so bad. It's horrible. There have even been talks about how guilt is not good way to get anything done. Anyway, we talked about how just because I don't do something perfect doesn't mean I have to make myself feel bad. I just need to tell myself that I can do better and that we all make mistakes. It's really hard for me because that's how I deal with things, but actually thinking about what I'm telling meself does make me realize all it's doing is making things worse and Heavenly father wants me to be happy

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I love when we do the intros! I've been hanging around these threads since the beginning, and even though I feel like I "know" most everyone, I still manage to learn new things! Stacie, your boys are adorable! And congratulations to Christina- I have my fingers crossed for you that these next few weeks will go smoothly.

I'm Stacy, married to Tom, and mom to Abby, 5 and Ashlynn, 3 1/2. We are in the process of ttc #3, but it seems to be taking a while. We live in SLC, and I'm a Suzuki violin teacher. (Just had a recital tonight- so glad its over!) I'm also the Stake Music Chair in our stake, and it's a huge job lately.

Leiahs, I related to a lot of what you said. My problem isn't in getting to church, my problem is adjusting my attitude so that I actually get something out of it when I'm there. I've been struggling lately doing the little that keep a testimony strong and vital- I need to read my scriptures better, and pray more often, and get my temple recommend renewed!
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DH and I eloped to Vegas in Jan 05. We got sealed in the Oakland Temple Feb,18,2006. We are having a hard time going to the Temple. DH went to a stake preisthood meeting this past sunday and they talked about that and other stuff that we need to do better. OK well just wanted to add that since everyone else said something about getting married . :
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Originally Posted by Isaacs_mom View Post
also how do we sub to the thread
Here is the way I do it. At the top of the thread under "Thread Tools" there is a selection to subscribe to the thread. Click that and it will ask you the specifics of how you want to sub. Click again and you are subbed. Some just post to the thread to sub, but instead of posting just to say I'm subbing, I use that drop down menu.
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