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I cant sleep even though I'm exhausted!

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This has been going on for a week now. I'm a zombie, I cant stand it. How am I going to function when I have a newborn?

Every night I go to bed feeling physically tired and uncomfortable and happy to lay down. And then I lay there flipping channels or staring at the ceiling for ages until I can finally pass out. And within a few hours, I'm awake again. Sometimes its the baby hurting me with her movement, sometimes its random wierd obsession of my brain that keeps me from falling back asleep, sometimes I get up to pee an cant get back to sleep. And lately I've been getting this tingly, tight sensation across my neck and shoulders that is so uncomfortable I have to get up and move around, its like Restless Leg Syndrome in my neck.

Anybody with me? Any ideas that can make this go away? My MW suggested a cal-mag liquid supplement before bed, but I didnt get the chance to pick it up yesterday after my prenatal. That's definitely on the to-do list today. If I thought it would help I am desperate enough to try Benadryl or some beer at this point!

I dont know how much longer I can do this. I have 2 other kids and their schedules to deal with... I'm slowing down as much as I can but school has to happen! And naps are not an option (not that it wouldnt just set me up for a bad cycle anyway). Ugh. Starbucks is going to be happy with me this week.
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I've been having a lot of middle of the night waking as well. I can get to sleep with no problem, then wake up sometime between 1:30- 3:00 and am just awake. Not really laying there worrying, about anything, just awake. Very annoying. Sometimes I'll get up and try reading, but once i turn a light on, I'm really awake, so that's not a great solution for me.

My midwife suggested skullcap tincture, which has worked pretty well for me. I read some of the warning which said it shouldn't be used during pregnancy, but my mw has been one for ages and I trust her. I also find that if I don't look at the clock when I wake up, I do a lot better, too.
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My mw suggested valerian root tea and appoved Hyland's Calms Forte. I've been taking the Calms Forte and it REALLY seems to help. It takes the edge early, when I am having trouble falling asleep, and once I fall asleep, I can stay asleep pretty well. Good luck! It's hard not to sleep
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Me too! I clearly remember 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and getting up at 7:00 this morning. I got the ok from my OB to take an occasional ambien - maybe once a week or so. When I do sleep my bladder doesn't bother me (baby is breech) so I can sleep well without having to get up to pee - I just don't seem to. Annoying!
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Establish a routine, like read 3 pages or whatever and then close it, watch 1 tv show or none at all, turn it off and close your eyes.

I will read a few minutes, get up pee and then go to bed, lie down and close my eyes. My brain sometimes will not shut off easily, so I pick one thing nice to think on and usually fall asleep.

I do wake-up to pee or roll over and then I'm just lying there, sometimes in pain either my pelvic joints or now "heart burn" and sometimes hunger type pains. I generally am 1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep during those times and it's better than no sleep. I can't get up and disturb my dh who wakes at 4:30am for work. I got up out of bed a 5am when he left yesterday and took a hot shower/ bath! It isn't all the time, so I don't worry about it.

I've taken GABA Calm to relax before bed. I would not hesitate to drink a 4oz glass of wine before bed, if I needed it. In Europe, a small glass of wine is not forbidden during pregnancy.

A nice warm bath to relax those aches away has been a long time tradition of mine in my last trimester with leg fatigue and pains - hasn't happened yet this go around.
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After literally a week with very poor and not much sleep, last night was much better. I feel almost human again. I took Calm Forte and some cal-mag supplements, but I dont know if they helped, the suggestion they would help helped, or just sheer exhaustion took over. I'm repeating them again tonight just in case!

I fear the newborn stage now, though. Oh boy. Weeks of sleep like that and trying to keep up with our schedule is not going to be pretty.

Please, baby girl, be a sleeper, whatever else you are!
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Originally Posted by storychick View Post

I fear the newborn stage now, though. Oh boy. Weeks of sleep like that and trying to keep up with our schedule is not going to be pretty.

Please, baby girl, be a sleeper, whatever else you are!
I've not had too many issues with nbs and sleeping (knock on wood). I think co-sleeping and learning to nurse side lying has been my saving sanity. Sure the babe is up every 2 to 3 hours to nurse, but I'm able to be in that 1/2 sleep stage of awareness and sometimes fall into a deep sleep. Then I get woken up and switch sides, but right back to that 1/2 sleep stage. I will even get up and go to the bathroom.

I usually nurse babe to sleep, move babe to the bassinet next to me. I will then deep sleep until the next feeding time. I usually wake up at the rustling of a babe not quite awake and take the opportunity to pee and then change babe's diaper before climbing back into bed with babe to nurse at which point babe isn't put back in the bassinet b/c I fall asleep nursing and morning comes we're still nursing. I sleep shirtless during those first few weeks too on a washable pad to catch dripple out of mouth leaks and nipple leaks.

If I'm getting to the point of needing more deep sleep or feeling like I'm sleeping too deeply, I have actually woken myself up and put the babe back into the bassinet. It depends on the age, the babe and how I am feeling.

Think positively about that nb stage. I actually really love it. I can sling and nurse with ease. They aren't big enough in a sling to be in the way of doing other things. Babe sleeps a lot. They are easy to hold and who does not just sit and hold their sleeping baby b/c they can???!!!! Oh and diaper changes fit on the little foot stool, so I don't have to get up from just holding my baby. just a wee bit lazy...

I guess if you have cronic issues with the ability to get back to sleep, you might want to seek a professional's advice. I still would suggest trying to establish a routine to teach yourself how to go to sleep and how to get back to sleep, if awoken in the middle of the night. I do think there are generations of us out there that were never taught how to go to sleep, my MIL is one of them and my own dad. Yet they are still expected to teach their children how to go to sleep which didn't happen for this generation.

My dh has trouble turning off his mind, I see this in our children too. I think it is their level of intelligence, the brain just isn't slowing down to allow them to sleep. My dh has explained how it feels and it happens to me on occassion. We both have learned what we need to do to turn it off. I start praying, literally in my head talking to G-d about whatever it is that is running through my head, I usually never make it to Amen. Since we do have this issue, we have been learning how to manage it and are teaching our oldest child how to sleep.

A sleep study I recently saw had a doctor state that many people who think they have sleep issues do not, they just never learned how to go to sleep. He found many patients just never would turn the TV off, put the book down, turn the radio off, or just simply lie down and actually close their eyes with the lights off. He stated these people said they were not tired, but that the solution was to set a routine and a bed time and follow it and the body would adjust -- for most people this was enough in time to have them sleeping drug free and well.

I just thought also my hypbirth cd were always very relaxing. And I have used the relaxation techinques in them over the years to sleep. You can always try the self-hyposis approach to falling asleep.
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I think I am paranoid because my first was such a terrible, terrible sleeper (related to his special needs). We co-slept and nursed all night and survived, but it was very difficult. And since he was my first, I was able to adjust my day as I needed to. This time, with two others to tend to, as well as a part-time job, that is not going to happen. And even if this is a sleeping-well baby, its still exhausting. I know too much now to delude myself that it will go super-easily (though I am still more afraid of when this one is a toddler! )

Normally I have no trouble sleeping. I think this is hormonal, combined with the usual discomforts of pregnancy. Its just frustrating. Especially since I know that soon I'll be up for a good reason, while right now I am not. I want to sleep while I can!
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