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Accupuncture at 4:00

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I'm seeing my chiro/accupuncturist at 4 today. She said if the baby hadn't turned by today (which as of right now he hasn't) that we'd do accupuncture to try to move him along. Not sure if she's got moxibustion in mind or something else. She'll probably adjust me first.

So after 4 today everyone please think: Turn vertex baby!
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How are you doing? How did the appt go?
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Apparently sometime in the last 2 weeks, since my last appointment, the baby turned 180 degrees! Shows you what I know. I thought his head had just grown a lot. She palpated my belly for several minutes, said she's fairly certain that what's top and center is now the baby's bum. This must be how I was able to go 2 weeks between appointments. Normally I call after about 5 days and beg to be fit in because I'm so uncomfortable. She encouraged me to have the ob confirm this and if there's any doubt to get an ultrasound, so that if she's wrong we can do something to change the position before it is too late.

Really, I thought I was keeping my cool pretty well with a breech baby. I cannot possibly convey my sense of relief today. Not only is he vertex, he's holding the proper position AND he's not engaged in my pelvis, which means he's not STUCK, which my last son was, so now I'm all set for a normal vaginal delivery, which will hopefully take place at home without a hitch.


(Thanks for asking!)
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Yeah!! I am so happy for you
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YIPEEE! Keep those buns facing UP baby!
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That is great news! Glad you're not so uncomfortable now, too!
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