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Cord bands

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I have seen cord bands around and they seem interesting, but Iam looking into the ones that you use hemos to appy them. Have you used them, what are your thoughts good or bad, and were have you bought them? Thanks ladies.
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I've used them. They're available at all the major birth supply stores, so they are just in my birth kit at www.inhishands.com. I love 'em. I've been putting two in each birth kit just in case I break one, but I have yet to break one, so I'm going to change the birth kit amount to one and carry a spare just in case. It's a good idea to practice first if you don't have any experience with a cordbander, but if you know the principle of the cordbander, this is the same concept (just cheaper!!).
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My midwife used one, I loved it! My dd's stump fell of at 5 days. It was so much nicer to put her in onsies at 5 days, instead of like with my ds 14 days before it fell off.

ETA: we didn't put ANYTHING on dd's cord, not even goldenseal which I have heard recommended over and over.
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I have used both and it is even up for me. Once you buy the hemostat w/ cord bander you are set for about 100 births because it comes with a pack of bands.
The individually packaged bands, the ones with the little tabs cost more but you won't need the cord banding hemostat thingy. When I got mine I think it worked out a bit cheaper to get the hemostat thingy with the bands. Additional packs of the bands are a lot cheaper than continuing to buy the bands with tabs.
Then there is also the environmental question of having to clip off the extra tab and throw it in the garbage.
They both work about the same, but financially and environmentally I prefer the cord bander/hemostat.
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Yeah, I guess the cost of the second hemostat didn't figure in for me because DH got it for free. And I have my clients buy them in the birth kit. I've used a cordbander (not mine) and I have a heck of a time with those itty bitty rubberbands. Reminds me of my orthodontic days!
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I've used them and like them a lot. I despise the clamps, they're big and intrusive.
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i absolutely hate cord clamps. it (along with suctioning and hats) is one of my pet peeves. i cannot believe mw's use them. i used string with both of my births, but at the birth center i work at we use bands with a bander. it is so easy- we clamp the cord with a yucky plastic clamp, but we leave it long- maybe 6-12 inches?? this way we can clamp the cord when mom/baby are ready but we dont have to really bother them to do it. when we do the newborn exam we trim it up with a bander.

the banders are kind of expensive though, and if i was in solo practice i would probably just use a kelly. you slip the band maybe 3/4 way down the kelly, and then clamp the cord with it, and use another kelly to grab the band and slide it over the cord. almost as easy as the bander, really.
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I use the Averbach (sp?) cord bander I bought from Cascade. It might be cheaper if you buy it from a vet supply in it's other use... a sheep castrator! I know of a client who did that sort of thing in another life and knew the tool well
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I've used them. I also have a cordbander in one of my instrument packs. I always have two packs, so for the one that doesn't have the bander, I use those. Well, that is until I ran out of them. I can also use two hemostats with my regular bands for the bander and make it work.
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