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Our Baby is Here!!

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Our beautiful son was born Sunday November 12th at 10:44am!
(Sheacoby--I was holding him as you posted!)
He was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 22" long. He was born into his daddy's hands with a ton of vernix and LOTS of beautiful dark hair!

His labor was truly beautiful! Nothing like those pitocin induced contractions. Half the time I was saying I was bored in between contractions and had a hard time believing I was in labor. Towards the end I drank my ounce of RRL and he was born very shortly afterwards. Don't know if it made a true difference or not but it was worth it! I never really experienced "transition". Right before I had him I kept telling DH that this was so easy and that it was an awesome labor! I didn't push a whole lot, but his water broke and the head came out and he turned and the rest of him just came out! I remember saying how little he looked! It just went beautifully!

The placenta came out about 5 minutes after however, the was piece of membrane still attached. I tried taking a bit of the placenta but it didn't seem to work. Since our birth kit had not yet arrived (oops! should've ordered that sooner!) and I didn't have any herbs to help we went to the hospital. The Dr. was able to just twist it off which was fine until they started sticking their hands inside of me and doing uterine massage - roughly. I took the bag of IV's and one dose of antibiotics, some cytotec, a pain pill, 400mg of motrin. I had had enough! And insisted that I leave. They tried to scare me saying I had endomysin (sp????) because my temp was 100 and 99. I told them I was fine and I wasn't taking anything else! I had to sign a sheet saying I was leaving against Dr's orders. :P The nurse thought I was in so much danger and wanted to take my temp again. I told her to knock herself out! It was 97.6! HA! I know my body! Plus it had been almost 24hrs of no sleep and we needed to get home. When I got home I read on the prescription of cytotec that it's used to end pregnancy and DO NOT TAKE WHILE BREASTFEEDING!!!!!! I had asked several times if it was ok to take!!!! I was pissed!

Anyway, we are doing GREAT! Milk came in late last night so we were feeding all night long!

We are so happy and even though I had the small problem at the hospital, I am truly blessed and happy to have birthed our baby at home with just my husband by my side.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts! We really appreciate all the support! Good luck to all the mamas waiting to birth! I know it sometimes it seems as if you'll never go into labor on your own but believe me, it does happen!
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i'm glad that you had a safe and happy birth! congratulations!
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Congrats!!! What is RRL?
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Red Raspberry Leaf

Congrats on your babe!!!!
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ahhhhhh thank you Jada Mae
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Congratulations mama!!!!!!!!
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That's wonderful! He must be a sweety!

I love how you just said "that's enough" at the hospital. They need to hear that more often!
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome baby boy (lots of boys lately)!!!

Sorry about the hospital staff but the rest sounds lovely though!!!!!
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awesome! congratulations!!!!
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congratulations mama!!!!

time for siggy update
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Happy Babymooning!

Brightest Blessings!
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Happy BabyMoon!
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I am so happy for you, the wonderful experience. Good for you for sticking to your guns with the hospital staff!

Happy babymooning, huskermommy!
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Congratulations Tabitha!!!!
The meeting on Saturday really WOULD have been cutting it close!:
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awesome! good for you for going home from the hosp. when you felt ready, and I'm glad you're doing great now!
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Welcome to the world little one.

Congratulations Tabitha and family.
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Congratulations on your new little one. And way to stand your ground Mama!
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