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where is everyone birthing??

Poll Results: where are you delivering?

  • 47% (33)
    Home w/midwife
  • 11% (8)
    Home Unassisted
  • 8% (6)
    Birthing Center
  • 32% (23)
70 Total Votes  
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I was wondering where everyone is planning on delivering? Home, hospital, birth center. We are still debating but plan as of now going for it at home. We had our first at the hospital with CNM. It was a good birth but would love to have a natural birth at home. I had an epidural and am nervous about dealing with the pain on my own.
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This is my first and I am going to deal with pain. I dislike DRs and hospitals and we are having this one at home.
I really like my midwife too. Unlike Drs she actually listens to you
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I am not worried about the pain at all, because I have done this 3 times before. All in a hospital, though dd2 was mw assisted delivery. I just want to be in a nice relaxing environment where I can labor the way I want to. I basically just want the comfort of my home. Hopefully we will be able to see this happen.
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UC but we do have a back up midwife so I'm leaving the option totally open depending on my mood at the time I guess.
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hospital for me - i will be having a VBAC and i will feel more comfortable there. i am in the process of interviewing doulas, though. i actually had a really pleasant experience at the hospital, despite the c-section and know first hand the nurses are great. i also love my ob.
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At home with a m/w.
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i am honestly not too sure where I'll be living by May But I'd rather do unassisted anyhow. I had my first two without interventions or pain meds, and all the people buzzing around only seemed to make things worse for me.
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Homebirth with a midwife and her birth assistant for us!
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homebirth with a doctor....might end up being uc, though, because my first two came fairly quickly (6 hrs & 3 hrs) so we'll see!
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Planned C-Section in a hospital, obviously. That would be pretty messy in my living room! My DD was an emergency c-section under general anesthesia & I can't go into labor this time. They have to take the baby out before. Makes me sad though. I HATE the idea of removing a baby before its good and ready! But, I know, its best for the baby!
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hospital with a great doula! (finally picked one last week)
i am also lucky to have an OB who is very pro natural childbirth, does not do routine cutting, etc

and hypnobirthing i hope

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at home with a midwife.
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In a hospital.
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I will be VBACing again. (#5 for me) and unfortunately midwives are not allowed to attend a VBAC out of a hospital here so unless I go unassisted, I go to the hospital.
Luckily the staff aroudn these parts are great and very VBAC supportive!
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Given that there are no local freestanding birth centers in our area, and given that we recently moved in with my mother/stepfather a homebirth isn't an option for us, we are going to have a waterbirth in a hospital with a midwife.

I birthed in a hospital w/mw's with my older 2 children, epidural-free, and am thrilled at the prospect of a waterbirth this time around.
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Freestanding Birth Center
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At home w/ a midwife and a doula (whom I've know personally for over 5 years)
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Well, right now I'm seeing an OB and we're planning on having it in a hospital. However, if he start getting weird about my "big babies" and we have our own house, we're contemplating doing it UC. We'll see what May brings!
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we will be in a hospital with a doula. We had our 2nd dd there and it was a good expreience so I'm fine with it.
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