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Back pain is absolutely killing me

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I am in the middle of my 30th week and I don't think I can make it almost ten more. I am so uncomfortable I just want to die. It was not this bad with #1. But then again, I was in better shape (I'm about the same weight now, if not a few pounds over, that I was when I delivered dd three years ago). Still, I have horrible back pain; just off to both sides of my spine at the very same height as where my stomach bumps out on top (where the measuring tape stops when they measure you at the check-ups), but on my back. Last night, I was up for 2.5 hours in the middle of the night because I couldn't get comfortable. I went downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal (after having almost no appetite, I am now getting hungry in the middle of the night, but nothing sounds good. Cereal is about the only thing, and toast, and greasy hamburgers. I think I see why I'm more out of shape this time.), watched the middle-of-the-night ABC news that I have gotten to know so well over the years (I am an inveterate night waker), and tossed and turned trying to get comfy. It doesn't help that we've got dd (age 3) going through a "I don't like my room, I like mommy and daddy's bed" phase right now, so it's me, dh, my belly, and kicky toddler all vying for space. (Aside: I guess we're going to sidecar the crib to our queen bed, because I don't want to have a huge fight with dd over where she sleeps. Maybe without the big belly, we'll be better.)

I am having a lot of pain in my leg/hip joints, too, when I walk. I just don't know how I am going to get through the last 10 weeks, which also happen to occur over the freakin' holidays!! We're driving 5 hours for Christmas to my family's house and I am already configuring the pillows in my mind for the car ride. The only way I can sleep at all is take acetominephin to get a small bit of pain relief. And I have so much to do before the baby is born!! I have my own business and my office needs major cleaning and reorganization before the birth to help things run more smoothly when we have a newborn at home, but picking things up off the floor and rearranging shelves and boxes and all that is not feeling so good right now. Haven't painted the baby's room (even though it will really still be the guest room for at least 6 months or longer, I'd like to have it painted), repainted the changing table that got so scuffed up with dd, gotten out the old diapers to see what is still worth using, gone through dd's clothes to see what works with the season and for a boy. Ugh. And dh is working full-time and getting his MBA and so he studies tons.

Seriously, though. I get through this stuff with a baby on my back or in a sling as long as my body just doesn't feel so cumbersome and achy all the time. I hate to say I'm secretly hoping for the earliest possible birth that wouldn't be so early that it would mean danger to the baby.
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Oh, mamma. You are not alone!

Can you see a chiro? Also a massage therapist that specializes in pre/postnatal would be sooo good for you...

I have found that an electric heating pad for about 20 minutes helps tremendously also.
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Yes, I was wondering if a chiro or accupunturist might help. And I am scheduling a pregnancy massage for next week when my parents come for Thanskgiving and can watch dd.

I don't want everyone else to be miserable, really, but it also helps to know you're not alone!
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Hi. Not from your DDC. I'mjust feeling so badly for you and wanted to chime in with some support.

Isn't there some part of you that would allow yourself to stay home for Christmas? It just seems so insane to put your body through that. I've already decided and informed my family that I'm not going to be visiting this year. Some have decided to come see us, which is fine.

(Mainly, I have too many risk factors going on to justify driving that far and have the only nearby hospital be sub-par.) But you have just as good if not better reasons to saty home and nurture yourself and baby. You're further along than me for starters, and the pain could really lower your strength in that long carride.

Well, good luck on whatever you choose to do. I hope it's not too stressful, mama.

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do you practice yoga at all? i've found that even a few minutes of yoga or stretching helps my back and joints immensely. if you can use it, i have a deck of prenatal yoga cards with different poses and such. PM me! i'll send it to you if you'd like.
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