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Kind of new here

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Hi--I just registered the other day--although I lurked a little and read the magazine.

I didn't think I'd introduce myself except I saw I couldn't use the trading board til I'm here for 2 months and intro myself!--well i saw some good stuff there--so

anyway, I have one son Philemon 2 1/2 I've been married to Rick for almost 5 yrs (we eloped)

We live in Wi and I own a children's consignment store--my son goes with me every day and we love it.

Philemon isn't vaccinated and he especially eats very healthy--we are doing more things all the time to support a healthier lifestyle--little by little--many things I need to change but many things have been changed too.

We do a lot of other things that people find odd, like co-sleep (not anymore but when he was a little baby), used a sling, no flouride, no city water etc

I'm glad to have found Mothering magazine and am enjoying these boards

Malissa and Philemon James
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You sound like you'll fit right in!!
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Welcome to the boards.
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~Hi Malissa~

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