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Do you already have a nickname for your little one(s)?

I started calling her munchie for some unknown reason and it just stuck. I call her that so much that she probably will think it is her name! Dad calls her PJ - short for pride and joy.
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Munchie...thats cute.

I started to call DS Squirt...he pees everywhere!
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I like PJ for pride and joy-- Awwww!

I call my little peanut "teddybear" since his name is Theodore.
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Our nicknames over here are not as sweet, but she is called by them lovingly.

From Daddy:

Poop Factory
Honey Bunny
Baby Girl

From Mama:
Wiggle Worm (she wiggles her head back and forth all the time)
Turd Burglar
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Other than shortening 'Jackson' to 'Jack', we also call him 'Sweetpea', 'Muchkin', 'Mr. Magoo' and 'Magoo Face'. The last two are because he looks like a wrinkly old man
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I call DD2 bam and squeak, she always sounds like a little mouse with her noises. Dh calls her punk.
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The other kids call him Tay Tay, and i call him any googly name i can think of at the present moment. My husband calls him lil man.
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His Royal Fatness.
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Little Buddah - because when you sit her upright she looks like a Buddah.

Squeaker - she has the cutest squeaky noises she makes when she's sleeping and nursing!
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Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post
His Royal Fatness.
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DD has affectionatey been dubbed "cakey"....my 6 yr old was lovin' on her one day and smelled her breath and declared "Mom, Lizzie's breath smells like cake!" gotta love that sweet milk breath!
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I've been calling him my little boo boo bear and sometimes he's Mr. fussy.
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Dh is the nickname one around here. He calls her "Little Critter". He called older dd "Little Bit". He started calling this one that adn I gently reminded him that dd needed her own nickname....he couldn't steal older dd's.
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It was peanut, until lately when tank and tanker truck became the new names... that is because he is already 11 lb 9 oz! At only one month and two days old!
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kermie/kermit ,because he makes muppet faces and how he sticks his tongue out when he's hungry. And boo boo.
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Ok, we are really bad with this. Each of my kids has so many nicknames I doubt they know their ACTUAL name sometimes. Here are some interchangeable ones:

From Big Sis: Beanie Boy, little man, brother boy

From Me: Brother man/ Other man, bruva, teenie beenie (adaptation of beanie boy)

Here are the baby specific names:

From Daddy: Kieran b'neiran and Owen b'gowen, and Big K and No'mer
From Big Sis: Little Mr. Owen and the rhyming names above
From Me: Little Mo (adaptation of big sis's little Mr. Owen) and Kier Bear
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