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Weight gain check in

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Okay....I'm not so concerned about gaining weight so long as I am eating healthy food (and boy, am I eating massive volumes of it).
I guess I just want a vantage point to see if where I'm at is average.

I am at week 32 and have gained 30 lbs....

Anyone else willing to update?
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30 weeks tomorrow and about 22 lb? Somewhere around there. I expect I'll have a big jump in the next week or two because I havent gained much the last few weeks even though I'm eating a lot.
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32 weeks & 28 pounds (but measuring at 30 weeks, so I'm not sure where the extra weight is going... )
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32 1/2 weeks = 30 lbs give or take a pound
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31 weeks down, 21lbs gained. Looks like I'm going to easily surpass the 22lbs that I gained with #1. Also, I'm measuring almost 2 weeks ahead???
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32 1/2 weeks and so far 23lbs, but I go again tomorrow so I will let you know if that number has risen. although I have no appetitie lately..so who knows. I gained 60lbs with DS so I am thinking that won't be happening this time. Thank goodness!! heeh fwiw I was a fluffy mama to begin...so this is healthier for me anyway.
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28wks - 43pounds!!!
I was "obese" to start with too. I use it in " " b/c the BMI states I am obese, most people would just look at me and think over weight, tall, and big boned.

I tend to put on a lot of weight in pregnancy and hold on to it for a while... Pregnancy #4 hasn't changed that at all, the constant battle.
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31.5 weeks and 52 lbs: I'm not eating like crazy, in general I'm eating pretty well I think, although I'm not exercising or moving around a whole lot, apart from playing with and chasing DS... that's part of it. *sigh* I'm gonna top the 60lbs I gained with DS. Midwives aren't concerned, but I'm not happy.
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I am 33 weeks and have put on about 23lbs. This is my first baby so I guess I didn't really know what to expect but I am not too worried about the numbers. My friends and family say that I don't really look like I have put on a lot anywhere else but in the baby sphere But I would really like for complete strangers to stop yelling at me from across stores and other public places that I must be ready to POP ... I mean first I wasn't really showing for what felt like forever and now that I AM showing everyone feels they have the right to make comments on how I must be having twins or am ready to pop right this second. People need to start reading etiquette books again!!
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30 weeks - 28#. Last time I gained 65 pounds and I am trying really really hard not to do that. I'm trying for a VBAC and moderate weight gain has the best outcome. I gained 15# in about 2 weeks when my morning sickness finally ened. Thankfully that pace hasn't kept up. I've been keeping a food log just to help me be more midful. I've also been getting to the gym 5x a week or so.....
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Wait, let me put down my pint of Ben & Jerry's...

Okay, now I can type with both hands!

31 weeks = 29 lbs.
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: Im 29 weeks today and have gained 4-ish pounds. Its been 2 weeks since I was last weighed so that may have changed. I was/am obese, though, so Im completely okay with the low weight gain, as is my provider.
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31 weeks (and 5 days )... 38 lbs. I'm not too happy about it (I was a solid medium prepregnancy). I'm doing the Bradley classes and with trying to get all that protein, it really increases the calories I'm eating. It should be interesting post-baby!!
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I am only 26 weeks but have gained about 23 or so pounds already, gained about 40-45 with my first but was a bit underweight to begin with. I feel a lot bigger the second time around - that belly is way out there...I keep bumping into things/people at work b/c I forget how much space I am taking up these days! Anyboby else got elephant ankles? I didn't have any swelling with #1 until the last few weeks, everything seems to be two steps ahead now that the body has "been there".

By the way, anybody else done the ring-on-a-chain thing to see what they are having? It was righ tthe first time for me, just wondering if anyone else got the right answer from the circle for a girl, or back-and-forth for a boy.
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33 weeks and 20 lbs
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As of yesterday I was 4 pounds over the weight I was at my first visit (around 7 wks). BUT I lost about 15 pounds in the first couple months due to some pretty extreme nausea & lack of appetite. Honestly, I know I lost more than that too because I lost some during those first 7 wks before I knew I was preggo as well....

So while I'm 4 pounds over my "offical" starting weight, I'd guess I've really gained more like 20-25 pounds overall once you factor in regaining what I initally lost.

I'm also obese though so I wasn't terribly concerned about the weight loss and I'm not super concerned now about how much I've gained. I'm measuring right on target, the baby is active, & has a great heart beat. My midwives are very happy with my progress & so am I!
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I am 33 weeks and had gained 18 as of 2 weeks ago but at my appt today, I had lost 2 pounds.
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32.5 weeks = 18 pounds

115lbs to 133lbs
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I'm 31 weeks today (measuring 33 weeks) and have gained about 34lbs.
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Originally Posted by mzfern View Post
and with trying to get all that protein, it really increases the calories I'm eating. It should be interesting post-baby!!
Yes! That's a big part of it. That extra serving or two to boost my protein each day is really doing me in I think. Like you I'm trying not to let my gain bother me... I keep reminding myself what Dr Brewer wrote, that its better to get the protein and nutrients you need, even if you gain 50 or 60 lbs.
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