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The Mists Of Avalon

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wellll, I just finished THE MISTS OF AVALON last week and am thinking surely soooomeone around here has read it? My sister in WA state gave it to me and NOone in my local area that I know has read it and I would love to hear others thoughts,personally, I felt very empowered as if the goddess herself manifested several times as I was reading, it was a tremendous work and...I cannot say enough about it-
I dont read many adult books that size and am not formally educated tho- and was completely unfamiliar with the King Arthur stories and was aghast to find out after reading the cover of a video box about king arthur that people commonly refer to my current personal heroe Morgain as an evil sorcerer?...ok, naaaa, I wasnt really that surprized...but, anyways,
I was even Morgaine for Halloween/ and respected her presense for Samhaine-
blessings to all mary
PS and I wanted to say hiiiii smilemomma! how goes it?? its me marymom, from the old boards, we had planned to meet at the southeasternflesh meet moms day I believe but __it happened,lol- just wanted to say HI!
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I'm a major fan of Mists of Avalon and a lot of the other books Marion Zimmer Bradley has written. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her once when I was in 6th grade. She had white hair with a purple streak in it. I loved that woman.

Anyway, now that you've read that one, did you know she wrote prequels to the series? Darnit, I can't remember the names, someone help me out.

But I think there were at least 2 or 3 more in the series. Forest House or something and Priestess of Avalon. Gotta check em out.

I, too, felt extremely empowered by the Goddess and think of Morgaine often. I feel very connected with the characters in that series.
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I've read it about 3 times over the years as well as her other books (except the last one)

It was one of the first books that influenced me towards my spiritual path. A very powerfull read.
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Finally someone who knows this story other than me!!!!

I saw this in movie form on TNT. I was so captivated by it's beauty and reverence for the Goddess. I had no idea that it was a book until afterwards, and cannot wait to get a copy!!
There are more in this series!! I must be dreaming!

Did anyone else see the movie? I happened to love Julianna Margeulies as Morgane. She was sooooooo beautiful!
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My dh introduced me to the book. I've read it twice. I love that book! It is a beautiful book and I was so glad to read something from the female perspective regarding the King Aurthur legends. I read one of the prequels...can't remember the name. I didn't like it quite as well.
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great book, loved it, couldnt keep my eyes off it (when I had the time )
I want to find more books like this, it felt so true, exciting and powerful.
I want to see the movie!
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My all time favorite book

Mists of Avalon is my all time favorite novel. It is really in a class of it's own. I didn't think the other books in the series came close to the magic of Mists. I read them, but I don't remember them, so that tells me something. We don't have t.v. so I missed the movie but that's probably a good thing. I felt as though I was living the tale, and was surprized at my own rage towards Gwenyfhar!

Lady of the Lake
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I read it several years ago and if I ever have time I would love to read it again. Saw the movie on cable last year - what a wonderful story. I also liked The Once and Future King, but found this version to feel more magical to me!
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another Mists lover

That book also has meant a lot to me. I have a few different takes on everything. I did read the prequels "The Forest House" and "Lady of Avalon". I enjoyed them, but not as much as the Mists. The movie was beautifully done but I was disappointed in a few things. I know it is impossible to have the movie be 100% accurate (it would have to be a loooong movie to do that) but I kept saying "that's not right, this didn't happen this way!". Because the book was so important to me, and I happened to be rereading it at the time I was unable to just enjoy the movie as it was. I do like the ER lady (Juliane?) but Morgaine, in my mind, was a very small, elfish, not so beautiful little woman. That is a very important part of the book because she feels her beauty can never match that of Gwenyfar. It just didn't fit for me to imaging Juliane as Morgaine. Just my two cents.
I also really loved the lovemaking scenes in the books. My love life at home always gets a kick in the butt after I read her books because I imagine myself the preistess, giving herself the the will of the godess. Very passionate! And fun!
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I've read every single book by her, and I love most of them! I am so glad ot see that other people read them, too
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I am now reading the book and I must say, it is very hard to put down! I love how it talks about breastfeeding and family planning in the beginning. It makes me wish our society felt that way!

I hpoe I can finish it before it has to go back to the library!
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Christine, I love your goal. How beautiful! I agree with your take on the TV miniseries. I also pictured the women much differently than they were portrayed. My dh, a big fan of the book, cherishes the book so much that he couldn't watch it after the 1st 45 minutes or so...he was almost angry about it because the story was just not the same!
I read both prequels also. I'd forgotten about The Forest House. All this discussion of the book has made me decide that I am going to read Mists again soon...probably this summer.
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This is so awesome I loved this book read it while I was pregnant, and my husband almost left me over it on the account that i could NOT put it down, I would think about it all day long until I got a chance to read it, and then dream about it all night long! For me I really didnt like the Movie at all cause it did not at all mesh with the movie in my Mind! I hated the portrayls of the goddess ritual I thought they looked completley cheesey, how they thought they could take out Kevin and that whole saga and not totally destroy the plot is beyond me and none of the men were sexy!!!! I tell ya anyway i do have copy of the movie on tape that i may be able to copy for someone if they want it!
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