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Ingrid is here- 6 weeks early! -- with update post #45 - Page 2

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Congratulations!!! Woohoo our first dec baby!!
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congratulations mama and welcome baby Ingrid!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy she's doing so well for a preemie. Sounds like she won't be in the NICU long.
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Congratulations, and welcome little Ingrid! What a wonderful name!
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WOW. already?? Congrats! I'm sorry you didn't get to homebirth, and that she's still in NICU, I'm sure she'll be out soon!
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Congratulations on your healthy weight, healthy breathing little Ingrid. I'm sorry you had to leave the hospital before she did, but it sounds like there is no reason she shouldn't be home with you soon. Please do keep us posted when you have time and blessings for you and your new baby girl.
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Congratulations! So happy to hear that she's doing well. Keep us posted!
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Oh what great news!! I'm sorry that you didn't get the homebirth you wanted but thank God she's doing well and that the both of you are healthy!

Our first December baby!!!!!!
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Congratulations Mama!!! I am sorry that you didn't have the homebirth you planned, but I am glad that little Ingrid seems to be doing well. I hope that you get to take her home as soon as possible!
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Congratulations!!! I hope she is home very, very soon.
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Congratulations to you and little Ingrid.

My first baby was born at 35 weeks and was a healthy 6lbs, 3oz. He came home at 4 days old. Even though he had jaundice issues our ped. ordered home therapy with a 'bili-blanket' as there were no other reasons to keep him in the hospital. He was a lazy nurser for the first few weeks too. But eventually he went on to being a champion nurser and is now this gigantic 7 year old.

I hope you will have Ingrid home and in your arms soon!
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Congrats to the new family! and
to baby Ingrid!
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Congratulations ATruck! Are you our first???

: Ingrid :

What a beautiful name
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Many congratulations!! I hope Ingrid comes home soon. A beautiful name -- I am sure she is even more beautiful herself!
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Congratulations!! I am so happy to hear that your labor went well. I hope that she will be home with you very, very soon!
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I hope you're able to take her home soon soon soon! Happy Babymoon
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I hope your sweet baby Ingrid gets to come home soon!

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Congratulations and welcome Ingrid!! We can't wait to see pictures, post links when you can!

I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted, but thrilled that she's doing so well. Her NICU stay is going to be very short indeed - and that's great. You guys will have lots of time to bond VERY soon.

Congrats again!
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Congratulations!! :

I love the name Ingrid, too! I hope that she is able to come home soon. It sounds like she is doing well!
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It must be so hard to come home without your baby, but so good to hear that everything is OK!!!! Congrats mama!
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