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Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see pictures. I'm glad to hear that she is healthy and doing well. I bet you can't wait to bring her home.
Happy BabyMoon!!
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Congratulations, mama! It sounds like the little one just wanted to meet her family ASAP.
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More December babies! Congratulations - I hope she gets to come home soon...
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Oh, ATruck, my TTC cycle buddy- Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet Ingrid!!!! I am in happy tears for you right now!!! I am so so sorry you didn't get your homebirth, and I'm sorry she is in NICU, but it does sound like she'll be home very soon with you! Many many hugs to you!!

I've been thinking about you and your dilemma about attending that wedding- does this mean you'll get to go now ?

Know that I'm thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes
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Thank you guys so much for all of the congrats and good wishes. I'm still sort of in shock that Ingrid was the first baby born in our DDC. It was a struggle to get things together that we were still lacking -- car seat, etc, plus getting things that we were not expecting (very small cloth diapers.. we were all set with the ones for 10+ pounds)

I've got an update now ... we brought her home today! I'm so happy to have her here with us. I just nursed her off "schedule" and it felt great. It's sort of strange to go from seeing your tiny baby hooked up to monitors for days to being responsible for her care. Also weird to have everything that you had planned for go out the window. My baby has now had formula, pacifiers, tons of heel pricks, and has cried alone in a crib-- all things that I thought would never happen.

Thanks, sierra .. you know, my brother ended up rescheduling his wedding- it is now happening in April! but if it were still happening at 38 wks, I suppose we would have made the long trip to the wedding ....
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Yay!!! Glad she is home now!!! Just do the best you can for her now; don't worry about what was done already. It won't matter in the long run .

Congrats on having her home. She's got some awesome parents .
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Congrats and Happy Birthday Ingrid!!
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Ah, so glad to see she is home. Welcome Ingrid! Enjoy your baby, mama
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Welcome home Ingrid! ATruck, you are very fortunate to have the opportunity to "make it up" to Ingrid. Even though things went way differently than you wanted at the start, you get to be in charge now. (Well really Ingrid gets to be in charge. ) Congratulations to you all.
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Wonderful news! Congrats!! I'm glad little Ingrid is OK and now you can spend true time getting to know each other!
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Welcome home Ingrid and mama! So happy for both of you !!!
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Yay!! I'm so happy you got to take her home!! :
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Welcome home!
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Welcome home Ingrid!!
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It's so great that she's home with you now! I agree that she will recover just fine from all the things that happened to her in the hospital that you were against. Remember to allow yourself to grieve the fact that your homebirth dreams didn't happen, though. This is something I'm still learning to do from my last birth. You can grieve what you (and Ingrid) didn't get while still feeling grateful for all the good things you did get.
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Oh, welcome home little one!!!

I remember the absolute relief we felt when we brought our 35 week, first child home from the hospital. It was loads of work (especially with recovering from a c/s) but it was fantastic to not be controlled by hospital schedules anymore.

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So glad she's home! Enjoy the start of your new life together!
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So happy to hear she is home!!!! : :
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