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The topic of Nutrition just as heated as Religion

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I had noticed that the theads on Nutrition/Diet can be just as heated as Religion and Politics.
Why are we so sure in our beliefs and why do we think that our way is right?

I noticed that my Vegan friends look down on me who is a big meat eater, and yet they feel as they are constantly judged.

There is so much research outthere: on soy, dairy, meat, good fats, bad fats, you name it...

Can't we all just get along???
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I don't know. I personally could care less how other people eat. I just want a place to talk to like-minded folks without being harrassed for subscribing to unconventional beliefs. :
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Oh man, way more. Way more.
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Yeah, it is totally bizarre how some folks can be so militant about what other people eat.
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I used to be militant but, increasingly, I don't care what other people eat. And I don't mean that in a mean way (like "I don't care about you"). I just mean that most of us have the gray matter to make our own decisions. Those of us who don't usually have care providers to help us and don't post on the internet.

If someone asks my opinion, I will tell them. I sometimes post in the Veg Forum even though I've been run out a number of times. Many posts go by in which I would have something substantive to contribute because I know a lot of food research, but I guess if people really want my opinion, they will ask me.

I do need to post a thread in the vegetarian forum, so this is just a warning that it's not hostile.
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I have seen the running out of folks - sometimes I think it looks a little bit like the running of the bulls in Pamplona (sp?). Part of it I think is reactionary to extremist groups on either side. And then the other part of it I think goes to the same roots as those of religion. We're talking here about something that is so very personal and so utterly important to one's survival and livelyhood.

It also, quite frankly, has to do with the fact that sometimes it's easier to focus on the things that we disagree on than the things we agree on.
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LOL it is very heated over here, huh? I think that's just part of MDC...the gals here could have a discussion on which are the best socks to wear and it would get pulled by a mod for UA violations. "*&%#$^ green socks are better! *$&$&% you!"
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It's all relative.

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I'm pretty conflict-shy myself and wince a great deal when people get into heated discussions, let alone drive out other people. That said, I think I understand why people are so passionate about this. A) Like it or not, there is an ethical component to a lot of these discussions; it's not purely about nutrition but also about environmentalism, consumerism, how you feel about using animal products or animal flesh (and I say this as a confirmed meat-eater), etc. And B) Many, if not most of us, are in positions IRL in which we are the ones researching and determining what our families eat and defending it to people who are skeptical or worse. There's a lot at stake in such cases, and I could easily see how the tension and defensiveness from those instances bleeds into our discussions here.
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It is very heated even outside of the boards from what I've seen. Vegetarians I know tend to be very neutral. Most have been vegetarian for years and just ignore the arguments. The vegans I know IRL are either old school and very laid back about others' choices or very militant. All of the meat eaters I know that know I'm a veg tend to belittle me and make fun of it. Especially dh's family.

And then there's the nutrition stuff. There's always new research out. Just about everything can be good/bad for you. There's really no need to argue. That's one of the reasons I have stopped coming to this board. It is all a debate about meat eaters are evil or vegetarians are stupid.
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What I liked about Catholicism growing up is the ritual. Holidays in my home growing up were also all about ritual, especially when it came to food. I'm an agnostic at best when it comes to religion. So now all I have is food and it's rituals. Don't say can't we all just get along, what will I have left?

I'm just kidding. I do agree that nutrition and food choices are about so much more than just that. It includes ethics, environmentalism, economic, etc., etc. Not suprising, in Arabic in some areas the word for bread comes from the word for life, in other areas it's rice. It's our fuel it's what keeps us going and keeps us healthy or not healthy. It's how we come together as a community. When something runs that deep of course people are going to be passionate about it.
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I think it's great that people are so passionate about their beliefs. I wish that we could all be less judgmental and preachy and defensive, but hey, we're (mostly) all hormonal, sleep-deprived mamas! We get a little bitchy.

At 27, I've come to a place in my own life where I've realized how little I know about everything. The only thing I'm sure enough to take somebody down over is circumcision. In all other aspects of life, I know there is a possibility that I could be wrong. You won't catch me arguing over food or religion any more.
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Nutrition & religion are very similar issues, at least to me. I really don't have an opinion on what other people eat or worship, and I REALLY don't like it when people preach to me. If they tell me that their diet or their God is better than mine, I get extremly annoyed. If I want a change or some advice, and I want to know about someone's diet or religion, I will ASK, TYVM.
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I am actually a lot more tolerant about religion. I figure most religious beliefs don't harm anyone. But advocating some nutrition ideas might harm someone.

On the other hand, I can't really evaluate nutritional claims. It seems like they are all based on different kinds of science. This one analyzes the chemicals in food. This one does a massive population study, and says "the people who ate this way were healthiest." This one evaluates longevity, and this one other health indicators. Blah blah blah! They even look at the same studies and walk away with different conclusions! ARgh!

So I throw my hat into the ring on these discussions, sometimes. I've read a lot of books and websites on the recommendation of people here, but I never come away feeling like "well, now I KNOW THE TRUTH and it will be much easier to make lunch."
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I think one of the things that can make veg*ns militant/passionate is not that they "care what other people eat" but that they care about what happens to animals.

Not that that is a license to be rude, but understanding that for some, it is a social justice issue, a matter of ethics, may help explain the strong feelings and the outspoken attitudes. Activists fighting abuses are often characterized as militant--sometimes deservedly, sometimes not.
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Originally Posted by Janelovesmax View Post
I had noticed that the theads on Nutrition/Diet can be just as heated as Religion and Politics.
It is religion. I have my own food Bible and set of beliefs. They don't always match up with what others believe.
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Whenever there's a subject that's associated closely with guilt, things seem to get the most heated.
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Originally Posted by mamajama
Whenever there's a subject that's associated closely with guilt, things seem to get the most heated.
Ooh, I really like that observation, mamajama.
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Originally Posted by Janelovesmax View Post

Can't we all just get along???
It would be nice. If we didn't get our backs up so much, we could really learn a lot from each other.
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We once went out to dinner with a vegetarian, and ordered a meat dish. She felt the need to leave a menu up in between us so she couldn't see what we were eating. Makes conversation kind of hard.
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