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Potty Mouth

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Well, my foul language has officially come back to bite me in the a... oops, I mean rear. 2.5-year-old ds was already master of the "s" word and has now added the "f" word to his repetoire. Fortunately, he's using the "f" world only rarely when he hurts himself, but he uses the "s" word quite frequently - when he drops something, etc...... :

Acknowledging it makes it worse, as he thinks I think it's funny (I have to admit I do, a little - it's pretty hilarious to be presented with a mirror image of your less than desirable behavior by a wee one). I know ignoring it is best... my question is this: How in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks do you keep from cracking up?
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I don't know. I have the same concerns really, while dd hasn't picked up the inappropaite part of our vocabulary yet I am worried I will laugh if she does..

We have really been trying to watch our mouths lately..
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once while trying to put on his shoes, in frustration he shouted "bastards" at them. It was hard not to laugh.

ds has also taken to saying "chingow" sp? basicall means f@#$ in Spanish.
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DS (almost 3) experimented with swearing last month. Mostly, "Oh, s#$t" - got this from me and his babysitter and "Damn (usually something mechanical)" - got this from his Dad. I didn't really know what to say. "It's not nice" just sounds lame. Anyway, somehow we got around to say "Oh, man!" instead. This is from Dora the Explorer, I'm embarassed to say but hey, if it works, I'll take it where I can get it. Now, he corrects ME! And he's pretty strict. I can't even say Darn or Shucks.
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When i am frustrated i say d@mn it a lot.. So when ds1 is in the kitchen with me, and i screw something up and say "Oh D@MN IT!!" ds will say.. "D@mn it what mommy??" Puts things in perspective.. He doesn't use the swears all on his own, and d@mn it is usually the extent of our swearing, so all in all i figuire we aren't doing that bad all things considered...

Maybe i'm just deluding myself...

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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Mamadejose....the shoe this was soo funny!!!

DS is 3 and will correct me if i am on the phone and say "Sucks",
"Shut up", or "Screw".....in our house these are bad words (even thought I tend to talk like a sailor most times when no ones looks I like to pretend I am June Clever)


I will catch DD walking about sing to himslef "F**K, Sh*i, and D*mn"..........just some little song that he'll make up for the moment

When he notices he's caught he will cover his mouth giggling saying "I did not say F*ck mommy F*ck is a bad bad word" then he will giggle some more and eventually he will whishper "yes mommy I said a bad word I sorry!"

How do you handle that?????
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Originally posted by LaDeesseduTout
When he notices he's caught he will cover his mouth giggling saying "I did not say F*ck mommy F*ck is a bad bad word" then he will giggle some more and eventually he will whishper "yes mommy I said a bad word I sorry!"

How do you handle that?????
He sounds like quite a character :LOL . It sounds as though he (and you) are handling it pretty well.... what more can you do than explain why you think it's inappropriate? The stance I'm taking on this is the more importance you give it, the more likely it is to continue - at least it's what working for us, so far... at least until the next time ds bonks his head

Thanks for the thoughts, mamas <----- didn't this guy used to be purple?

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I was lurking here and saw the subject, HAD to read and now must comment, lol...

I've got a fairly foul mouth as well, and my girls call me on it. That wasn't always the case though. DD2 (3 years) picked up the habit a few months ago, and was using words in context. (Mostly aimed at her older sister.) Sooooo....we explained that 1) that's grown up language and until she's a grown up she shouldn't talk like that 2) It's really not nice for grown ups to talk like that either, maybe she could help mommy remember and 3) if she REALLY feels the need to talk like that, then since it's potty language it belongs in the potty. So shout the words into the potty or say them in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

IT WORKED GREAT. And if I slip, DD tells me to "go put those words in the potty Mom, you shouldn't talk like that!"

Good luck, and TRY not to laugh when they do curse....even though it is too hilarious!:
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My son said SH!T once when he was 2, he dropped some food off the side of the table, I was with my dad and sister. Well we ALL ROARED with laughter, and he hasn't done it again. (thank goodness)

BUT...... just the other day I was parked outside a store, and he was chatting to himself, then he says LOOK MOMMY, I can hold up my finger......... I glanced over to the store window to get a better look without turning around, and lo-and-behold he was holding up the bird for all to see................
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