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hemorrhoids NOW?

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DS is a month old, I didn't have hemorrhoids at all while pregnant and now suddenly I have them for the first time. DH suspected maybe it's because I'm sitting on my butt so much while nursing. Is that possible? Is this odd or is this normal?
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Not in your DDC, but had to reply. This happened to me, too! I am so bummed (no pun intended)

I think it had a lot to do with the constant sitting and nursing! Booo! Try to side-lie and nurse when you can.

What really, really helps mine feel better is breastmilk on a cotton pad (like those round makeup pads, a little larger than a silver dollar?) and shoved up there against it.

Preparation H never did a thing for that horrible throbbing, but breastmilk soothes like nothing else! I express some every time I poop. I can't tell that mine is healing, really, but at least it doesn't hurt like the dickens anymore.

Yay breastmilk does it again!
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Yep, I'm in the same boat. I hadn't thought about how all my butt-time contributed to it. I'm taking a stool softener to keep things as gentle as possible and I have, at times, sat on an ice pack. It sucks to dread going to the bathroom.
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Sooo...when do they go away? I was in agony for about 7 hours after this morning's poop. There's no visible hemorrhoid - just this awful pain afterwards.

And - how long can we keep on taking stool softener? Forever? Is that okay?

I'm so sad. I want my bottom back! : It's interfering with my sex life, too! Moreso than my two month old baby. Now THAT is sad!
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Well, I talked to the midwives and got a suppository to take. Mine cleared up with that in about 4 or 5 days. I feel sooo much better now! I figured out the problem. I spent close to a week nursing and pumping (to relieve a cracked nipple), so at any given time I was likely to be sitting on my butt either hooked up to a baby or a pump! I'm not pumping as much anymore and am making sure to walk around much more. Boy was that uncomfortable. I wish you all speedy recoveries!
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I'm having some big problems with these now too. I am 6 weeks PP and I knew they were down there, but honestly they weren't too painful or bothering me too much. I feel like I've been so busy with my kids that I didn't have much time to take care of myself and that eventually they'd just go away like they did after my first birth.

But the past two days I have been in a lot of pain! So bad that it is waking me up and night and I can barely walk. I even took ibuprofen. I have been using the supporities and ointment and tucks pads like crazy now in a mad dash attempt to make them go away. I don't see too much on the outside, so I think they must be internal. I'm scared now that they are so bad they'll have to do surgery or something. I spoke to a nurse and my M/W, and I'm going to try to see an MD today. I am so surprised that this is happening! So far everyone I've talked to thinks it is hemorrhoids. I just don't know. It is like the whole inside of my ass and bowels are being affected. Very strange and very painful! What else could it be? Anyone else experienced anything similar? Arrgghhh . . . this sucks! And DD has ANOTHER cold and now so does DS! That would be the second cold of his life -- he's only 6 weeks old! What's up with my breastmilk? Why isn't it protecting him? And why is DD sick again?! We wash hands constantly, stay away from sick people, don't go to many crowded places, etc. And now I am in a lot of pain and can barely walk. What a fun week this should prove to be!
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Still in pain here. I feel like it's not so much a hemorrhoid but just really tight scar tissue from my labor tear. It truly feels like my anus is going to split right open when I poop. It's actually worse than labor was, even with the big rip I got.

mamama - what kind of suppository did you get?

Omama, I feel your pain. I'm so sorry! :
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So, I went to my family doc yesterday and she said I only had a very small internal hemmhroid and that it was most likely NOT causing the pain I had been experiencing. She said I was probably having "rectal spasams." Fun, huh? She said they are caused by sitting for long periods of time but can be associated with childbirth too (and having sex). I was relieved it wasn't a thrombosed roid but still . . . I'm in pain. And I'm worried it has to do with pelvic floor issues as well. I have an appointment with my M/W on Thursday. Hopefully I'll get some more answers.
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Internal hemmorhoids are awful.Very painful.WIth my last birth i had 2 internal ones for 6 months!It was worse then labor.I asked for every thing they had and nothing worked.Until someone here said to ask for hydrocortisone suppositiories.That did it!Keep your stools on the soft side but not for an extended time because it can worsen your issue.Just eat more fiber.
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i took a fiber supplement for a few days, but ds got TERRIBLE gas. i quit the supplement and now his gas seems to be normal, and certainly not as painful. was the gas a result of me upping my fiber too quickly, or that it was not a whole food source? thoughts? i don't want to cause my ds pain, but i need to do something.
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Yup the hydrocortisone suppositories are what made the pain go away for me. I feel for you all in pain -- it's awful!! That abd eating fruits and veggies and drinking lots are how I dealt with it.
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nak- I've had an issue with them since dd was born 8 weeks ago- warm showers after to relax those muscles work really well most of the time- very soothing.
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