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Cordelia is here!

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Well, little Cordelia Elizabeth Ann arrived early at 12:21pm on Tuesday, 11/14/2006 after 2.5 hours of labour. She was supposed to be around 37 weeks according to my "sonogram due date" which I never believed, but it looks like she is probably closer to 36 weeks. Luckily she weighed a good 6lbs, 10ozs and is 19.5inches long. I was released within a few hours from the hospital (actually the free standing birth center associated with the hospital) despite the fact that the staff thought I was nuts for wanting to go home right away. I wanted to get home and introduce my boys to their new baby sister!!!

I'll write more details later, but right now I am just getting re-used to typing with a baby attached to me (yeah, Mei Tais and pouch slings!!!!!).

If you would like to see some pics of her go to : http://new.photos.yahoo.com/jen_rack...60762341216040

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Yeah, mama!!!!!!!:
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Ahh - welcome home baby !
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Congratulations! Welcome Cordelia!
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Congratulations! You have a beautiful family. Enjoy geeting to know Cordelia .
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Congratulations!!! Welcome baby Cordelia!!! The big brothers look so proud !!
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Congratulations! I can't believe we already have two babies in this ddc!
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She's gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
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She's beautiful! I love how thrilled you look in all the picutres . I can't believe the babies in our DDC are coming already!
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Congratulations!! What a speedy labor!
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Congratulations Mama! You look so incredibly happy in your pictures, they are lovely.

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Congratulations! She was born on my dh's birthday, and she's a lovely little Scorpio!
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Welcome to the world lovely Cordelia! And a big congratulations to her family, especially those proud big brothers.
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Welcome earthside, Cordelia.
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Congratulations Mama and Welcome Cordelia!!!
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Too beautiful! Congratulations!
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