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Congratulations! I love your pictures- you are beaming!
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WELCOME Cordelia!

Congratulations!! I love her name!
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Congratulations on your baby girl!
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Congratulations to you and your family!!! She is very beautiful!!

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Congratulations!! She is so beautiful and your boys look so very proud to be big brothers together You are just glowing! I'm glad little Cordelia is healthy and doing great... she is just a gorgeous baby. I love the name BTW - it's a family name on DH's side!
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Congratulations and welcome baby Cordelia!!
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Congratulations! Welcome beautiful Cordelia !!
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CONGRATS!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!!! You are both just *glowing* in those pictures!!!!!
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Wooo hooo!!! Congrats on your sweet baby girl!

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Welcome sweet baby! Congratulations.
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Congratulations! Happy Babymooning.
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COngrats Mama. Mama and baby are a vision of happiness
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Congrats mama! Glad she is happy and healthy! Enjoy your babymoon!
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: CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!!!! : Happy Babymoon!!!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone! We have been doing really well at home, despite how nuts all my non-AP/traditional family and friends think we are for leaving the hospital and coming home right away. We went to the chiropractor at 11am the day after she was born because her sholder caught my tailbone on the way out and snapped it out of place. Luckily it was an easy fix on me and all she had was a slight adjusment on her shoulder. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized we brought our 23 hour old to the chiro before we went to a peds apt. to get her PKU test done (state mandated here in Kansas otherwise I wouldn't have done it.) She hasn't lost any weight since coming home and is nursing like a champ (way more than either of the boys which surprises me because I had extremely low supply with DS#1, lowish supply with DS#2, but seem to have abundant supply this time - go figure?)

The boys are crazy about her and won't let her out of their sight. The first thing that happens in the morning is that when they wake up, they pop their little heads up and locate her in the bed (okay, usually on my breast) and then give her a kiss. Yes, all five of us, and the occassional cat and/or Great Dane are all sleeping together in one bed.

I tried to go shopping today while DH watched an annual football game but it was a little difficult because I needed to nurse the baby and the boys were ready to go-go-go, so we may have to work out some kind of routine for going out.

I'm not sure I'm actually glowing in the pictures or just really relieved it was over!!! Fast labour sounds like a godsend but it is hard. I'm kinds ashamed to admit that I think I told the midwife that I "ha(ve) never wanted drugs so much in my life...can someone just knock me out?" Luckily between her, my doula and a very natural-friendly nurse, and the wonderful ministrations of my DH who found a magic spot on my wrist and rubbed that sucker for 2 hours straight to relieve pain, I went no drugs and came out completely intact.

I think I could do it again...although the memory is so fresh that I am thinking that an epidural wouldn't be "so" bad

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Welcome Cordelia!!
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