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"other" schools in Southern CA ?

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I am in Long Beach, CA and am interested in exploring our options for schooling. We do NOT want to send our kids to public school. :
We realize we may have to travel to find what we want--but right now I don't think we know what we DO want!
Anyone out there from around here?
Or does anyone have a link they could share to help us start looking?
TIA Gina
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Here is one that is in Long beach!! Bay Shore School:


If I lived in Long Beach, I would go there. They also have an annual conference.

You did not mention how old you kids are. But I would highly recommend going to their park days even if they under "official" school age. You can glean quite a bit of information from "old" homeschoolers.
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Not sure about homeschooling

Thanks for your reply about the homescooling link in LB. I used to think I wanted to homeschool, but now I'm not sure that's right for us. My DD is almost three, so I still have some time to really consider my options and do some research. I knew some people who sent there kids to a Waldorf school, but I'm not sure where, I think OC, anyway I don't know much about it--or Montisorri either-- so any info is appreciated!
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Many who homeschool have used many different methods, choices
and so on. By going to a parkday I am sure some of the moms there can point you towards alternatives in your area. I would still visit a Bayshore parkday or any parkday with homeschoolers and tap into that resource!

There are Charter Schools, ISP's, Waldorf, Montessori, Distance Learning Schools (online), video schools, a many private schools etc.

Vicky mommy to Madison
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Waldorf School in OC

Hi Gina,

My son is still an infant, so I am not very well informed on this topic, but I do know there is a Waldorf School in Costa Mesa Thier web site includes information on the philosophy as well as the programs they offer. I think that might be a good starting point for you.

Best of luck.:cool:
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ive been thinking of my options too. i love some aspects of homeschooling but ideally i would like to find a good private school. ive worked at a waldorf school and many things are wonderful, some are not (for me personally). im interested in the park days and will go to the bayshore website to find out about it. i live in los alamitos and would love to get together with some like minded mamas if anyone is interested its hard to find people who share my beliefs, i was glad to see someone as close as long beach!!
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Hi Allison!
Wow, I'm glad I checked back to this board and found your reply! Have you been to a park day yet? I am planning on going this Wednesday for the first time. What are your kid(s) ages? I have an almost three year old and a 3 month old. I am in need of a friend and would love to try and meet, so let me know if you will be at Wardlow this Wednesday. You can email me privately if you like, garrisonarvizu@yahoo.com.
Hope you're well!
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Just curious... what did you not like about Waldorf? I know education is very subjective, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts since you actually worked at one. My son is so young that this is not even on my radar screen in a serious manner, but I would like to arm myself with all the information I can before having to make any decisions.

Thanks in advance.
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Sudbury Startup in South Bay

I am working with a group of parents interested in creating a Sudbury Model School in the South Bay area. I am sending this information to you because I want you to have the opportunity to get involved if you feel it's the kind of school you wish to have your family be a part of. We just established a discussion board and hope you will check in. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sbfreekids2004
If you are new to the Sudbury concept, but are curious, check out
Please feel free to pass on our info to anyone you know that may be interested in exploring alternative education opportunities in our community.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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sudbury in the south bay (LA)

I'm so excited. I have read and heard so many wonderful things about democratic schools, Sudbury Valley in particular. I am confident that it will become the model of the futrure. Just think, some day all of our children will have the opportunity to grow up as happy, healthy, creative, confident people who are respected as actual people, despite their age. What a wonderful model to bring to a wonderful area. We are ready!.
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