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Q about placentas in di/di twins

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(x-posted in Birth Professionals)

I have birthed twins myself but they were monochorionic/diamniotic, so Baby A came out, Baby B came out (feet first breech), and then one placenta. But what if each baby has its own placenta?-- does Baby A come out then Placenta A? followed by Baby B and Placenta B? Or do both babies come out and then both placentas? Just curious.
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With my boys baby a came out, then baby b then baby b's placenta right after and then baby a's placenta 2 hours later. I think most of the time the placentas come out after both babies and some are fused.
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Placentas come out after the babies.
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I haven't delivered my di/di twins yet, but from what I understand, the placentas don't start to "peel away" from the uterus until the uterus is "empty." So, the placentas are delivered after both babies have vacated.
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This isn't 100% on-topic, but my last visit with my shiny new OB (sniff-miss my midwife who won't do twin homebirths) had this conversation.

He was weaving his web of all the wonderful reasons why I should seriously consider an epidural. He's delivered a good number of twins and told me sometimes the body 'thinks it's no longer pregnant' after the first baby's birth and the placenta starts to come out. It's a dire situation then and an emergency C-section has to happen. (I have one placenta, two sacs)

I know, he sounds like he may be awful. I just met him, so I'm still figuring that out. In the good news dept., he is rarely does episiotomy, strongly supports vaginal birth, and is comfortable with the second twin being breech. He told me he'll just thrust his arm up me and grab it's feet and pull. That's when he once again mentioned the epidural. :

Don't worry. If I get to term (37 weeks), this birth is mine and he'll just be a bystander. My HB midwife iwill be my doula too so that helps.

Well, anyway, it's nice to see how seldom that placenta before #2 scenario must happen.
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Jude Rose, don't say 'if', say 'when'.
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Yep, both babies come out, then both placentas. I think I asked that same question myself a few days before labor.
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Originally Posted by Kathryn View Post
Jude Rose, don't say 'if', say 'when'.
Thanks Kathryn! I should know better.
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