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Ready for it to end

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I am still only 34 weeks pregnant but soooo ready to have this baby, i had my appointment wednesday, babys still head down and growing fine, everything else is fine been gaining weight so far so good now here in germany they monitor u for 20 min for contractions and listen to the babies heartbeat so i got to lay there for 20 min and hear her . i go again in 2 weeks i will be 36 weeks then. but this baby is soo low and ive been getting painful braxton hicks i just want her out lmao. but not on thanksgiving after that but before xmas, i already got the stockin for her and everything it would be nice to be holding her on xmas day but she hasd to be born in december lol there are too many november bdays in my family. it seems everyone in the states have a good labor and leave the hossy fast, im hoping i can leave fast here , i dont wanna stay 6 days plus it seems akward my friend who is watching joseph when i have this baby her father in law will be coming on dec 14 for xmas so i dunno i just wanna have the baby and come home so im not intruding on there holidays event hough they just found out this past month they were coming so eh. but i know no one else here besides them to watch him. stll gotta finish packing hossy bags lol. i dont wanna go into labor and have to pack my own bags through contractions lmao
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Do most women stay in hospital six days in germany????

Sending you relaxing vibes for the Braxton Hicks and hope that things calm down a little so you can enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy! I am the opposite... not ready for it to end... even though I was having BH all night overnight that kept waking me up and even though I have to pee every five seconds seems like. She's so... SAFE... inside me!

Plus I'm just not ready yet!!!
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I have a friend in Australia who says they stay in for 5 days for a normal vaginal birth! That amazes me anyone wants to stay that long!!

Your baby will be here before you know it & this deep desire to have her here will be just a memory. Try to relax & enjoy this last little bit of time you have left carrying her inside you.

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In Slovenia where I come from, we stay in the hospital for 3 days for normal vaginal birth alnd 10 dajs for C-section. I was suffering like hell for the first time allready and this time I'm planning to leave the hospital a few hours after birth if everything will go smoothly. You can do that, but you have to sign, you're doing it at your own risk.
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Man, I hate hospital smell. Though I guess it's nice to have the help there (nurses, etc), especially for c-section mamas!!!!! At least, if you're in a good hospital!
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as far as i know it sa germany thing but im not sure my friend stayed 6 days but she had a boy and on the 3rd day they circumsized him and she had to stay to make sure it went fine etc so im not for sure , ive only heard really . i am willin to sign anything to leave lmao, i can see staying the first day when ur still bleeding pretty heavy ya know, but after that its pointless, and here my friend said they didnt do anything while she was there at all so she layed in bed . she found it odd thatt hey hand u ur baby right away and dont check them first her son was a preemie too so she found that alittle scary but as far as i know everything should be fine with my baby just nervous abotu the whole labor in germany and no pain meds etc i mean u can get an epi if u ask and if theres time but eh i doubt i will have time , u have to ge ta blood test and wait an hr, i think they do it on purpose they dont like to give epis at all. im gonna beg em to let me leave after the first day if everything is well. i dont wanna sit in the hossy, there hospital is old and grungy and blah it seems dirty so i dont wanna be ther efoerver
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