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dd & lazy eye muscle

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A few times in the past month, my 20 month old dd has looked at me with one eye crossed and one eye straight. It is very strange when she does it and she laughs like it's a new trick she's really proud of. I am concerned that she may have a lazy muscle and i do plan on taking her to see a Dr., but i wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this with their children to ease any worries I have.
Thanks for any replies!:
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Looking for another post, I just came across this one of yours. What every happend about your daughter's eye? My son who is 3 had a strabism in his left eye - it turns in. It was diagnosed when he ws 13 months old. He has been wearing glasses since then and uses eye drops 5 days a week to blurr the strong eye (he won't keep a patch on). This Thursday we go in for an eye check-up and find out if we are getting any closer to an operation date.
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