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Rant - my apartment is a mess!

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I just have to get this out becuase I am so fed up....and I figured I could let it out and you mamas would understand.... just a warning this may be a bit long-winded...

So we just moved into this apartment (flat) at the beginning of October. The second day we were here the toliet started to back up, it was draining really slow and just generally not working correctly, we tried to buy a plunger, but it didn't work, we called the management company who sent a plumber out a few days later (yes a few days...), he used a snake to clear the clog, broke the pipe behind the toliet wall and had to smash the tiles behind the toliet to get to the leak, but eventually got the clog cleared

but, within two days it was backing up again.....after 5 desperate phones calls in one day (the last phone call yelling at them "I am 7 months pregnant and I will not go without my toliet overnight), they sent the same plumber, who in my opinion is an idiot....he came "cleared" the clog and left within 15 minutes...

Fast forward a month - the tiles in my bathroom are not repaired, although someone was supposed to show up to fix them and didn't

and now to make a long story short - it seems that the bathroom clog was pushed further into the system and is effecting the shower, sink and washer draining as well, so I can't really use those right now either. We found this out because of an electrical problem we started to have three days ago. Essentially a mouse ate through a wire in our back porch (under the flooring), and because the chewed wire was sitting in a pool of water that was backing up from the drainage system it kept blowing a fuse....oy...I can't believe it! So the electrician had to pull up the flooring in the back porch and the carpet and flooring in part of my living room in order to get to the wiring...

The same plumber is now back trying to figure out where the clog actually is (he is making a mess, it my house smells like SH*T, my back porch is a disaster, my bathroom is a disaster, my father in law is here visiting from the states for the week, I can't leave the house becuase I have been waiting for plumbers, electricians and carpenters all day, I have a major paper due in a week and I am having a major nesting instinct!

All I want to do is clean and wash diapers and baby clothes, and I can't do anything (and we are planning on having a homebirth) ARGHH...I am so aggravated!

Not expecting any replies....I just had to whine! If you actually read through all of this - Thank you! It feels better just to get it out my system!
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Oh but you deserve a reply, LOL! I really hate when things are out of my control and left to incompetent people. SO SORRY FOR YOU!!!! Hope everything gets squared away soon...
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Ick! Ack! and Wow!!

You are dealing with a whole lot of crap (pun intended )

I think I'd be far more insane than you seem to be under those circumstances.

I hope that all clears up and you have a sane and serene place to birth your baby...and that the baby wisely doesn't decide to make an arrival before then.
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Oh... what a pain in the butt! And I thought it was bad to be without an oven.....

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I would be throwing things and calling the health department. Screwy plumbing and feces all over the place from said screwy plumbing is a HEALTH CODE VIOLATION.

If they dont fix it soon, threatan to call the health dept on their butts.
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I'm sorry you are dealing with all this! I would feel crazy and mad too!!!!!
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I'm so sorry you are dealing with all that. I would be going absolutely crazy. I haven't cleaned my bathroom in a week, and right now that's enough to make me nuts! I could not imagine being in your shoes. Hang in there and try not to let it stress you out too much - that's the last thing you need right now!
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OMG! I'm so sorry mama!!!! Having gone through my own dealing with incompetent workers in the house recently I really feel your pain. I hope this is resolved ASAP!!!!!
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this crap right now. It's the last thing you need, for sure! I hope it's all resolved soon so you can get done what you need to do & still have lots of time for nesting.

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Thanks Mamas, I needed those hugs!!! All is not completely resolved, but the tiles have been fixed, the electrical is fixed, the clog in the back porch has been fixed (and come to find out our upstairs neighbors have been flushing baby wipes or makeup wipes, hence our continuous problems), so all they need to fix now is the floors that they tore up and contact the neighbors to make sure this doesn't happen again...

I feel much better and in much more control of the situation and we spent some time this morning cleaning the back porch, so it settled down some of my nesting instinct...but oh so much more to do!
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