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Anyone else just not ready?

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The recent birth announcements in our DDC () have me realizing how *not ready* I am for the birth of this baby!

I don't mean that we aren't prepared (almost everything that we really need is here or ordered). I mean that I am not ready for labor....delivery....a baby! : Mentally, I am not ready.

I am probably a couple weeks behind most people in the DDC (I am officially due 12/31), so maybe that is why? Anyone else not ready? If you feel ready, when did that happen? I am 33 wks right now.....
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I'd like for my little guy to wait at least another two weeks before making his appearance. I'm at 34w6d today - EDD December 23. My mom had all of hers between 36 and 38 weeks, so I've been mentally preparing myself for the possibility that he'll come early like hers did.

For me it was a really gradual process of becoming mentally ready, but I just tried hard to reaffirm myself that this baby is healthy and we're going to have a smooth delivery and I'll have a bundle of boy in my arms at the end of it. I replaced all of my fear and negative anxiety with anticipation and excitement. It sure wasn't easy, but a little incense, soft music, and mental preparation can go a long way in grounding the psyche.
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I'm the exact opposite at the moment! I feel like the "stuff" isn't done, but that I'm ready mentally for the labor part. I need a dresser for the baby's room, I need to finish diapers, I need to CLEAN the house, I need to make some meals for the freezer.....you get the idea, but it could just be the crazy nesting portion of my brain talking!
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Nope, not ready here. I'm 37 weeks today.

I'm not ready to handle two kids LOL. That's my biggest reservation I guess.

I remember with DS, right around 38.5 weeks I was finally **ready**. The day we were planning to do everything we could to get labor started (I was just over 39 weeks), I woke up, my water broke, and he was born 6 hours later without me "trying" to get labor kickstarted. I think my brain was finally ready to let my body take over and have the baby, kwim?

I have a bunch more things I'd like to get done (nothing critical though) before the baby comes. My DH is in graduate school so he's swamped w/ the end of the semester stuff right now. This weekend he/we should have time to get some stuff done around here, so we'll be working hard all weekend. I nearly killed myself yesterday with cleaning and getting things done...I definitely overdid it We've had tons of appts lately (midwife, DS had a dentist appt, I've been doing chiro 2x a week etc.) and I've fallen behind since we've been rushing around every day.
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I am definitely ready. Every day that I don't go into labor I spend some time trying to figure out if I have any mental reasons why I physically haven't gone into labor. I can't come up with any!

I am 38 weeks today based on LMP, although my 20 week ultrasound dated me to be due on Tuesday. So, it really could be any day now and I think that anticipation is what is making me ready. I have the house mostly cleaned, the freezer full of food, all my birth supplies are ready to go, and we have everything we need for the baby. Now I just need a baby! Plus, this week I have been battling high blood pressure and other possible problems, so I really just want this baby here before I can't have my homebirth anymore for some health reason.

I guess I really started feeling ready about two weeks ago, when I realized I only had about a month left and I really needed to start focuing on the fact that labor could come anytime. Don't worry about not feeling ready - you'll get there!
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I am neither prepared nor ready. We just got our co-sleeper today, but have a lot of work to do (cleaning out the spare room and moving some things from our bedroom in there) before we can hook that bad boy up. (Our bed is just not big enough for us and baby too, we have a queen but... no, wouldn't be safe!) We have a car seat but I have no idea how to use it or install it or anything.

I haven't frozen a single solitary thing for afterwards and my GP made me feel so sad by saying "You mean you don't have ANY other support than your husband?" Well, no, I really don't, darnit. Thanks for rubbing it in! : I'm blessed with having a husband who not only will help, but wants to help, and wants to be supportive of me in every way possible... that is more than a lot of people having babies have! Honestly, I'm blessed... just don't have a lot of friends who live nearby.

I don't feel ready for my birthing, either. We're meeting a doula here in a half hour though. And my MW will be here for our home visit on Monday!
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I'm 37 weeks now & am still waiting for it to happen. I think when I finally do become ready that's when I'll start getting anxious & impatient, so I'm enjoying not being ready, for now.

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I'm just about 38wks, and not ready. I'm ready for labor, no problem but I'm not prepared for a third baby. We got the tub this week, but I still need my birth kit, I haven't done a belly cast yet (this SHOULD be my last time pg, and I've never done one) I haven't bought a single Christmas present, I can't keep the house clean, haven't cooked a thing, and haven't found the newborn diapers yet. Oh, and my best reason, I just got some new maternity clothes a couple weeks ago for cold weather, and I feel I should get a bit more use out of them. People don't understand when they say "any day now!" and I say "I hope not!"
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Not even close to ready mentally here - prepared, mostly. But ready - NO !
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Nope, not ready at all. I'm scared of labor, still need to get the clothes ready, diapers are ready though, and I do got our birth supplies all ready. I'm just dreading labor, and wonder how I'll manage through it again. So I'm starting to panic a little......
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Originally Posted by sbm1001 View Post
I think when I finally do become ready that's when I'll start getting anxious & impatient, so I'm enjoying not being ready, for now.
Good point!
On the positive side, I am feeling very content with pregnancy. And that is nice
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I feel similar to Sophiamama, 'stuff' isn't really ready, it is here, just not washed or 'put away'. But, my head and heart are kinda ready for L&D. I mean, I guess I'm ready. I'm not all "I'm tired of being pg and can't wait for this baby to get here..." more like "I'm excitied about the whole process and am going with the flow"
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I am not ready physically or mentally. We will have a few things done here this weekend, and we plan to be ready on 2nd, when we have our home visit. Then, I think I will let go and be ready. There is still lots of laundry to fold, and I am waiting for my birth kit to arrive.

Right now I am in the process of hiring someone to take my hours at my store, and paying taxes and bills (2 months late) and, and, and. Then at home, the house is simply trashed, so I need to get it in order. DH is suppose to be working on it today. We shall see what it looks like when I get home!
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Nope, not ready. I've got the diapers in the dryer as I type this out so i'm on the way to prepardness, but mentally I don't think I'll ever be ready.

I'm really scared about doing this all alone and not having much in the way of help and support.
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